Unique Moon-Themed Casino Could be Headed to Las Vegas

Rendition of Moon Resorts in Las Vegas

Plans recently surfaced for a new moon-themed casino in Las Vegas and other areas of the world.

For a casino resort to be successful in any environment, it needs to offer something unique. This could be the gaming aspects of the venue, the look of the hotel, or entertainment on offer. In general, the facility needs to stand out and set itself apart from the competition. News just broke this week of a completely new idea for casino gaming in Las Vegas as well as around the world. A moon-shaped casino may be coming soon, offering a completely different way to play casino games.

Moon World Resorts

Moon-themed hotel-casino properties are in the works via Moon World Resorts for Las Vegas, Nevada as well as Spain, China, and the Middle East. The company is quite ambitious with its plans and says that the new casinos will be constructed by 2027.

One of the most unique aspects of the plans is the replica of the moon for each property. A 1/75,000 size moon will be located on-site and feature a lunar surface of just over 290,000 square feet. Visitors can take a shuttle to the top floor to walk on the lunar surface of the property. Visitors will have to pay a fee of $500 for 90 minutes on the unique surface.

There is no information available yet as to what the surface will be made of but officials with the company say it will be authentic, and something different. The resort in Las Vegas will cost $5 billion to create and will include 4,000 guest rooms. An arena on-site will house 10,000 guests while a planetarium will also be onsite.

The company has not provided details as to where the casino would be located. In an illustration within the Moon World Resorts website, it shows the venue near the Encore and Wynn Las Vegas. The image shows a huge sphere which represents the moon.

New Look in Las Vegas

If the new moon property comes to pass in Las Vegas, it continues a trend of transformation for the city. In the past, Sin City was known for glitz and glamour, offering guests a fun way to spend an evening spinning slots and playing table games. Over the past few years, operators have made changes to revamp their properties to have a more destination resort feel.

Casinos are continually updating the look and feel of the properties as well as adding new entertainment options to keep visitors captivated. While this has become the norm, having a moon in Las Vegas would definitely be something different.

It seems visitors would be prepped and ready to visit the ‘moon’ to enjoy a unique experience. However, the high price tag for admission might be a problem. It will be interesting to see if the property comes to pass and if visitors are actually interested in going on the moon surface.

Along with property changes, there are also new casinos for players to visit. The Moon project would be the latest in a handful of new additions to the casino landscape of Las Vegas. In 2020, two new properties opened in the city, the Circa Resort and Resorts World Las Vegas.

Circa Resort started offering services in the downtown area last year and is an adults-only destination. It was the first venue to be created from the ground-up in four decades. Resorts World Las Vegas is located south of the downtown area and opened back in June. It cost $4.3 billion to create and was the first new casino to open on the Las Vegas Strip since 2010.

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