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There are many factors that go into deciding between all of the online casinos out there in the world. Making the right decisions without really knowing much about what is out there, which sites are worthy, and how the numerous online casinos in the world stack up against each other, is like playing blind man’s bluff for money. Your time and money are important enough to deserve the best guidance, and we are here to ensure that you get it.

Top Online Casinos For Real Money

Rank Online Casino Features Bonus Get Started
#1 Bovegas Casino
Bovegas Casino
  • Top Rated Casino
  • Excellent Bonus
  • Safe & Secure
#2 Cherry Gold Casino
Cherry Gold Casino
  • Large Welcome Bonus
  • Speedy Cashouts
  • Great Customer Support

Online Casinos – An Overview

With it now being so easy to play slots, with your favorite slot games now literally at your fingertips, more and more players are discovering the joy of playing slots online. With so many choices out there as far as which online sites to play slots at, it is very important to stay in the know about the changing online slot scene to ensure you play at the best places.

There is a wide divergence between the best experiences out there playing online slots and the worst of them, and we want to be hanging out with the best and especially do not want to experience the worst. This requires the right guidance, not just to show you where to play but to also educate you so that you can know what you need to look for to become your own guide as well.

Selecting the Best Online Slot Casinos

Online Slot CasinosThere are a number of different things to look at when seeking a great online slot casino. The first step though is to cut down the field by focusing only on those casinos that will allow you play at, depending on which country that you live in.

It is not enough to know which sites are best depending on where you live, you also need to be aware of the legal situation, including not only what the law may say or not say about online casino gambling, but how online casino sites view the legal situation. Perception often becomes the reality, and to be in the know, we need to be familiar with both. We share everything you need to know.

Just as we want to not waste time considering sites that won’t allow us to play there, we also need to make sure that we’re concentrating on sites that can offer us easy deposit and withdrawal options. You don’t want to spend time checking out a site and going to the trouble of registering just to find out they don’t have a deposit method you like and you have to start over elsewhere.

You especially don’t want to play at an online slot site for a while, win a bunch of money, and then discover that they don’t have a good way for you to withdraw your winnings. There’s nothing more frustrating than this, and you do not want to become aware of these limitations after it is too late.

Once we’ve qualified potential sites based on access, we want to be sure that the sites that we’re interested can be trusted. We need to place our complete trust in online slot casinos and the time to look into this isn’t after we run into trouble. We take into account a site’s reputation, the legitimacy of their regulation, and especially customer experience and keep you away from the places you should never go and point you toward the sites which deserve our trust.

Any good casino site will look to tempt you into trying out their site by offering you a welcome bonus and other rewards designed to keep you coming back. These offers not only differ widely in terms of rewards, their terms and conditions differ as well, and some may promise big bonuses but make it far too difficult to achieve or may tempt you to play over your head and go through your balance faster than you wish.

More than anything though, we want to be playing slot games we truly enjoy and therefore the different games that a slots site offers is going to matter quite a bit. While you are free to browse and try out all the slot games and other casino games that a site offers, you want to make sure that you are sticking to trying out sites that have a good selection of quality ones to avoid disappointment.

As you can see, there’s a lot that goes into a proper recommendation of a great online slot site, and we certainly don’t want to forget mentioning the quality of a site’s customer service and the commitment that they show to ensuring that we are happy. We don’t just want to be a number to them, we want to be valued, and want to play at the sites that do value us.

Once you’ve taken a recommendation from us, even though we’ve done all the work for you up until this point, your work is not done as your particular tastes and preferences need to be accounted for, to see if one top site fits your needs better than another. It always pays to hit the ground running though, and by knowing in more detail what makes a site good, you can use this to ensure that your choices continue to be good ones as sites evolve.

Reputation Really Matters with Online Slots

Imagine yourself encountering a site that you have no idea or confidence about, where you’re supposed to hand over your money and take your chances. Perhaps we’d be more apt to do that than a random person, since we are gamblers, but this is not a gamble that even the most passionate gamblers among us should be willing to take.

Just like we would not want to play on sites with terrible odds and prefer better odds, we want the odds on our side when we select our sites in the first place, which does include comparing payout rates across sites as well as how reliable their payout numbers are.

Even though a slots site may have a great reputation overall with their customers being very satisfied with the appearance of a site’s payouts as well as being happy with everything else about the site, we still want to see their payouts independently verified by a trusted third party, and sites who don’t bother with this must be treated with suspicion. This is too important of a topic to merely be left to just taking the site’s word for it.

Just about every online casino site is regulated by some body, if they are operating legally that is, and we certainly don’t want to play at sites that aren’t legal, no more than we would want to shoot the dice in an alley in a game run by criminals when we could instead play at a licensed and regulated establishment.

There’s no telling what might happen at the illegal game, including simply being robbed. Just because a site is licensed and regulated by someone doesn’t mean that it is properly regulated, as the quality of regulators do vary, with some having high standards and others little or no requirements other than the operator paying the fee and earning a rubber stamp.

Few players indeed have any idea of how these many regulators stack up, but this really does need to be accounted for to ensure that the sites you are looking to play at are regulated by a respected regulator and not one who really doesn’t care much about who they take as long as they keep paying the fees.

Online casino regulation isn’t so much about having a place to go to complain, it’s actually all about the level of scrutiny that regulators use to ensure that the sites they oversee have a history of proper conduct and may be expected to maintain this in the future. Good regulators weed out the trashy sites for us, poor ones have these trashy sites on board, so the quality of a site’s regulating body does matter.

Western Union

Getting Your Money in and Out of Online Slot Casinos

Some online casinos work hard to offer their players a wide variety of deposit and withdrawal options to not only be more inclusive but to ensure that their players enjoy the convenience and ease of a wider selection of methods.

These offers differ according to where you live, where some methods may be more popular than others in your area and other methods may not be available due to restrictions or a reluctance of a certain payment method to want to be involved in gambling transactions.

At the high level that we need to start at, this is about a site’s willingness or lack of willingness to provide the right solutions, where you’ll be directed to sites that are more accommodative of overall where you can drill down to see if your preferred methods are available at these better candidates.

You need to be pointed in the right direction in the first place to avoid wasting a lot of time on this, and in some cases, you may not even be able to find the information you need on their site and need to ask, particularly with withdrawal options. That should be a red flag though.

Slot sites also may treat larger withdrawals differently, with some paying it out over such a long period of time that you may be lucky to still be alive by the time you collected it all. There’s nothing more exciting than winning a big jackpot, but there may be few things as disappointing as needing to wait years to get paid.

Making Sure that Bonus Are Nice and Even Real Bonuses

Some rogue sites make it difficult to collect any amounts, and this is the biggest issue we see with poor sites, and this especially occurs in conjunction with bonus offers. Some of the poorer sites give you a nice bonus up front but make it near impossible for some players, especially smaller ones, to complete the play through requirements needed to withdraw your bonus money.

It is counterproductive and downright foolish for online casinos to provide bonuses and then make it too difficult to unlock, but the ones that do this while tying our own money to the deal commit a far worse sin. If they let us just walk away from the bonus and just deduct the bonus from our balance and take out the rest, that wouldn’t be too bad, as this will leave us disappointed with their bonus program but we can at least get our own money back.

When we’re told by these poor sites that we cannot, and they force players to continue playing where the site hopes you’ll lose it all to them, this is going to leave a lot of people angry. When their happiness counts for everything and our happiness counts for nothing, this is not a site we want to ever consider.

Needless to say, there’s more to bonuses than just seeing amounts or percentages, and we go deep into these offers to make sure our recommendations will steer you away from the pitfalls and toward the better slot experiences you deserve, as we do with all the other matters that are so important to making an informed decision about where to play.

A Slot Site is Only as Good as its Slot Games

Provided that everything else looks good, then and only then is it time to look at the meat and potatoes of an online slot site, the quality and selection of their slot games as well as the other types of casino games that they offer.

Slots are the most popular form of online casino gaming there is, just like slots remain the most popular game at land-based casinos. Some online casinos are proud of their great selection, where they put a lot of work into selecting the best slot games from among the very wide selection out there across many casino software providers these days.

Licensing games from software providers cost money though, and we do see different approaches to this by online casinos, from the penny pinching more limited options with cheaper software providers, to the good ones that go shopping for us with the clear intent of bringing us the best out there and don’t mind spending extra if it is worth doing so.

There is a lot to do and a lot to think about when it comes to selecting the best online slot sites out there. Our mission is to guide you through this jungle by sharing our knowledge and experience and prevent you from learning these lessons the hard way as so many players do. Our advice is completely free, so feel free to take advantage of it.


  • How do I know if an online slot site that you recommend is a good one?

    A site has to meet our high standards before it ever appears in our recommendations or even gets mentioned on our site at all. We select from among the best out there and know what makes a site good enough as well as not good enough. We also provide reviews of our recommended casinos where we go into detail what makes it good as well as informing you about anything else that you may need to know that may impact your decision. These are also the sites players love to play on and that counts for a lot in itself.

  • Does being regulated in a foreign country count for anything?

    Online gaming regulation is far different from land-based gaming control. The limitations of the physical world are simply made to disappear in the online world, where we’re free to play wherever we wish, and these online sites are often located elsewhere in the world. Good regulation is not limited to regulation in your own country or region, and seeking good regulation requires that we instead examine the quality of the regulators as well as the quality of the sites. There are several good regulators out there which we should wish to stick with.

  • How difficult is it to start playing slots online?

    You have chosen to start out your journey to start enjoying online slots whenever you want by coming to us first, where the first step in choosing the right sites to try out has been made so easy for you. Once that decision is made, it then becomes a simple matter of ensuring that you do have access to one of the deposit methods that your chosen site accepts, registering with them, funding your account, and then start enjoying playing slots on your favorite device. We do the hard work and you do the easy and fun stuff.

  • Do your recommended sites allow me to play the latest and greatest slot games?

    The quality of slot games has really improved over the last few years, with several new and more innovative casino software companies joining the party and shaking up the old guard quite a bit. this has caused the older software companies to improve as well in order to stay competitive and the result is that the whole online slot playing scene as improved quite a bit. Even with these improvements in place, some sites just have better games, and we definitely want to be shooting for better here, which our recommendations do.

  • How much weight should we put on welcome bonus offers?

    While getting a welcome bonus to try out an online casino site is nice, since just about all online casinos pay out these bonuses, or at least promise to, the quality of the site overall is still the most important thing to look at when deciding which sites to try out. Bonuses and loyalty rewards are still nice though, although not all bonus offers are alike, and even though we do steer you away from the lesser ones, all players should familiarize themselves with the terms and conditions before starting play at a site.

  • Why are some deposit methods not available to me?

    There are two reasons why a given deposit method may not be offered by a certain online casino. Your desired payment method may not be available to be used for casino deposits in the country that you live in, like for instance with credit card processors in the United States. A deposit method may be available if the online casino wanted to add it, but they may not have bothered, not caring enough about their players to include it. We want to be playing at sites which are more accommodative of our needs.

  • Is it true that some online casinos won’t let you take out money you deposited with them?

    While the worst online casino sites may not ever have any intention of ever paying you, or may stall you endlessly with excuses or not even respond to your complaints, other sites which may be more reputable but not near reputable enough may lean on less than player friendly terms and conditions to keep your own money from you. They may have the law on their side, but if they care about this a lot more than they care about our satisfaction, this is reason enough for us to avoid them entirely.

  • Why can’t you withdraw online slot winnings to a credit card?

    Credit cards are a very easy way to deposit but aren’t really designed to accept payments with, aside from allowing us to get a refund on amounts that we have deposited with these cards. Players who deposit with credit cards and later wish to withdraw winnings need to set up another payment method to get their money out of the site. This needs to be kept in mind from the outset, as you generally need to make a deposit to prove that another payment method is yours and you may wish to start out with one that you can take money out as well as use it to put money in.

  • How do we know that the slot games we play online are fair?

    If an online slot site offered payouts that weren’t competitive, and this deviated from the norm too much, players would become wise to this and the word would get out. However, less reputable online sites may simply pay out less and not tell you about it, or provide payout numbers that misrepresent actual payouts. This is why it is so important to have an online casino’s payouts verified by an independent third-party company, which is the only real way to know that they pay out what they say they do.

  • Should I try out just one recommended casino site or several of them?

    We provide to you our list of recommended sites generally, ones that fit the bill of being up to our high standards, but it is not possible for us to tailor these picks perfectly to your particular tastes because only you know what you like the most. While all of our recommended sites will provide players with a safe and enjoyable experience, you may find that you like the games of one over another, and it’s up to you how many that you wish to try out before making your final decision on which is best for you.

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