BoVegas Casino Review 2023

BoVegas Casino aims high, and calling yourself the world’s best casino is as high as you can aim. They have put together some of the best casino gaming out there, and really excel in how generous they reward their players, especially new ones trying them out for the first time. Let us show you all the reasons why you do not want to pass up trying out this top online casino site.

BoVegas may seem to be a very odd name for an online casino, not the Vegas part but the Bo part, until you realize that this is an attempt to ride the coattails of Bodog, one of the world’s best known online gambling sites. Bovada used to be called Bodog, and have been offering great online casino action long before BoVegas, but if you are looking to emulate a site and a city, you might as well shoot big.

There isn’t anything wrong with this, although given the stature of the Bodog and Bovada brands, and the stature of Las Vegas, this does show that BoVegas does aspire to be among the best. BoVegas even boldly proclaims on their site that they are the “best online casino,” which is even more ambitious. BoVegas certainly aims high, so read on to see how well they accomplish this feat and whether or not they are at least worth a try.

BoVegas Casino Overview

BoVegas Casino Official LogoWith a name like BoVegas, it isn’t that hard to guess that this would be a U.S. friendly site, and that may have been the main point of their picking a name like this for their casino. You don’t put Vegas in your name if your site says no to people in the United States.

In spite of their similar sounding names, the BoVegas has nothing to do with Bovada Casino, other than the Bo part, and their both looking to capture the interest of players from the United States who like to play casino games online. BoVegas has less of a history, although they have been around since 2016 and we have therefore had plenty of opportunity to observe them over time, and to decide on their worthiness.

BoVegas rolls out their site not only to the U.S. but to just about every country in the world, every country except Russia, India, Ukraine, Poland, Israel, Belarus, Hungary, Malaysia, and Costa Rica. Costa Rica is where BoVegas is located, and this means that they pay very low taxes and can share more of their take with their players in rewards and bonuses, and that’s exactly what BoVegas has chosen to do.

BoVegas not only competes with other US friendly real money casinos, they also compete with the bigger pool of sites that do not accept Americans, including the world’s best online casinos. The U.S. market is a big one though, and the competition for their business is plenty fierce enough, and BoVegas being able to survive the challenging initial period where they need to establish themselves enough, and now thrive, does mean that they need to have something going for them worthy of our attention.

We can forgive BoVegas for their bias, but the very fact that someone would dare proclaim themselves the world’s best online casino does require that you get close enough to this not to sound completely ridiculous. BoVegas ends up, at the very least, to be a pretty darn good online casino, and definitely worth a try no matter if you live in the U.S. or not, and is certainly among the top choices for Americans.

BoVegas Games

BoVegas Casino understands how important having great real money online slots is to the success of an online site, and slots are becoming even more popular overall as more and more people play them on their phones. BoVegas offers their players almost 200 different slot games, including many favorites, and a good number of new games.

BoVegas Casino wants to do their best to keep the players that come over to try them and get paid handsomely in extra cash to do so, and they offer a lot of great choices to keep their slots players very happy and not see them leave for greener pastures. This is a big part of their business and slot lovers can rest assured that they will find plenty of fun at this online site.

Aside from the live dealer games, all of the games at BoVegas is provided by Realtime Software, which combines over two decades of experience providing casino software with being one of the more boutique software companies that transformed the industry some years back and have now become dominant.

Sites very often will select from a number of different software providers to be able to select from the best among them. BoVegas was stuck enough on this one provider that they did not feel the need to look elsewhere, which does speak to how good these games are. BoVegas particularly stands out in the quality of their video poker games, as Realtime software is widely considered to have the best video poker games period.

BoVegas Casino also rolls out 33 different types of real money table games, including popular games like blackjack, roulette, craps, and baccarat, in addition to an assortment of other games, including many types of casino poker as well as games like Keno, Three Card Rummy and War. Table game players will find everything they love to play among the great selection that BoVegas offers, in a high-quality presentation.

For those who prefer the real thing over computer graphics, as impressive as the graphics are at BoVegas Casino, they also offer the latest in online casino gambling, live dealer games. Like the name suggests, these games are dealt by real dealers at a real physical casino while players enjoy the action by remote video feed. You even get your own seat at the table and have bets placed and games dealt just like they are at a real casino, because this is a real casino.

BoVegas deals 4 different versions of live dealer roulette, including European roulette with a single zero, two versions of live dealer blackjack, live dealer baccarat, and a similar game to baccarat called Super 6, which has gained enough in popularity lately to stand alongside these great classic casino games.

The real money games at BoVegas overall measure up very well, and they certainly offer just about anything that online casino players may wish to play, whether they prefer computer versions or even the real thing. BoVegas seeks to get rid of the temptation for their players to look elsewhere for better games, and they do a great job.

BoVegas Bonuses and Promotions

While the games at BoVegas are definitely above average, it is in the bonus and promotions department that this site really stands out, and what they may be the most proud of. Bonuses are a lot bigger deal than they appear, especially ones as big as BoVegas offers, because as long as an online casino is of a good quality, getting a bunch of casino cash just for trying out a site like this versus not getting it should be a pretty easy choice.

If your favorite site ends up being a little better, you at least have the experience of trying out this new site, and every bonus dollar you get to play with is a dollar you don’t have to put up yourself. While BoVegas Casino’s welcome bonuses can only be used to play their slots, who doesn’t enjoy playing slots with house money?

New players get a 250% match on their first deposit, up to $2,500 in bonus money. You put in $1,000 for instance, and they give you an extra $2,500 to play with, for a total of $3,500 instead of just your $1,000. Once you’ve completed that offer, BoVegas has an even bigger one for you, where they up the offer to give you a 300% match, up to an extra $3,000. That’s a total in bonus money of up to $5,500.

With such a great offer, you not only do not want to miss it, you want to dig deep in your pocket to take the best advantage of it. You only get this chance once, so you want to make sure you are cashing in as much of this as you can. You have to wager 50X your bonus money to be able to take it out, but in the meantime, you’ll also be enjoying using all this extra money playing BoVegas Casino’s top rated real money slots.

BoVegas doesn’t stop there, and not only want to lavish you with money to have you come over and give them a try, they also want to provide you some great rewards to help you make up your mind to stay. BoVegas offers 4 VIP levels, where you start at the level of Play Knight, and then move up the VIP ladder to become a Royal Elite, an Imperial Pro, and the ultimate, a Vegas Legend.

The VIP rewards start with various offers for free play as well as the opportunity to earn rewards based upon how much you play, with more and more goodies being added as you move up to higher levels. Level 1 is a plenty nice enough to start at, with a $75 welcome chip, $50 more every birthday, a generous cash back deal, and a personal VIP account manager, and it just gets better from there.

You don’t have to earn your way towards being a VIP to get the VIP treatment here, as all players are well taken care of, even the smallest ones, with both daily and monthly promotions with extra cash and free spins available to be claimed. BoVegas well understands that their generosity and success are linked, and they certainly go the extra mile to show their appreciation for your play by lavishing you.

BoVegas Casino Banking Options

BoVegas has four different types of deposit options, which are Visa, MasterCard, secure payment voucher, and Bitcoin. Players in countries other than the United States where banks allow credit cards to be used for deposits at online casinos may use either Visa or MasterCard to deposit at BoVegas Casino, with a minimum deposit of $25 and a maximum of $1,000.

Players may also deposit at BoVegas Casino with a secure payment voucher, which are becoming more popular among casino depositors lately. It also has a minimum deposit of $25, with the maximum with this method being $500.

The deposit method of choice these days, especially among U.S. players, is using Bitcoin to deposit at your favorite online casinos. BoVegas accepts Bitcoin for deposits with a minimum of $25 and no maximum. Unlike traditional deposit methods, the transaction costs with using Bitcoin are extremely small and the casino does not mind your putting in any amount, where they may only want to take a smaller hit on something like a credit card which has high transaction fees, especially since BoVegas pays all fees themselves and do not pass them on to players.

Credit cards are not set up very well for making casino withdrawals, unless the only thing that you are looking for is part of your money back. Credit cards are designed exclusively for making purchases, and this is how credit card companies make most of their money, by charging merchants a significant fee. While you can request that a purchase be refunded, you can’t be refunded more than you purchased.

People generally withdraw winnings though, where they have more or considerably more in their online gambling account and want to enjoy their winnings, so while credit cards may do in a pinch when you just want to get up to what you put into an online casino back, to spend it or to put it in another online casino, players often need another means besides putting money back on their card.

Players in the United States can’t use credit cards to either deposit or withdraw, and although Bitcoin is the ideal withdrawal method these days, BoVegas hasn’t added it as a withdrawal method yet. They do offer another means though, by requesting a bank wire. Bank wires from an online casino is generally pretty expensive, but BoVegas allows you to make one every week for free.

The minimum withdrawal limit is $100 and the maximum is $2,000 regardless of the method, and players need to be aware that if they win a lot of money at BoVegas, it could take quite a while to receive it all at just $2,000 per week. Still though, getting that much money per week for as long as it takes is still pretty nice.

BoVegas Casino Software

The background software that BoVegas uses is well written and allows players to easily navigate their site whether they are playing on a computer or mobile device. The goal of this part of an online casino is to make navigation easy and BoVegas accomplishes that plenty well enough, as they want you playing their games and not trying to figure out how to get around their site.

What really matters to online players is the software used in the real money games hosted on the site, and BoVegas scores well in this area with their relying on Realtime Gaming as their sole supplier. Realtime Gaming is so well loved by players that a great many search for potential sites by searching for who offers this software. BoVegas is indeed among them and this in itself attracts lots of players, which does speak to how good it is.

BoVegas offers both download and no download play, and there are many real money online casinos that have simply done away with download versions, to a large degree due to how far no-download casino software has come. It’s close enough now that you can play in a browser and come very close, although for those who wish the little extra boost that downloaded software provides, for players using a computer at least, BoVegas gives you a choice.

BoVegas supports both Windows and Mac computers, and also offers mobile play through both major types of mobile operating systems, Android and Apple, although only through no-download play. The difference is slight enough that you would not even notice much of difference on the small screen of your phone anyway.

Realtime Gaming only provides computer software and not live dealer gaming, but BoVegas picked another top provider for this part of their online casino, Visionary iGaming. Visionary iGaming was a pioneer in live dealer software, and have been doing so since all the way back in 2005, when live dealer games first got off the ground. They will take you as close to the real thing as you could ever get.

BoVegas Casino Security and Customer Support

BoVegas Casino takes security very seriously, so much so that they require their players to undergo an identification check to even be allowed to play on their site. Being a casino that has global reach, they do need to comply with the anti-money regulations of the countries that they serve, but by complying with these regulations, they can continue to serve so many countries and share their overall success with their players.

Online casinos are generally very diligent to avoid any unauthorized access to their servers, and BoVegas uses the latest technology to protect both their online casino and their players. It’s not that players really worry about these things, but the reason they don’t is that a lot of work goes on behind the scenes to keep everything as secure as it needs to be. The fairness of BoVegas Casino’s games are also independently verified by a trusted third-party source.

BoVegas Casino has Customer Support Managers on duty 24 hours a day, and they are particularly well known for their fast response times and dedication to customer satisfaction. Chat agents are available 24/7, as is email, and at BoVegas, you get an email response very quickly, within a few hours, not days. They also offer 24 hour telephone support for residents of the United States, England, France, and Australia.

BoVegas is also certified by CDS, which stands for Central Dispute System, where a dispute form can be filled out should a customer ever become dissatisfied. That’s not the goal at all here, and BoVegas does a fine job of ensuring that they leave you with a smile on your face with every interaction.

BoVegas Casino Pros and Cons

Pros: BoVegas combines a top-tier real money online gaming experience with some of the most generous bonuses and rewards out there. They are already well established, and have earned a good reputation overall as a very good online casino. They may not be the very best online casino there is, like they claim, but their combination of great games, huge bonuses, and a site that is dedicated to your satisfaction makes them very worthy of trying out.

Cons: BoVegas still needs to add Bitcoin as a withdrawal method as well as a deposit method, to make it easier to cash in, although they do offer a very reliable and free method of getting a bank wire, which they are set up to send money anywhere in the world, including to those in the U.S. Their withdrawal limits could stand to be increased, although this only matters if you win a very big prize, and this rule does allow them to offer bigger ones, just like paying lottery jackpots over time has them a lot bigger.


There are a few things that we want to take into account when deciding which online casinos we may wish to try out. Even with the biggest incentives to do so, we still need to take heed of whether an online casino may be trusted, and we never want to hand over any money to ones not reputable enough.

BoVegas Casino is well-qualified in this regard, and when you look at everything they have to offer, they are at least a strong contender for your play whether they offered these big welcome bonuses or not. Since they do, this is all the more reason to try them out, and when someone wants to pay you this much to do so and it’s a very good site, there should be no saying no to this.

For those who wish to collect some big bonus money and see for themselves why BoVegas is confident enough that you will like them to put this much of their cash on the line, simply click on one of their banners and let them show you why.

BoVegas Casino FAQs
  • How did BoVegas come by its unusual name?

    Usually, casinos will come up with names that are exciting, or at least memorable. BoVegas Casino’s name is definitely memorable, and they are also counting on your remembering the name Bodog, which is a huge name in online gambling. BoVegas has nothing to do with Bodog, other than their having Bo in their name and the dedication they share in providing online gamblers with a truly high-quality online gambling experience.

  • How trustworthy is BoVegas Casino?

    Back when BoVegas was born, in 2016, players did not have the experience with this casino that they have now. There are some new casinos worth trying even though they are new, when they have quite a bit going for them otherwise, but BoVegas is now a mature online casino that has had plenty of time for us to judge them. Trust in the online casino business must be earned, and BoVegas has earned plenty.

  • What countries does BoVegas Casino accept players from?

    BoVegas accepts players from the great majority of places in the world, with only a few exceptions, players from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Hungary, Israel, India, Malaysia, and Costa Rica. Not on the list is the United States, and Americans are warmly welcomed here. It’s not hard to find sites of this high quality if you live in other countries, but ones that serve the U.S. that are this good are much fewer in number.

  • Are U.S. players allowed to play online for real money at BoVegas Casino?

    Casino gambling is completely legal in Costa Rica, where BoVegas Casino is located. Playing online at BoVegas is not unlike flying to Costa Rica and playing at a land-based casino there, with the big difference being that your visit to the land-based casino can be tracked, where your flight there on the internet cannot be. American players do not need anyone’s permission to gamble all they want at BoVegas Casino.

  • How good are the casino games at BoVegas Casino?

    BoVegas Casino goes all in with the acclaimed casino games provided by Realtime Gaming, who have such a reputation that just knowing that their games are being offered at an online casino is enough to drive a lot of people to their site. BoVegas gets a full dose of this by only offering Realtime Gaming games. BoVegas Casino also offers great live dealer games which are top notch, like all the games are at this casino.

  • Can you enjoy playing at BoVegas Casino on both your computer and mobile device?

    For much of the history of online gambling, you could only enjoy it on computers. Gambling underwent a second revolution when it started being offered on mobile devices as well, where players went from having to travel somewhere, to being able to do it without leaving home, to carrying a casino around in your pocket. BoVegas Casino offers its great casino action at home on your computer and on your mobile devices as well.

  • Does BoVegas Casino offer live dealer casino games?

    Live dealer games have really grown in popularity at online casinos lately, and since BoVegas Casino is located nearby the father of live dealer real money casino games, Visionary iGaming, who has now teamed up. Their vision of live dealer games turned out to be a pretty great one, and BoVegas Casino players can enjoy games like blackjack and baccarat dealt with real cards and several forms of roulette with real wheels, with real dealers, real chips, and a lot of real fun.

  • What deposit and withdrawal methods does BoVegas Casino accept?

    Players may make deposits at BoVegas Casino using both Visa and MasterCard, should they live in a country where their credit card companies will allow them to deposit at online casinos. BoVegas also accepts secure vouchers to make deposits, as well as the latest craze, Bitcoin, which everyone can use. Withdrawals can be made by way of refunds on credit cards as well as by bank wire, which is provided free of charge.

  • How good are the bonuses and rewards at BoVegas Casino?

    There are a lot of great things about BoVegas Casino, but none greater than the terrific bonuses that they pay players to give them a try. They give you two and a half times your first deposit, up to an extra $2,500, and give you three times your second deposit, up to $3,000 in free money. This is just the start of things, and BoVegas Casino continues to reward their players very well as they continue on.

  • Is BoVegas Casino worth trying out?

    There are two main reasons why we should want to try out an online casino that we have not played at before. The first is to get the experience of playing there, choosing sites that look promising and then seeing for themselves how good they actually are. There’s also the money, and given how good BoVegas is, and how much money they pay us to give them a try, that’s just too good to pass up.

Associate Writer: Geoff enjoys both live and online poker as well as casino games, and is particularly knowledgeable about the legal landscape of online gambling.