Bovada Casino Review 2022

Finding a great online casino that caters to U.S. players isn’t so hard to find if you know where to look. We’ll show you why Bovada Casino is among the very best online casinos out there, with their cutting-edge games and their dedication to making their site the best they can make it. Join the legions of players that have come to know just how stellar this very popular online casino site has become. We’ll reveal to you everything you need to know.

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The U.S. government mistakenly thought that all they had to do in order to shut down online casinos was to go after popular payment processors like major credit cards and internet wallets. There’s way too much demand for online casino gambling in the U.S. for this to ever happen though.

It turned out that there were plenty of online casinos located in other countries that took up the challenge and found a way to continue to accept American players. These sites vary considerably in quality, and Bovada Casino stands proudly among the very best.

Bovada Casino Overview

Bovada Casino Official LogoThe name Bovada is a combination of Bodog and Nevada. Bodog remains one of the top online gambling companies in the world, and was one of the sites that chose to stick around after the U.S. passed a law restricting financial transactions involving online gambling. The U.S. fought back, but there was very little they could do to stop Bodog, and the only thing they managed was to seize Bodog’s domain name, Bodog simply switched their domain to and that settled the matter for good.

Bodog also decided to come up with a new brand that would be set up to serve American players and segregate them from their main Bodog brand. Given how huge the American market is, and especially given how many big sites had left it, this represented a tremendous opportunity to establish a dominant position in the U.S. market, and that’s exactly what they did. They brought a Las Vegas feel to online casino gambling and even got a catchy looking domain name,, with the lv part standing for Las Vegas.

Bovada is of course not located in Las Vegas, or anywhere in the United States, as legal offshore casinos need to be in a place where this isn’t going to involve their being shut down. The site started out being run out of an Indian reservation in Canada which operates outside of Canadian law, and although that worked out well, they have since moved their operations to Costa Rica where there is no doubt about the legality of their offering casino and other online gambling to Americans.

Bovada is therefore primarily aimed at the U.S., and the list of countries that it doesn’t accept players from is a long one, but this is only because they don’t want to compete with Bodog. If you are not from the U.S. and want to give Bovada a try, all you need to do to find out if they take players from your country is to look at the list of countries on the registration form, and if yours is there, you are good to go.

Bovada’s Game Selection

When you go to a big Las Vegas casino, you don’t wonder whether they will be offering your favorite games, because you know they will, because this is the big time. Bovada is certainly a big time online casino, as this is not a place where you have to make trade-offs in game selection or anything else to be able to play at in the United States. Bovada’s combination of things to bet on online compares well not only to other US facing casinos, it compares well to real money online gambling sites period.

With all the things you can play at an online casino, slots remain king, and the success of a real money online casino relies substantially on the quality of their slot offerings. There is both a quantitative side to this, how many different slot games an online casino offers, as well as a qualitative side, how good their slots are. Given the choice, players will prefer quality over quantity, and that’s exactly what Bovada Casino offers.

Bovada features the best the world of slots has to offer, employing leading edge technology from the best software makers to seek to maximize user experience. Most Bovada Casino slots consist of jackpot games, with bigger to much bigger amounts of money up for grabs while enjoying them. When you are playing the best slots on the internet, you need not worry that they haven’t offered hundreds of lesser slots alongside them.

Bovada Casino adds 20 different types of video poker, providing video poker lovers with plenty of selection and variety. All your favorite casino table games are included, like blackjack, roulette, craps, baccarat, and casino poker, with many variations available for added selection. Online casinos can offer so much more with their offerings, and it’s never an issue of whether a casino offers a certain game as Bovada has it all.

Bovada Casino also offers a variety of other games to bet on, things like bingo, keno, and a variety of other lottery-type games. Everyone from bingo lovers to high stakes baccarat players are well taken care of at Bovada.

Those who prefer the realism of a live casino game can take advantage of Bovada’s live dealer games, where you get to sit virtually at a real table with real dealers and watch the action unfold by way of a high-quality live video feed that you interact with right from home or wherever you happen to be.

Bovada offers live dealer roulette, including live dealer zero roulette that reduces the house edge by a half, live dealer blackjack, the world’s most popular casino game, live dealer baccarat, and a version of baccarat called Super 6 which allows many more side bets. This is as close to the real thing as you could possibly get.

Bovada Casino is a one stop online gambling site no matter what you like to gamble on, and in addition to their top-rated online casino, they also offer betting on sports, including horse racing, as well as the ability to play real money poker against other players, offering both cash tables and tournaments.

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Bovada Bonuses and Promotions

Bovada rolls out the big money when it comes to looking to attract players to try them out. They offer big cash bonuses on your first three deposits, and even bigger ones if you deposit with Bitcoin. They start you out with a 100% bonus match up to $1000 on cash deposits and a 125% bonus match up to $1,250 using Bitcoin. This is nice enough, putting in $1000 and gambling with $2000, but when you get to do this two more times, that’s a fabulous amount of extra money to play with as you experience everything Bovada Casino has to offer.

Bovada Casino does allow players to withdraw this bonus money provided that they meet the wagering requirements, which is to wager 25 times your deposit plus bonus. Your full wager on slots, as well as on keno and lottery games, count toward this dollar for dollar. Video poker, casino poker, full shoe blackjack, pai gow, and baccarat all have your wagers count for 60%. Roulette, single and double deck blackjack, mini-blackjack, and mini roulette all count for 5%.

There are some online casinos that only count your slot play, and often may not make it very easy at all to unlock your real money bonuses should you wish to take your money out and not just leave it there for the purposes of further enjoyment.

If you are planning on leaving it there, you don’t have to do anything but enjoy. It is particularly nice if you hit a cold streak that you can lose half of your money and not be down anything at all, with only the bonus money being lost. When you win, the bigger betting amounts that you can make when the house doubles your stack has the additional benefit of your being able to use this money to multiply your winnings.

If you can earn your way to becoming a VIP at Bovada Casino, and be admitted to the Red Room, expect to be lavished with things like a 100% weekly match bonus that does not end, as well as a number of other special bonuses and rewards, and treatment that will surely have you feeling like the VIP that you are.

Bovada also offers a poker welcome bonus of 100% up to $550, and a sports betting bonus of 50% up to $250, allowing players who enjoy these other two major forms of online gambling to get further rewards as they try out these areas of Bovada’s site.

Bovada Banking Options

The coming of Bitcoin to U.S. friendly online casinos was a big game changer, and Bitcoin and US online gambling were made for each other.

The U.S. government, by way of the UIGEA legislation, specifically targeted payment processors doing business in the United States from processing payments related to offshore gambling.

This left few good options, although those who really wanted to gamble online in the United States have always been able to do it, and there was no time where the options ever went away. You could send money by way of Western Union for instance, where whether or not these funds were being used for gambling was kept hidden, by having the money wired to and from personal accounts at gambling websites, or by using anonymous gift cards. If the funds cannot be determined to be deposited for the purposes of gambling, and the payment method used can be used for other purposes, no violation on the part of the payment processor can be demonstrated.

Bitcoin isn’t a payment processor though, it’s instead a currency, and it is one that is completely anonymous. That’s the beauty of it, and takes away even the potential for tracking the flow of funds as governments like to do. Without their ever being able to know about the existence of online gambling deposits and withdrawals, this solves the problem completely, where the UIGEA and authorities are left powerless.

Bitcoin is therefore the perfect solution, and is warmly welcomed and even encouraged by Bovada. Bovada Casino even pays extra bonuses for Bitcoin deposits, and now allow players to gamble in Bitcoin rather than having to covert it over to a traditional currency like USD and back again if you wish to take some money out.

Bovada Casino doesn’t charge for Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals. Even people in countries where they can use their credit cards to deposit need to seriously consider using Bitcoin instead, as in addition to the fees and interest that banks charge to deposit at casinos, beyond their first deposit at Bovada, they need to pay 5.9% for Visa and MasterCard and an extra 9.9% with American Express to cover the additional costs to Bovada to process these payments.

When it comes to looking to withdraw, you simply can’t withdraw winnings to a credit card of any sort, as they are only set up for purchases. You can get a check sent to you, and Bovada will send you a free one every 90 days, but with a $100 minimum and a $3,000 maximum, and further withdrawals cost $100 each. Bitcoin withdrawals can be made every three days, with a minimum of only $10 and no maximum, and Bitcoin transactions both ways are always completely free. Bitcoin is therefore the best choice for everyone, and especially with U.S. players.

Bovada Casino Software

Bovada Casino offers both download and no download versions of their gaming software, which is customary in the real money online casino business these days. Downloaded software is still of a higher quality than no download, which streams the software on the fly on a browser instead of just streaming the data but having the software itself reside on your device, and having it on your device offers a bit richer experience, where the software maker can pack more into their gaming software.

No-download casino software has come a long way since back when it was first introduced many years ago, and the best no-download software is very close to the best download versions these days. Bovada Casino offers the best out there in both formats, so you no longer need to lament about playing watered down versions of casino software like you used to if you cannot download it, and still do at lesser online casino sites.

There are online gambling sites, particularly older ones, including many that used to be available to U.S. players before they left the market, that relies on in-house software or may save money by licensing software that is not exactly state of the art, or may select among bargain software. Bovada Casino selects their software from among the very best in the business, including BetSoft, Rival Gaming, and Real Time Gaming.

They also select the best games that these companies provide, to ensure that their players will always enjoy the latest and greatest gaming software and games out there, including the latest in 3D gaming. Players can enjoy Bovada’s games on Windows or Mac computers, as well as on Apple, Android, or Windows mobile devices.

Bovada is particularly known for how good its mobile experiences are, and while mobile gaming has taken a back seat to computer gaming for a long time now, Bovada Casino has ramped up their mobile offerings to bring them into the big time without any sacrifice. Sure, the screens are smaller, but you can’t put your computer in your pocket. Today’s mobile devices are powerful, and Bovada takes well advantage of their power with their cutting-edge mobile software.

Bovada Casino’s software just doesn’t look fabulous, it also works fabulously, and is fabulously easy to use. With the ability to play any casino game you like and have it look and work so well, you have it all.

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Bovada Security and Customer Support

Bovada Casino’s security is simply superb, which may in part be due to the additional considerations that offering gambling post UIGEA in the U.S. has brought on. It is not that there is anything to worry about from American authorities, who are powerless to try to regulate online gambling among their players that is hosted in another country, such as Costa Rica, where Bovada now operates out of.

Still though, Bovada has gone the extra mile to secure their site, using all the latest technologies. Players who wish added peace of mind can transact in Bitcoin which is in itself a completely anonymous payment method, and play on Bovada through an anonymous VPN connection, which online security experts now recommend even for surfing the internet.

When you are using an anonymous and non-traceable currency such as Bitcoin, and are also behind the curtain of a good VPN which completely hides your identity while online, and combine this with the robust security that Bovada uses, this combination provides the ultimate in peace of mind while gambling online.

Bovada’s customer service is of a very high quality as well, recognized widely as among the very best out there. They offer 24/7 service by email, chat, and by phone, and their agents are dedicated to providing you the best service they can to ensure that you keep coming back. Bovada has an advanced understanding of the importance of great customer service and how much their overall success depends on it. Your happiness and satisfaction is what online sites trade in, and Bovada understands this well.

Pros and Cons of Bovada Casino

Pros: Bovada has a lot of great things going for it, not just pros but strong pros. The fact that they not only warmly welcome Americans but actually exist to take care of Americans is definitely a pro. This is far from a site that you have to settle for instead of better sites that don’t accept you, as Bovada measures up very well with any casino out there, whether they take players from the US or not.

In addition to this, the bonuses are well above average in terms of generosity, you can not only use Bitcoin but gamble in Bitcoin as well, the games are top notch in quality, the encryption is state of the art, and they have great options whether you like to play on computer software or prefer playing at a live casino remotely.

Cons: There’s so much to like here that it’s hard to find any weaknesses. Some reviewers are a little bothered by the fact that Bovada Casino is currently not regulated, and while that can definitely be a red flag depending on the site, Bovada is so great that they don’t even need regulation, as the happiness of their players is important enough to them that they may be relied upon themselves to maintain their reputation. It might seem better if they were controlled by a regulatory body, but this is only the case if sites treat their players in a lesser manner than ideal. That’s not the case at Bovada Casino though.

There are others that complain about some of Bovada’s deposit options, particularly with the fees and limitations involved in methods other than Bitcoin. If not for the fact that they take Bitcoin, this would be a genuine concern. On the other hand, you can and should be using Bitcoin anyway, which avoids all of these concerns with other methods.


We could say that there are three groups of gamblers in the U.S., those who are not aware of the options out there and may be waiting for their state to legalize it, those who know that they can gamble online all they want but may not know the best places to do it, and those who do know where the best online casinos are that accept U.S. players, and Bovada Casino is most certainly among them, perhaps even at the top of the list.

If you are a U.S. player, at least trying out this great online casino site should be obligatory, especially considering the great bonuses they pay for trying them out, where you can double your deposit or more three different times while you experience just how good they are. Now that you know that this is such a strong candidate, just click on one of our links and prepared to be showed why this online casino is so highly rated.

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Bovada Casino FAQs
  • Does Bovada Casino Accept Players from the U.S.?

    Bovada Casino not only accepts players from the United States, Bovada Casino was born with the specific purpose of allowing U.S. players to play under the Bodog brand. After the UIGEA, Bodog sold the rights to use the brand in the U.S. to outside interests, who operated under the name Bodog until it was later changed to Bovada to better distinguish it from the main Bodog brand, a combination of Bodog and Nevada.

  • Does Bovada Casino accept players from every state?

    Although the laws of the United States do not apply to Bovada, or other online gambling sites located outside the U.S., these offshore sites typically have a list of states that they do not accept players from, for various reasons. In spite of Nevada being part of Bovada’s name, players from Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware are not accepted, but players in these states already have state regulated online gambling. Maryland is also on the list of exclusions.

  • Can players in countries other than the U.S. play on Bovada?

    Bodog, the original online casino that Bovada was spun off from, used to offer play to players from all over the world. Instead of just exiting the U.S. market after the passing of the UIGEA, Bodog exited with the main site and created a second site to cater to players they no longer served. Bovada does not take players if they can play on Bodog, but if you can’t, Bovada is there for you.

  • Is Bovada a lesser casino as some U.S. friendly casinos are?

    After the UIGEA, the big online casino brands all left, or at least almost all of them did, leaving the market to a number of smaller operators, where the ones that did a great job grew big and many stayed on the smallish side. Bovada was the exception to this and came up with an idea to create a separate website to allow U.S. players to enjoy all Bodog has to offer. Bovada compares favorably with the best online casinos in the world.

  • Can U.S. residents really gamble at a real money online casino like Bovada?

    States want you to think that you can only gamble at real money online casinos and other online gambling sites if they say you can, and often will even make it against the law for you to do so. This is of no consequence though as these laws are unenforceable, leaving players to choose whether they wish to obey them or not. Many choose to ignore their state’s wishes and decide this for themselves.

  • Should U.S. players worry about going against their state’s wishes to not gamble online?

    For starters, there just isn’t any way for states to catch you gambling online, even without any precautionary measures. The most they can do is to prevent you from using popular payment processors, where the payments to online casinos can be traced, but using Bitcoin is both easy and anonymous. Players may also connect to online casinos anonymously with a VPN for complete peace of mind, even though it’s not needed as they can’t track you anyway.

  • Is Bovada Casino reliable?

    Players will often wonder about whether an online casino that they may not be too familiar with would be a good bet to try out. There’s been enough examples of unreputable sites to make this a valid concern. Bovada’s reputation is of the highest order, and so high that it does not even need a regulator to oversee them to have their players completely comfortable with playing for real money at Bovada Casino.

  • How good are the games and software at Bovada Casino?

    Bovada Casino understands that their casino is only as good as the games that they offer, and they select the best games from among the best casino software makers in the world. Bovada offers a wide selection of cutting-edge real money slot games, 150 different casino table games, as well as things like keno and lottery-style games. They also offer top notch live dealer games, and all of it is rolled out in a grand style.

  • How easy is it for U.S. players to deposit and withdraw at Bovada Casino?

    The overwhelmingly popular method of using Bitcoin to deposit and withdraw at Bovada Casino is simply perfect for using to gamble at offshore online casinos. All you need is a Bitcoin wallet and then you just transfer money to and from your wallet and Bovada as you wish. Bovada Casino even lets you play in Bitcoin currency, so you can keep it in Bitcoin the whole while, and quickly move it to and from Bovada.

  • What are all the reasons why U.S. players should try Bovada Casino?

    Bovada is the leading name in U.S. friendly online gambling, and offer real money poker and sports betting along with their top online casino. The casino is state of the art, and the operation is as trusted as they come, a trust well deserved. Bovada’s customer service is also excellent, as are the very generous bonuses they pay to try them out, doubling your first 3 deposits. Click on our banners to get paid to see everything they have to offer.

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