Casino Review 2024 has been catering to both the American and Canadian online casino market for quite a while now, and they have really made a name for themselves over this time. They have put together a first-class online casino that offers players everything they want while rewarding them very generously from their first day onward. The combination of the quality of their site and the extent of their generosity makes trying them out and cashing in on this a very easy choice.

>> Click Here to Sign Up at Casino << has been in business since 2013, one of several casinos that emerged to fill the void after so many online casinos left the U.S. market some years ago in response to the passing of the UIGEA which caused so many sites to exit the American market. It is owned by the same company that runs Ignition Casino, and currently operates out of Costa Rica.

In spite of the name, Casino offers not just slots but a full range of real money online casino games, including their latest addition, live dealer table games. Casino is a good one overall, but really separates themselves from the pack with their massive welcome bonus program, where both new and existing players alike are subject to a never-ending array of deposit bonuses of a magnitude that is designed to prevent you from ever being tempted by other sites. Overview Official LogoAll online casinos offer slots, and in fact slots remain the main focus of all online casinos, and land-based casinos as well. Slots are the most popular casino game, both at land based casinos and online. Slot players don’t need to check whether or not an online casino offers a lot of slots, as this is a given. However, using slots in the name of your site, calling your site Slots in fact, does at least make clear to players that this is a site that places a lot of importance on them, although all online casinos do.

Using .lv in their domain name is a strategy that first was used by Bovada, and while this does sound a lot like Las Vegas, which was the intention, it actually is the domain extension for Latvia. or the other U.S. friendly casinos that use Latvian extensions have nothing to do with Latvia though. Aside from the suggestion of Las Vegas, this actually does serve a purpose, where online casinos with the extension .lv have come to be understood as U.S. friendly from the way this extension has been branded. is indeed a US friendly online casino, and is mostly targeted towards U.S. players, although they also accept players from Canada as well, other than those who reside in the Province of Quebec. The site used to be run out of an Indian reservation in Quebec, and although they have since moved their operations to Costa Rica, this has remained as a remnant. also does not accept players from a few states, New Jersey, Nevada, Delaware, and Maryland, but players from all other states are warmly welcomed. was born out of the same culture as and’s sister site Ignition Casino, when major online casino provider Bodog chose to remain in the U.S. market after the UIGEA was passed. This scared away all of the big brands and many smaller ones as well, but not Bodog. Bodog instead sold off their U.S. interests to a Mohawk tribe in Canada, who eventually sold their stake to the company that runs and Ignition Casino, and while the ownership has changed, the progressive culture of Bodog has been passed down, which remains strong and plays a central role in the current success of these sites.

Ignition Casino has since crafted a reputation as being among the very best online sites in the world, a reputation also shared by There are a few differences between them, and with some things, Ignition Casino does an even better job with, like their having a few more games, but slays them all with the way they roll out their bonuses, which is a pretty important criterion overall. Both sites are worth trying out, but if you love bonus money, definitely has some deals you do not want to miss out on. You may not ever play anywhere else once you’ve tried out this site, for reasons we will explain. Games, as the name suggests, does offer plenty of real money slot games, over 100 in total. They used to offer twice this many at one time but found that the best of the bunch attracted the players and a lot of games were just along for the ride, of good quality but not quite measuring up.

They ended up culling the herd of their games for that reason, and players can now confidently select from all of’s current slot offerings, or any casino game that the site currently offers, and know that they are going to be in for the high-quality gaming experiences that they expect and crave.

The goal of, perhaps their biggest goal given their name, is to ensure that their players get access to a very high-quality slots gaming experience, and they deliver on this well. This is not a site where you’re going to be trying it out while wishing that you could play different slots elsewhere, and are just there for the bonus money, as wants you to both enjoy their slots and all the bonus money that they throw at you, not only to attract you but to keep you playing with them.

This mission towards quality extends to’s table games as well, where they provide both a good amount of variety while maintaining their high standards. Like with the slots, there are not an overwhelming amount of choices, but plenty to keep their players well satisfied. offers 25 variations of table games, including versions of popular games that give the players a better edge, such as single-deck Blackjack and single-zero Roulette. There are 5 different versions of Blackjack, 2 versions of Roulette, Craps, Baccarat, and many versions of casino poker in addition to several other popular casino games. Casino table game players tend to prefer one form over others but there are plenty here to try out and enjoy should they wish.’s number of video poker games is fairly limited, with only 8 different ones, but this is another case of the players choosing what they like and this being reflected in the game selection. The three versions of Jacks or Better and the three versions of Joker Poker capture just about all the action, and there are two other choices that players can also select from. They also offer Keno and 7 variations of Bingo.

Many of’s players and prospective players were calling out for the site to start offering real money live dealer games in addition to their computer-based gambling games, and have listened. They now offer Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, and Super 6 in live dealer format, where you place bets at a real table in a real casino set up for this purpose, placing on par with the best sites on the internet I this regard.

Live dealer games online are becoming more and more popular lately, as more players try it out and end up liking the slower pace and the social interaction that land-based casino gaming offers, and when you can enjoy all of this remotely right from home, it’s not hard to see why so many players consider this the best of both worlds.

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It is with bonuses and promotions that has shining the most. All online casinos offer first deposit bonuses of some sort, to pay players to come over and try them, and this does work pretty well as far as attracting players provided that the casinos that offer them are decent or better. It’s hard to go too far wrong as long as the sites are reputable, and even a lesser experience playing there can be more than made up for by their doing things like doubling your money to try them.

Once the bonus fun is over, players then get to decide whether the site is good enough to continue playing on based upon its own merits, which often will include a reward program but these do not involve the massive bonus money that you get with your first or first few deposits.

The key to unlocking the most bonus money these days among sites that accept Bitcoin is to use it to deposit with, and withdraw with it as well if the site allows, and allows both. Like many sites these days, they pay more bonus money as well if you use Bitcoin as your deposit method, and if you are a U.S. player, there really isn’t any other way, so you luck out automatically with this extra money.

If you are from Canada and can deposit with your credit cards, but if you can get more bonus money using Bitcoin, and withdrawals are easier and faster with it as well, it only makes sense to use Bitcoin and get paid more.

The normal up to $5,000 welcome bonus turns into up to $7,500 if you deposit with Bitcoin, which means 50% more bonus cash regardless of the amounts you put in to take advantage of your cash getting multiplied. Your first deposit either gets doubled in bonus cash up to $2,000 extra, or gets tripled up to an extra $3,000 if you use Bitcoin.

Your next 8 deposits either earn you a 100% match up to $500 each, or a 150% up to $750 in extra money if you use Bitcoin. Paying 150% on nine deposits is phenomenal enough, but the bonus cash fun doesn’t end there, and it never ends actually. allows you to collect a 150% bonus up to $750 every day, and you can even cash in on this deal twice during the same day.

Players here don’t get excited about another site offering them one or a few opportunities to get 100% or 150%, they instead yawn at the idea of leaving for this as they can get this sort of deal anytime they want without needing to leave to get it. bribes you well to come over and try them and then continually bribe you the same way to get you to stay.

In addition to all this, also has a nice loyalty program where players earn points for their play, and convert this into even more bonus cash. Sharp blackjack players count cards to look to get better odds, but with the odds the same as you’d get elsewhere, nothing does this as well as bonus money, in addition to all the fun you have spending all that money that the casino gives you. This is as good as it gets.

To make things even better, they give you up to $200 in bonus money for every friend you refer, and if your friends love bonus money, and who doesn’t, it should not be a problem to get several or more to come over and give a try, enjoying the same great bonuses you got, the bonuses that just don’t end. This alone can put quite a bit of money in your pocket while helping your friends cash in big as well. could get away with offering their players inferior quality gaming experiences and it still would make sense for players to stick with them and not go back to their old site, but given that the gaming experience at is upper echelon, it’s not hard to understand why so many of their new players try them and really don’t have much of a reason to look elsewhere. That suits both and their players just fine. Banking Options

Given the fact that accepts Canadians as well as Americans, you’ll find more deposit methods here than you would see at a real money casino that only takes U.S. players, although the only one that U.S. players can use is Bitcoin. Bitcoin happens to be the absolute perfect deposit method for Americans though, especially given that U.S. authorities are not fussy at all about their residents gambling at offshore gambling sites not licensed and regulated in the United States.

Canadians can also deposit by way of credit card, direct bank transfer, and Interac e-transfer, a way of emailing money to people. These methods may offer the ultimate in convenience, but it really doesn’t take long to set up and fund a Bitcoin wallet, although Canadians will need to use a third party processor such as an internet wallet to get money from their Canadian bank account to a Bitcoin wallet.

Canada doesn’t have a problem with you gambling online all you want, which is completely legal, but they are a little shy of Bitcoin and do not allow you to use your bank account or credit card to purchase it directly. It’s easy to do so indirectly as once your money is out of your Canadian bank, you are free to trade in Bitcoin.

Aside from the extra bonus money involved in depositing with Bitcoin, it also provides a clear advantage to players when it comes to wanting to cash in at Everyone can request a paper check or a bank wire, but Bitcoin withdrawals are just so much faster. Americans will have already deposited with Bitcoin so they are already well set up for this.

Banking options used to be a big deal at one time, and especially one with U.S. players who had very limited options for a number of years, but Bitcoin and U.S. offshore online gambling are a marriage made in heaven, and this not only solved the problem but did so in an ideal fashion, with a payment method that the authorities cannot restrict like they did with so many other methods. This one they can’t touch, and from a player’s perspective, this solves the problem completely and for good. Software

While it is easy these days for an online casino to get great software, as you simply hire talented companies to design it for you and license software from among the best out there, and select the best games from among their offerings, not all online casinos choose this path.

Some try to get by on the cheap, with the thinking that what they may be able to save from lowering their operating costs this way will be added to their profits, not realizing that these things simply do not work that way. The online casino business is extremely competitive, and this competition is global because the internet is global.

If you don’t take care of your players well enough, you may be able to attract players to discover your site, but won’t do as well as far as keeping them if you don’t offer a high quality gaming experience, which definitely includes having your software at least fairly close to what your competitors offer. does not wish you to leave because another site has better software, and software is an important aspect of a player’s preferring one online casino over another. They have even cut the list of games that they offer, weeding out the ones that were just good to only offer the very good stuff. They are down to offering games from casino software makers widely considered to be among the very best ones out there, Rival Gaming and Realtime Gaming.

It might seem odd that an online casino would remove choices, but if you offer games from A providers and also offer some lesser ones, B providers, there are people who will play these B games and tell others that the games on your site aren’t so great. is now down to just the good stuff, but has more than enough to keep their players very happy. is one of the many real money online casinos these days that has done away with the need to download software to get the full experience of enjoying their games. You can access everything that this casino offers right on the browser of your choice, whether on a desktop or mobile device. The problem with being able to enjoy online casino games has always been about their not being software for your particular operating system, and getting rid of this software solves this problem for everyone.

An online casino’s background software also makes a difference, but in this case, the way you know that this is working well is to not even notice it at all. You just need to organize your site to make everything simple and intuitive, to reduce the effort it takes to go from the lobby to being seated at the game of your choice, and successfully makes this very easy.

The site’s live dealer software is also very solid, and quality software matters just as much to live dealer players. Live dealer casino games are a sensory experience, as well as making it easy and fun to play, and like everything else with’s software, they deliver the goods.

>> Click Here to Sign Up at Casino << Security and Customer Support does not cut corners with anything, and this includes their security. You’d be playing on a poor site indeed if they didn’t use the latest encryption, and players at can enjoy the peace of mind that this site does protect themselves and their players the right way. has been around for considerably longer than the time it would take to come to a complete understanding of how reliable they are. Untrustworthy sites wrong players, and in today’s internet age, the word gets around pretty quickly. All the thumbs are up as far as being completely trustworthy.

As far as their customer service goes, it is top notch as well, with helpful agents always available to answer all of your questions, whether you prefer email, phone, or live chat. Live chat has become the preferred way for players to communicate, and not all online casinos offer it, with some limiting you to sending them an email and take days or longer to answer you. also has an extensive FAQ section which often will answer your question right there. If not, just ask one of their skilled customer service agents, and they are skilled in doing what they can to make you happy and want to stay. They do this quite successfully. Pros and Cons

Pros: The fact that starts new players out with whopping sized bonuses to try them out, and then keeps things going with welcome bonus sized deposit bonuses every day thereafter is a huge deal and one that in itself makes this site very appealing. Everything about this site is well above average though and the combination of a great online casino overall and all the money they give you to deposit with them makes the decision to try them a very easy one to make.

Cons: People used to complain about not offering live dealer games, but no more. There are others who believe more is better, and pursue variety for its own sake, but understands that quality does matter to the great majority of their players. They could still probably stand to add more games, something we can look forward to in the future as the site continues to evolve.

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Conclusion Casino is clearly a high-quality option for American online casino players, among the top options that all Americans should be more than happy to accept a generous amount of bonus money from to check them out. Casino has everything you could want in a top online casino, along with some particularly generous deposit bonuses.

No matter how much you prefer the online casino you play at now, is at least in the same class, and are willing to triple your money to have them show you why you should play with them instead. Seeing your stack triple in size just for trying another top online casino is truly a sweet deal, where you’ll see how good this site is for yourself.

Given how continues to offer you welcome sized deposit bonuses daily, when you combine this with how good their site is, and how reputable and trustworthy they are, this is as tempting of an option as they come. Let Casino tempt you by clicking on one of their banners, and get ready to experience never-ending bonuses and never-ending fun. FAQs
  • How long has been around for? Casino came on the scene in 2013, which may not seem like all that long when you consider how long online casino gambling as been around, but that’s more than enough time to come to understand how trustworthy and customer focused an online casino is. When you have kept players this happy for this long, no one should wonder how reliable they are as they have already well proven themselves.

  • What countries does take players from? accepts players from all states in the United States except Nevada, New Jersey, Maryland, and Delaware, as well as players in Canada from all provinces except Quebec. Players in all of these states except for Maryland already have access to state regulated online gambling, although for some reasons some sites shy away from Maryland. Quebec being on the list is left over from the time the site used to be operated out of this province.

  • Why would want to just concentrate on two countries?

    After the UIGEA was passed, this turned the U.S. market, which was once the dominant market in the world of online gambling, into a niche market of sorts. By focusing on this market and catering to it exclusively or mostly exclusively, this has allowed them to target their sites to the particular needs of Americans. happened to be located in Canada when they opened up for business, so adding Canada as well was a natural choice.

  • Is it legal for Americans to play real money casino games at Casino?

    In spite of all the confusion that American authorities have created, there has never been a federal law against online casino gambling. The UIGEA only applies to payment processors, and the Wire Act only applies to sports betting operators under U.S. jurisdiction. Whether online gambling is legal is decided at the state level, and while states have various laws that may be applicable, there’s no way for them to catch you gambling online and this is all a moot point.

  • How good are the real money games at Casino? wants to tempt you with big bonuses, although that wouldn’t be wise if their site did not measure up well enough, and especially be a problem if their games were not at least up to par.’s games are more than up to par, as they have chosen from among the best ones available to provide their players with a great mix of quality and quantity when it comes to their games.

  • Does offer live dealer casino games?

    It used to be a lot harder for Americans to enjoy all of the fun of live dealer casino games, but this has gotten a lot easier lately, and does now offer this to their players. This is a site that is well tuned in to the demands of their players, and once enough players wanted this to be added, stepped up and delivered. They now offer four popular casino games in live dealer format.

  • How easy is it to move money in and out of Casino?

    Canadian players not only can still use their credit cards and bank accounts to deposit at online casinos, including, they can even use e-transfers to send money to the site. The best way to deposit and withdraw from a casino these days is Bitcoin though, as long as a site takes Bitcoin for withdrawals as well. does, so while U.S. players have to use Bitcoin, it happens to be the best choice as well.

  • How good are the deposit bonuses at Casino?

    Players get excited, and rightly so, when they see great deals such as offers, starting you out with tripling your deposit if you use Bitcoin. They don’t just stop there, and they don’t stop period, as players earn big bonus cash on not only their next 8 deposits, they can also get a similar deal twice per day, every day, whenever they want. The bonuses at are simply phenomenal.

  • What devices can you access the fun at on? Casino relies on browser-based technology to roll out their real money online casino games. Online casinos have had no-download browser play for many years now, it’s just that it didn’t quite offer the same graphics and experiences as dedicated software did. Browser-based technology has now caught up, and this allows to offer its games across a full range of devices and operating systems, where you can enjoy their site on whatever you are using.

  • Is worth trying out if you have not done so already?

    There are several good choices these days if you are a U.S. based player looking to try out the best online casinos that accept you, and it only makes sense for these players to familiarize themselves with the best ones. When a site is as good as Casino is, and their bonus offers to try them are this generous, it only makes sense to take advantage of this opportunity. Just click on one of their banners to start collecting.

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