Massive Turnout for Resorts World Las Vegas Job Openings

Resorts World Las Vegas

Resorts World Las Vegas recently opened the hiring process and received way more applications than they bargained for.

It is not uncommon for a job opening to receive several applicants interested in the position. People are often looking for new work, with positions that might pay more, offer more hours, or be a more stable work environment. In Las Vegas, the Resorts World Casino is hiring so that it can fill many positions within the company, 6,000 to be exact. While this is a large number of open positions, the operator did not expect to see 85,000 people apply.

Opening this Summer

The Resorts World Las Vegas Casino is set to open this summer. The facility must fill a ton of positions to be ready to offer services. There is a need for service workers, management, hotel staff, etc. The casino property is opening at a time when everyone is struggling with employment. The tourism industry has been hit hard and tens of thousands of people have lost their job or are working very little hours.

With the new venue opening in the next few months, the unemployed or barely employed are hoping to be hired. Some may have applied for better work positions while others just want to have a job after not working for several months.

Back in the fall, it was announced online that the casino would begin taking applications in December. Lori Calderon, an executive of the casino, made the announcement on Twitter. She then told potential employees to create a profile at the website of Resorts World to be able to apply.

Applicants could then use the site to search for specific jobs. A virtual recruiter was set up to help with the process. The online option is being utilized due to the COVID-19 pandemic still being an issue. Large groups of people cannot gather to complete an application process.

The casino has plans to open whether the pandemic is still an issue or not. Of course, the operator is hoping that the restrictions are lifted and COVID has moved away so that things can get back to normal.

Damaged Economy

The large number of people applying for the position shows the damage that the pandemic has done to the local economy. Job loss figures are huge. In December, over 300,000 leisure and hospitality jobs were lost in the state of Nevada. This was a 14% larger deficit then in the same month of 2019.

The job losses reflect the drop in tourism numbers. Since the virus took hold in the United States back in March, the McCarran International Airport in Nevada lost 29 million passengers. This is a huge loss when you consider that Las Vegas relies on tourism to operate. People can drive in to take part in what the city has to offer, but the numbers are no where near as high when compared to tourism from flights.

Another issue is the lack of conventions and events. Las Vegas is a go-to spot for businesses to host conferences as well as major events like comic cons, exhibitions, etc. Without these events taking place, hotel stay empty along with casino gaming floors.

The weekend hotel occupancy rate from December came in at just over 45%. The middle of the week saw a drop to only 25%. Because of the weekly slowdown, many casinos are not even offering services at that time. This has also caused a significant drop in employment.

The $4.3 billion Resorts World Las Vegas is hoping to open as a fully functioning casino this summer. Only time will tell if that will be a reality or if the casino will have to adhere to the regulations that are in place by government officials based on the status of COVID-19 at the time.

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