News Articles Written By: Simon Turner

Bets, beliefs, and behaviours: the unconscious layers of gaming

What happens in the minds of fans when they engage with the game? A research study investigates the behaviour and functioning of the unconscious mind. For many it is a simple hobby, for others it is a passion. But what goes on in a player’s mind... Read More

UKGC Provides New Guidance for Gaming Industry

The UK Gambling Commission has decided to create new guidance regarding the terms and conditions section of online gambling operators. The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) is constantly working to create a stable and uniform gambling environment. The... Read More

Nepal to Close Two Casinos Due to License & Royalty Payment Issues

Officials in Nepal have decided to close two casinos in the area due to late payments regarding licensing and royalties. When it comes to casino operations, providers must be licensed and operate in accordance with rules and regulations of the industry... Read More

Hustler Casino Bans Poker Player for Cheating

A poker player named ‘Skillsrocks’ was banned by Hustler Casino after he was found cheating during a Hustler Casino Live event. When it comes to casino gaming, players are supposed to play by the rules. Anyone caught cheating is removed from the... Read More

Junket Leader Levo Chan Arrested on Illegal Gambling Activity Charges

Levo Chan, the CEO of Tak Chun, has been arrested for running illegal gambling operations in Macau. The junket saga continues in Macau as yet another major player has been arrested by authorities. Late Friday, Macau Judiciary Police arrested the CEO of... Read More

Virgin Las Vegas Casino Adds Resort Fee Charges

Visitors to the Virgin Las Vegas Casino will now be charged with a nightly resort fee of $45, after the resort opened with no such fees in place early last year. Visitors to Las Vegas, Nevada are used to paying high prices during the trip, from fine... Read More

Legislators in Macau to Begin Review of New Gaming Laws

Macau lawmakers are starting their official review of the new gambling laws, beginning with the General Assembly. Authorities in Macau just recently published drafted rules for the gaming industry, with the licensing set to continue at six venues in... Read More

Casino Industry Directives Issued for Macau Involving Licensing

Officials in Macau have now revealed details involving changes to the casino industry, including the operation period for license holders. Changes are coming to Macau’s gambling industry. This week, government officials made an announcement involving... Read More

Georgia House Speaker Reveals Gambling Might Make 2022 Ballot

House Speaker David Ralston reveals that lawmakers in Georgia might be open to putting gambling on the ballot in 2022. Gambling is a sore spot in the state of Georgia. It seems people are either for it or against it. For years, there has been talk of... Read More

Brazilian Federal Official Says 2022 Is the Year for Casino Gaming

One lawmaker in Brazil says 2022 will be the year that commercial casinos will be legalized in the country. For many years, lawmakers in Brazil have debated whether or not commercial casino gaming should be approved. Federal Deputy Herculano Passos... Read More