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The online part of mobile slots online means that you don’t need to be sitting at a slot machine to play them, and the mobile part means you don’t have to sit at home on your computer either. Mobile online slots are truly slots on the go, where you can play slots on your mobile devices from wherever you please now. We’ll show you just how enjoyable mobile slots can be provided you are playing at the right mobile slot sites.

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Introduction to Mobile Gambling

The coming of the internet beckoned in a huge change in the way people gamble, where you no longer had to travel to a casino, it came right to you. You could now enjoy playing slots anytime you wanted, by just logging into your computer, and you were magically placed in front of your favorite slot machines playing for money as real as you will ever find.

The availability of mobile slots took this transformation to an entirely new level, expanding both the convenience and accessibility of computer slots. All you had to do now is pick up your phone and open up your favorite casino app and can now play from anywhere and at any time, in mere seconds.

If you’ve never played slots on a mobile device, or perhaps didn’t even know that you could, you just don’t know what you are missing. Read on and we’ll provide you with all you need to know to take advantage of this latest, and many say greatest, incarnation of the very popular game of slots that all of our highly recommended casino sites are just waiting for you to enjoy.

There’s Nothing Quite Like Today’s Mobile Devices

Mobile SlotsThe computer came first of course, and online gambling on computers has been going on for a long time now, first being offered all the way back in 1996. This was well before the invention of the smart phone, phones that you could not just use to make phone calls or send and receive text messages, or play simple games on a tiny low-resolution screen, as smart phones put a real computer right in the palm of your hand that you also can carry right in your pocket, no wires required.

Smart phones these days have a much higher resolution than even today’s computer screens, as far as dots per inch goes, and even a 4K laptop can’t quite compare to today’s latest phones. Computer screens are bigger, but slot players have found that the smaller screen on their phones are plenty big enough for slots, while offering the more immersive visual experience that a lot of slot players love, as well as all the speed they need.

It did take some real time for mobile devices to catch up to computers generally, but the transition took even longer for online casinos, but no matter, as the wait is over. Mobile slots are here to stay, just like pretty much mobile anything, and they already represent a big chunk of an online casino’s business.

Computers haven’t really improved that much over the last 10 years, in comparison to the early days where huge improvements came so fast and furiously. Mobile devices are still in their growth stage technologically, so as great as mobile slots have become lately, things are only going to get better from here.

Mobile Slots Are All About Mobility

The biggest benefit of mobile slots is the mobile part, where slot players are no longer tethered to their computers and now can hold the world’s best online casino sites in their pocket to be taken out anytime and anywhere that they want to enjoy the best slot games in the world.

It’s not that it is all that inconvenient to log on to your computer at a desk, but who really wants to be chained to a desk when they can instead play wherever they happen to be standing or sitting? What this really serves to do is to add a lot more opportunity for us to play slots, especially during the duller moments of the day when we are just waiting and crave something more exciting to do than just doing nothing.

The coming of the smart phone has transformed the way that people fill in these dead zones, where you see so many using their phones for all sorts of other things besides talking to someone on the phone, activities that provide varying degrees of entertainment and may just be barely entertaining enough to break the monotony.

For those of us who enjoy gambling, being able to gamble during these times and any other time that we have a free moment and wish to partake, playing slots on our mobile device is a great way to pack in a lot more fun into our free time than just browsing the usual fare on social media apps. Social media can be fun and entertaining but does not hold a candle to seeing the reels spin and seeing yourself make real money as you hit a nice score on the beautifully rendered and exciting online slot games that they have these days.

Slots are all increasing our level of fun, and that’s why people play them. If we’re looking to entertain ourselves, we might as well pick something that really packs in the fun like mobile slots do. Sure, you can play other types of games on your phone, but regular games do not have money on the line. People dream of playing them with real money at stake, being one of the few people who actually play these games professionally, but with slots, we are already there, we all play professionally and can leverage this additional excitement on demand.

As long as you like playing slots, and slots are the most well-loved way to gamble there is, there’s nothing not to love about mobile slots, and the decision to play them really only comes down to whether you have a mobile phone or not. If you do, as they used to say, you need to be there or be square.

Mobile Slot Technology Has Come a Long Way

In the early days of online slots, as long as you could access the internet, you could play online slots at an online casino, whether they were mobile friendly or not. If you are playing on slot sites that are designed to be played on a computer with a much larger screen than your phone though, this isn’t going to make for a very fun experience, one that was similar to doing pretty much anything with a browser on your phone during that time, before they came up with a way for web pages to adapt to the size of your screen.

Today, web pages themselves are set up to render their displays according to whether you are viewing them on a phone or a computer, which has made a tremendous difference with viewing any web page, where you no longer have to zoom in to see what it has on it. Not all web pages are rendered, but the great majority of them are nowadays, especially web pages with online slot casinos.

No one wants to fiddle around with pinching screens, and given that the goal of online slots is to entertain, being annoyed while being sought to be entertained just doesn’t fit. Making things as easy for us as they can is therefore a top priority of any good online slot site, and you can bet that they do a great job with this, for no other reason than they need to.

What really held up this migration to mobile slots was the fact that in the early days, online casinos didn’t offer much in the way of browser play, if they offered it at all. The focus back then was on designing software programs that you would play on, software programs that were almost solely designed to use Windows software and even people who used Apple computers had to switch over to a Windows environment to be able to play online.

Eventually, Apple users were given more love, and some online casinos wrote software for them as well. Whatever browser-based play that online casinos offered during this time offered a limited selection with inferior graphics that were at best a poor man’s way to gamble online, but no more.

It wasn’t until browser technology improved enough that browser-based slot games hit the big time, in a big way, as we now have the ability to play on our browsers while playing all of our favorite slot games as well as no longer having to sacrifice quality. This has all been made possible through improvements in technology, the same technology that is used to power other types of browser-based games on the internet, the ones that people use to fill their time, and you can now fill your time with a much more exciting type of game, slots.

Enjoying Mobile Slots on Various Mobile Devices

Android based devices are still king in the online casino world, and if you do use an Android device, this is what the focus on online casino gaming has focused on since mobile play began, and there are no workarounds required. You just open an account with an online slots site, make a deposit, and start enjoying great slot games on your device.

Depending on the site, you may have to use a workaround with Apple devices though, but this is still the case with some sites out there even though sites have come a long way as far as accommodating Apple users, and that’s the case with online sites as well. The best mobile sites let you into the big time though with no workaround required.

It used to be that online casino sites generally only supported Android devices, and in earlier times it was a real struggle to use your Apple device on these sites since they didn’t have dedicated software for Apple, and they did allow you to use browser based technology but it was through using flash, which isn’t compatible with Apple operating systems.

Things have really improved lately though, especially with the coming of HTML5, which is completely browser based and is up there in quality with the best dedicated apps. Unlike with Flash, HTML5 is compatible with any device, including iPhones and iPads, and provides users with this superior platform without having to worry about your device not working with it.

This is one of the reasons why the HTML5 platform has become so popular with online casino sites, as it opens the door to everyone and does not require anyone to use a lesser platform with reduced graphics and gameplay and number of games like some players had to deal with

Playing at the Best Mobile Slot Sites

Whether you are new to mobile slots or have been enjoying playing them for a while, you always want to make sure that you are getting the most out of your play by seeking out the best mobile sites out there.

Far too many players just stumble onto a site and can play there for years with no idea of whether their chosen site is even a good one or whether much better sites exist. Even a single session spent at a lesser mobile site is an experience that you can never get back, but what you can do is make sure that you are playing at the good ones to finally put a stop to all these wasted experiences.

We are glad that you have come to us and we have your back with anything related to slots online, and this includes your benefiting from our understanding of what a great mobile site is supposed to look like, as well as sharing our knowledge with you so may benefit from it. We do this without needing to charge you anything, and whenever you can get top notch advice for free, that’s as good of a deal as it gets.

Mobile Slots FAQ

  • Can we really play real money slots on our mobile devices these days?

    As long as an online casino will allow you to open an account and deposit with them, any good online casino will also allow a wide selection of great slots to be enjoyed on your mobile devices. The days of being limited to a much smaller selection if you are using a mobile device to play are gone, at least if you stick to the good sites, the ones that offer a huge selection that can be played on either your computer, laptop, tablet, or phone, as you please.

  • How easy is it to get set up right with real money online slots on our mobile devices?

    The first step is to get advice on which mobile slots are good enough for our consideration, which is part of the services that we provide our friends at no charge. You then need to reduce the number of good candidates to sites that accept players from where you live, as well as being aware of the legal landscape in your country, which we also provide to you. Together with all the other great information we provide on here, you will be playing great slots on your mobile device in no time.

  • Can you play online slots with other types of devices besides Android phones?

    There was a time, not so long ago actually, that those with devices running operating systems other than Android were treated as second class players, with a lot less selection, if they allowed you to play with them at all. The industry has now moved primarily to a web-based format, at least with the best ones with the best games, and things have improved dramatically for all mobile users, Android based ones or otherwise, as mobile slots have now hit the big time.

  • Can mobile slots be played on a tablet as well as with a phone?

    Online slots have now evolved to a point where the type of device you have doesn’t really matter anymore. Tablets are really just like big phones, or really big ones if you have a larger tablet. Tablets connect to the internet like a phone does, where you can either use Wi-Fi or mobile data, and the bigger screens that tablets have make the experience of playing slots online much more like playing on a computer, one that you can take with you and play anywhere with.

  • Can mobile slot sites be trusted?

    While the majority of mobile slot sites are trustworthy, just like with pretty much everyone else, you have your solid and reliable ones as well as your shadier ones. The shady ones don’t necessarily cheat you outright, but they can be very difficult to deal with if you actually win, taking a very long time to pay you or sometimes not at all. We look very closely at the reputation of all our recommended sites to ensure that they can indeed be fully trusted.

  • Can you play slots on your computer as well as on your mobile devices at mobile slot sites?

    There are a lot of mobile slot players that also play on their computers when it is convenient to do so, when you’re in front of your computer anyway and it’s so easy to just log into your online casino account and enjoy playing slots on a big bad screen. There are also plenty of times where we can’t do this, or might just prefer the speed and convenience of playing on your mobile device even in cases where you have a choice. Mobile slot sites make all this up to you.

  • How can we tell the difference between a good and bad mobile slots site?

    There’s a lot more than just cool looking slots that go into a great mobile slot site, even though we definitely want this as part of the package. A wide selection of great slots is a must have. A site’s reputation as well as how they are known to take care of their players is also important of course. You also want to make sure that you can deposit and withdraw easily, and that they have a good bonus and reward program. We look at all this and more and do all the work for you to ensure you are pointed toward the best out there.

  • Is there a good selection of high-quality slots that can be played on a mobile device now?

    Mobile slots used to be the little kid on the online casino block, and at some sites it still is to some degree, but online casinos have gotten wise to how much a lot of players love playing slots on their phones and tablets. Gone are the days of just throwing us a few crappy slots to appease us in between our computer slot play, and top mobile sites have now rolled out a full serving of their best slots so we can get the most out of our slot playing no matter where we are.

  • Are phone screens too small to really enjoy the latest mobile slot games on?

    The only big knock against mobile gaming in general is that there are plenty of games that aren’t really suited to the smaller screens of modern smartphones, even the bigger ones you can get. This is not a problem with mobile slot gaming because the slot games are specifically designed to provide the full experience on your phone, instead of with a game that should really be played on a large monitor and you miss so much trying to play it on a phone.

  • How much data does mobile slot playing use up?

    When we are playing at home or in range of a secure Wi-Fi connection, we can just use that to connect to our favorite mobile slot sites, just like we would do with our desktops or laptops. Public Wi-Fi isn’t a great idea though since it isn’t secure. When we’re away from secure Wi-Fi, we can use data to connect, and with basic mobile slots, you can get about 100 spins per megabyte of data. More graphic intensive slots will use 3 or 4 times this, so when on data, we need to account for how much data we have to spend to decide which ones to go with.

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