Hustler Casino Bans Poker Player for Cheating

Hustler Casino Live

A poker player named ‘Skillsrocks’ was banned by Hustler Casino after he was found cheating during a Hustler Casino Live event.

When it comes to casino gaming, players are supposed to play by the rules. Anyone caught cheating is removed from the premises and often subject to banning if the venue decides to go that route. Just recently, a player was banned from poker gaming at Hustler Casino in Bell Gardens, California for cheating during a Hustler Casino Live streaming poker event. The casino wasted no time in acting against the player, choosing to ban him from the physical location as well as from the streaming program.

Details of the Event

Last week, the Hustler Casino Live aired, with players spread out among the tables enjoying poker action. One player was seated at the $10/$20/$40 limit cash tables. The player is known as ‘Skillsrocks’ and he was on the verge of taking home over $11,000 in profits for his gameplay.

However, those watching the streaming footage noticed something. ‘Skillsrocks’ seemed to be looking at player’s hole cards in order to have an edge on his competitors. Viewers noted on one particular hand that ‘Skillsrocks’ was blatant in his attempt to read the hole cards of Barry Wallace.

As Wallace was peeling his cards back to look and make a decision, ‘Skillsrocks’ moved backwards in his chair and lowered his eyes to see the cards. After seeing what his opponent had, it gave the cheater the upper hand.

‘Skillsrocks held 5-2 on the hand and was up against Wallace who held 7-6 and another player with pocket kings. The board fell A-J-8-7-Q and with the bottom pair, Wallace decided to bet $4,000 on the river. The player holding the Kings folded but ‘Skillsrocks’ decided to move all-in because he knows what Wallace is holding.

Wallace of course folded and this gave ‘Skillsrocks’ the hand, earning $20,650 from the pot. In another hand against Wallace, ‘Skillsrocks’ viewed his opponents’ cards again and decided to act in the reverse, eventually folding with two pair and making a production out of it. Wallace earned the pot, but he would have won a lot more if his opponent was not cheating and using the information against him.

Hustler Casino Acts Quickly Against the Player

Once officials of Hustler Casino were alerted on the matter and the footage was reviewed, the operator took action. The company posted on Twitter, discussing what happened and how they responded. Hustler Casino Live wants to protect the integrity of the game and will not stand for what happened in the instance involving ‘Skillsrocks’.

The operator pointed out that the show is produced on a long delay, so they were unaware of any accusations until the live game was over. Hustler Casino pointed out that it is up to each player to protect their cards, but it is ‘highly unethical’ to look at another players’ cards and use the action as an advantage.

According to the operator, ‘Skillsrocks’ has acknowledged that what he did was unethical, and he accepts the decision of Hustler Casino to not welcome him back. Hustler Casino called the incident unfortunate but one that they can learn from and move forward.

It’s nice to see an operator taking quick action when cheating is involved. It is unclear if the winnings that ‘Skillsrocks’ earned will be forfeited and given to Wallace or passed out to those who participated in the hands in which he exhibited the cheating behavior and won.

Associate Writer: Simon loves to bet on sports as well as play online slots, and he has a keen eye for sorting out the honest sites from the not so honest.