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Let's face it, even though they don't have the best odds, slot machines are by far the most entertaining and popular game on any casino floor. Everyday around the world thousands of players try their luck at the slots hoping that a few spins of the reels will win them a large pile of cash. These days, modern slots have exploded in popularity largely due to the fact that they include such a large number of features.  From interactive bonus rounds to free spins, progressive jackpots, multi player and more, it's no wonder that these games drive the lions share of revenue for casino operators. On this site, we deconstruct absolutely everything to do with slot machines and help our visitors better understand how slots work, the different types available, what to look for in game features and a lot more.

In the beginning, the landscape of slot games can be pretty confusing since there are literally thousands of different games made by dozens of manufacturers around the world. Here at SlotsForMoney.com, you will find information on some of the more popular providers like NetEnt, Microgaming, and RTG (who produce online games) as well as companies like IGT, WMS and Aristocrat who build physical machines that you'd find in land based casinos. If you're a new player and don't know where to start, we'd recommend checking out the section below where we publish a monthly list of popular games, as well as our slot machine tips section. You can also find lots of information about online slots for real money on this site, including a full list of popular deposit methods for countries like the United States, Canada, Australia as well as many others.

Different Types of Slot Machine Games

These days when it comes to slot machines there are a bunch of different variations and game types in the marketplace. Long gone are the times of a completely mechanical slot that accepted metal tokens instead of real money which have since been replaced with thousands of new game titles with tons of features. With so much to choose from, we wanted to break down the main types of games in the market to help you understand the options available for players both online and inside land based casinos.

Single Line - These are the most traditional type of slot machine and feature a single payline across three reels. What's great about this type of slot is they are easy to understand and you can tell quite easily whether you've hit a winner or not since you basically just need to line up symbols across a single payline. Single line slots are still quite popular in land based casinos and represent most of the games you'll find there, but online, they are increasingly becoming less popular in favor of multi line slots.

Multi-Line - These slot machines as the name suggests include multiple paylines from left to right, right to left or all over the place in 243 and 720 ways win machines. Multi-Line is also really popular with video slots and allows for lots of exciting options like bonus rounds, scatters and much more. In general, the industry is moving toward multi-line slots with higher wagers and more pays per spin while single line machines are slowly being phased out in casinos.

Video Slots - Perhaps the biggest change in slots development in the last 15 years was the introduction of video slots which totally replaces the need for mechanical reels and instead displays these reels on a screen that's built directly into the slot machine. The reason this was such a big change is that it allows developers to incorporate more reels, symbols, paylines, payouts and other interesting features. These are immensely popular online and account for up to 85% of slot machine revenue for non-land based sites.

Themed Slots - As the development of video machines came around, slot manufacturers started collaborating with comic makers, movie studios and board game owners to develop branded slot machines based around beloved titles around the world. Today, you'll find a huge number of slot machines based on themes including things like Superman, The Lord of The Rings, Gladiator and more.

Progressive Slots - These types of machines are hugely popular since they almost always feature jackpots in of several hundred thousand dollars up to over $1 Million dollars. The reason for this is that a percentage of each wager is reserved for a building (progressive) jackpot and when a player hits the winning combination for the top pay, they win the entire jackpot that's been built up. Progressives are also often linked between different machines and even casinos which make the jackpots even bigger.

Extra Features - A big fad in slots development today is the incorporation of additional features for players that can be triggered by hitting a certain combination of symbols. For example, when you're playing slots for real money you may be on a machine where if you line up 3 scatter symbols, you'll be entitled to a certain number of free spins. Another common feature is to have a bonus round which is usually interactive and awards you additional winning credits when you trigger the bonus round feature.

About SlotsForMoney.com

SlotsForMoney.com was first established in 2009 as a basic information site about slot machines that covered a small range of topics for players. Beginning in 2014, our team took over the website and began to build a comprehensive and detailed guide for visitors spanning over 100 pages. Our mission is pretty simple - to be the biggest and best slots information site published anywhere online. We've got over 10 years of industry experience across a wide range of disciplines ranging from casino marketing to VIP, CRM and game development. By combining this wealth of experience, we aim to provide each of our visitors with a straightforward and in-depth guide to playing slot machines. We hope you enjoy our website and if you like what you see please feel free to recommend us to your friends!