Ignition Casino Review 2023

While there are less online casino sites that serve the U.S. market, this doesn’t mean that players need to settle for less as far as quality is concerned. This is a big market, and it has attracted some pretty great online casino sites, and Ignition Casino is among the best of the best, measuring up well to any casino in the world in fact. We’ll show you all of the things that make this site so great.

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Ignition Casino is one of several newer online casino sites that were set up to serve the U.S. online gambling market, to look to offer this underserved market at the time more good choices for Americans to gamble at. The number of very good sites that accept U.S. players has really grown in recent years, with Ignition Casino now standing proud among the very best in the market.

Everything about Ignition Casino is top notch, and at the top of this pyramid is their strong dedication to player satisfaction, which is evident in both the quality of the real money gambling they provide to their players and the other things that they provide to them, making it both easy and rewarding to try them out and to continue on with them.

Ignition Casino Overview

Ignition Casino Official LogoIgnition began its life in 2016 when the company bought the accounts of the poker side of Bovada and decided to open up a casino as well. Although they still offer access to their players to online poker, they ended up selling off their poker interest to focus on what had become one of the most successful U.S. friendly casinos out there.

Ignition initially set up shop alongside Bovada’s owner at the time, the Kahnawake Tribe in Canada, although when the Indians sold their interests in Bovada to a Costa Rican operator, Ignition Casino followed them to Costa Rica. Costa Rica provides the similar advantage of having their servers close to the lucrative American market, and it’s also known as one of the most gambling friendly countries in the world.

Ignition Casino only initially accepted players from the United States, from all states but NV, NJ, MD, and DE, but has now moved into the Australian market as well, another market that really stood to benefit by the addition of a high-quality entrant like Ignition Casino.

Like the best real money online casinos in the market, Ignition Casino does not rely on the lack of depth of the sites that currently serve players from the United States, where this relative lack of choice may allow sites of lesser quality to hang around. Ignition shoots to be a great casino period, and their popularity in the U.S. and expansion into the Australian market speaks to how well they have succeeded.

Ignition Casino offers top quality casino games, including plenty of online gambling’s latest innovation, live dealer games. What really separates top online casinos though is the way that they take care of their players, not only with bonuses and rewards but with everything else as well. Let us show you why Ignition Casino is such a good choice.

Ignition Casino’s Games

Ignition Casino features a broad selection of some of the best and highest quality real money casino games out there, starting with their over 200 different choices of slot machines. These are not just some great slots with a lot of lesser ones thrown in there for the sake of variety, these are all top online slot games from two of the most innovative and popular online gambling software companies, Rival Gaming and Realtime Gaming.

All of the games at Ignition Casino are of a high quality, never leaving you to wish to be playing at other sites instead, whether you are allowed to play there anymore or not. This casino is not only one of the best in the U.S. market, it is also one of the best period.

Ignition Casino offers 17 variations of video poker, providing their players with plenty of choice. There’s 28 different casino table games, with all of the popular ones included, as well as 22 different specialty casino games, and all of this will never leave you wanting to play something else at another site.

There aren’t a lot of sites that offer Americans the opportunity to play live dealer casino games, and the complaint against Ignition Casino used to be that it didn’t offer any of this, but no more. Ignition Casino now offers Blackjack, Baccarat, Super 6, and both double and single zero Roulette all in live dealer format, real tables with real gambling devices and real people dealing, all in real time. Players experience the realism of a land-based casino by being dealt hands at an actual land-based casino, where they interact by way of live video feed.

Whatever you want to play, Ignition Casino has it, and it is all of top quality. They take the issue of game selection right out of the equation, as they just give you all you want with the quality you want and have no one wishing for more.

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Ignition Casino’s Bonuses and Promotions

It’s not that depositors at Ignition Casino should be using anything but Bitcoin to make their first deposits, or any future deposit, but given the way that Ignition Casino sweetens the deal with Bitcoin deposits, this should definitely settle the matter even if you could use credit cards to deposit.

Ignition Casino’s initial deposit bonus of 100% up to an additional $1,000 is generous enough, but nothing really that out of the ordinary. When they double this amount, 200% up to $2,000 in free bonus cash just for making your first deposit at Ignition Casino, what they give you for using Bitcoin instead, there should be no wondering which one you will choose, especially since Americans can’t use their credit cards to deposit at casinos anyway, the other option that Ignition Casino accepts.

If you deposit $100 by using Bitcoin as your deposit method, the only deposit method they have available to Americans anyway and the one you want to be using regardless of whether they take other methods or not, your $100 instantly becomes $300. Your $1,000 deposit now becomes $3,000 with this fabulous deal, a lot of extra money that you can instantly use to try out all the great games they have waiting for you at Ignition Casino.

Needless to say, an offer like this has both new online casino players and established ones flocking to Ignition Casino to check them out and see everything they have to offer. Ignition is confident enough about your liking their site enough to stay that they are paying you this much to give their site a try, tripling your money for you.

Ignition Casino’s wagering requirements are also very friendly, where you only have to roll over your bonus money 25 times to be able to cash it out, versus some sites which require you to wager a lot more to do this. Like other sites, they count slot wagers dollar for dollar, and bonuses are perfect for slot players, but Ignition doesn’t leave out those who love other real money casino games. Some sites don’t count other games at all in their bonus rollover calculations, some only give 5% on al of them, but you get up to 60% credit here, and 30% for standard blackjack and video poker. These games have the lowest house edge and are perfect for those who wish to unlock their bonuses quickly.

Ignition Casino doesn’t just reward you for your first deposit with Bitcoin. The bonuses here don’t ever run out, as you can take advantage of their Weekly Boost offer and get a 100% bonus match up to $100 in extra cash every week. In addition, there’s a special Bitcoin reload bonus that is available anytime, where you get a 25% bonus up to an extra $1,000.

Ignition Casino not only wants your business and pays so generously to get you to come over and try them, they also want you to share your great experiences with your friends, which involves not only providing your reviews to them but also rewards you in extra bonus cash to refer them. Your friend gets the same nice 200% deposit you did, plus you also get 200% of their first deposit up to an extra $100 for you. If they use Bitcoin, as they surely will want to, you get an extra $25 on top of that, for a total of up to $125 per friend. There’s no limit to how many “friends” you can refer, and this alone can really have you raking in the bonus cash.

It doesn’t stop there though. Ignition Casino also has a rewards program, with 8 VIP levels, and everyone is a VIP here. The rewards start out nice at the first level, where you earn points based upon your play which you convert into cash, with the amounts they pay out for a certain amount of play going up each time you climb the ladder based upon your activity.

Overall, Ignition Casino’s bonus and reward program is outstanding, not just looking to bring you over and then hope you will stay, but to look to keep you there with a nice array of continuing bonuses and rewards to keep you happy and show how much Ignition Casino wants to keep your business.

Ignition Casino Banking Options

While Ignition Casino does accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express as deposit methods, and there are players who have been longing for the days when U.S. players could do this, before the UIGEA, you wouldn’t even want to do this if you could today, given that you can use Bitcoin instead these days, which completely defeats not only the UIGEA but any chance that you could ever get caught depositing money at an online casino.

It’s not that players ever had to worry about such a thing, as authorities do not have access to the information that they need to ever be able to do this, and the UIGEA is limited to looking to intimidate payment processors to get out of the market. This did work quite well, as it put the run to credit cards and internet wallets, and left players having to rely on workarounds that did not have a direct path from their processor to the online casino, such as anonymous Western Union transfers.

Bitcoin has put an end to all this since it’s a currency and not a payment processor, much like handing over cash is compared to using a card to pay for something. The card knows where it has been, and what has been done with it, but cash doesn’t have a memory and there’s no way to tell who gave it to you or who you gave it to.

When you transact online, there is normally this trail, although all Bitcoin transactions occur anonymously, where there is no way to identify its movement across the internet. It is like the online version of cash and you can just stick your tongue out at the UIGEA or any rules your state may have that try to influence you.

Governments love to track the flow of funds, and they hate Bitcoin because they can’t ever see where money flows when people use it. Among those who feel that it is their money and governments have no business telling them how they may spend it, particularly their using it to enjoy all the fun that online gambling provides, Bitcoin is the perfect solution.

Bitcoin is also perfect for withdrawals, and while some online gaming sites only accept Bitcoin for deposits, where you may be left to rely on a bank wire or check in the mail to get your money, Ignition Casino allows Bitcoin to be used for withdrawals as well, where you get your money in hours, not days or weeks. Ignition Casino does also offer to mail checks, but for $100 per check. It makes more sense to do this for free with Bitcoin.

Ignition Casino also takes both Bitcoin and its popular variation Bitcoin Cash, giving players a choice, although both work equally well, fabulously in fact. Their players also do not have to worry about changes in the value of Bitcoin while their funds are in the casino, as their Bitcoin deposits are converted over to U.S. dollars, and only get converted back over to Bitcoin upon withdrawal. This takes the currency risk out of the equation and truly makes Bitcoin win on every count over other potential banking options.

Ignition Casino Software

Ignition Casino’s software is widely recognized as being very user friendly. The goal of a casino site’s lobby and background software is to make it as easy as possible for their players to access what they came there for, to play their real money games, as well as to get any assistance they may need. Ignition’s lobby is not designed to dazzle, as they leave that task up to their games, it is designed to assist, and they accomplish that well.

As far as the games here go, Ignition Casino has selected games from two leading online casino software makers, Rival Gaming and Realtime Gaming. These are the two most popular choices with leading U.S. friendly online casinos, and Ignition Casino selects from both.

Ignition Casino does not offer downloadable software like a lot of sites still do, but the trend these days in the world of online casino gambling has been to go with browser-based gaming technology, which used to involve a compromise but has now well caught up.

Downloadable software is more expensive to create and maintain, and if you can replicate the full experience and do it a lot more cheaply, a benefit that no-download casino software enjoys, this leaves an online casino with more money that they can bestow upon their players. This only works well if a site’s no-download software is really that good, but Ignition Casino’s is that good.

Ignition also offers its players access to real money live dealer games through software that brings you right into their land-based casino, where they give you a seat at the table, you are dealt real cards or place bets on the spinning of real Roulette wheels, interact with real dealers, even toss them real chips to tip them when you hit a big hand, just like you would if you were there in person. Ignition Casino’s live dealer software takes you right there by way of their high-quality feed and interactive software.

Ignition Casino offers its players the opportunity to enjoy their games on both computers and mobile devices, and one of the real benefits of no-download software is that you can offer it across all platforms, due to all the improvements in technology we’ve seen lately. Ignition doesn’t need separate apps for each, they don’t need any apps actually, you just log in with your favorite browser and enjoy, whether you are playing on your computer or mobile device, whether it is an Android device or an Apple one.

The software overall at Ignition Casino is both well designed and impressive, and is a real strength of this site. As nice as bonuses are, you want to be collecting them to play on well designed software, and Ignition Casino definitely has this.

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Ignition Casino Security and Customer Support

Ignition Casino’s security does everything it is supposed to, while working the way it is supposed to, running in the background unnoticeably rather than being obtrusive. Ignition Casino itself has been around long enough to clearly demonstrate their trust and reliability, especially given how outstanding their record has been thus far in taking good care of their players and their commitment to their satisfaction.

People worry about casinos that may provide them with terrible service, and a good way to judge an online site’s reliability is the complaints people make about them. There are sites that treat their players terribly that can stick around, if for instance they refuse to pay out winnings in a manner that players expect, or maybe even bury things into their terms and conditions to make it a lot more difficult to get money out of them. Therefore, it is not enough to just look at how long a site has been around, it’s what they have done while around that we need to look at.

Ignition Casino’s record here is simply stellar, and while online casino sites are normally regulated by a third party, where you can complain to the regulator if you don’t get satisfaction from the online casino, Ignition Casino regulates themselves, and everyone is happy enough to rely on their doing this themselves, one of the few real money sites on the internet that even dares to not be regulated. This is a case where the regulatory fees would be a waste of money and not paying them is what serves their players the most by allowing the site to pass these savings on to them.

Ignition’s great customer service is at the heart of this, which is very widely very well regarded by players and reviewers alike. There is even a feeling out there that, among all of the great things about this casino, their customer service is their biggest strength, they do such a great job at this. Helpful agents are available 24 hours a day, by phone, by webform, and by live chat, with the average wait time under a minute, considerably better than the industry average.

Customer service is just a part of the overall player experience that online casinos seek to manage, and everything about a site factors into this. The experience at Ignition Casino is such a good one that you should rarely need any help from their agents, apart from perhaps answering an occasional question, and that’s the way it should be.

Ignition Casino Pros and Cons

Pros: The biggest pro with Ignition Casino is how good of an online casino overall this is. The games are great, the bonuses are very nice, and the service is excellent. Players can now also enjoy their favorite live dealer games, now that Ignition Casino has them. We’ve had since 2016 to view Ignition Casino’s way of doing business and they have done nothing but impress all along. This might be the best thing about them, how reliable they have been to deliver their firm commitment toward player satisfaction, which they understand as so vital to their success.

Cons: You actually have to look pretty hard to find anything wrong with this site. We could say though that it is a con that players from other countries can’t enjoy everything they have to offer, so perhaps one day the list of countries they serve will grow beyond the U.S. and Australia. We could always say a site could add more games, which gets mentioned, although they are adding more all the time and this should continue.


When you are playing at one casino and are considering trying out another, the decision comes down to how good the offer to come over and try out the other site is, and how good the expectations are that you will like the site.

If all sites online were identical in every way, it would make perfect sense to go from site to site and enjoy bonus deal after bonus deal. They aren’t all the same though, so we should only be looking to do this if the site is at least a good site, and preferably a great site, with a great bonus offer as well to try them out.

This is the decision we are faced with when we are thinking about trying out Ignition Casino, whether we wish to take advantage of a great real money bonus offer and great rewards at a great site, versus choosing lesser offers at lesser sites or just passing up on this entirely. For those who have yet to try out Ignition Casino, consider yourself lucky. Just click on one of their banners to cash in.

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Ignition Casino FAQs
  • How long has Ignition Casino been around?

    Ignition first opened its doors in 2016, during a period where there was somewhat of a revival in U.S. online gambling. While this may not be all that long ago, the proper measure of an online site’s reliability and trustworthiness involves looking at the quality of an operation over the time they have been open. In spite of their relative newness, reliability may even be Ignition Casino’s biggest strength.

  • Where is Ignition Casino located?

    Ignition Casino is currently located in the Central American country of Costa Rica, which has become an even bigger gambling haven in recent years. Casinos need to operate in areas where it is legal to do so, and gambling is fully legal in this country. Early on in online gambling’s history, the government of the United States tried to interfere with offshore operators offering play to Americans, but this attempt completely failed.

  • How does the UIGEA impact Americans playing at Ignition Casino?

    All the UIGEA serves to do is to intimidate popular payment processors from processing transactions related to offshore online gambling. Its impact was felt by the market, but it simply adjusted to use means that remained under its radar. Using Bitcoin completely renders the UIGEA meaningless to your playing at Ignition Casino, due to the nature of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and their use of block chains. The UIGEA goes after processors, and there are none involved here.

  • How may state laws impact people’s ability to play at Ignition Casino?

    The laws of states differ considerably when it comes to online gambling, not only along the lines of whether it is legal or not but by way of varying degrees of uncertainty, but we can be certain of the fact that none of this really matters in the real world. Legal or not, there just isn’t a way to catch anyone doing this, and playing on a VPN will even eliminate the theoretical possibility of being detected.

  • How do people deposit and withdrawal at Ignition Casino?

    Once you’ve chosen to try out Ignition Casino, the next step is to make your first deposit. Ignition Casino does accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, but U.S. players can’t deposit with them, although they certainly can by using Bitcoin. You set up a Bitcoin wallet and buy some Bitcoin and then send it to Ignition Casino. For withdrawals, Bitcoin is also perfect, much faster than a check in the mail and completely free.

  • What sort of real money casino games does Ignition Casino offer?

    Great slots are at the heart of any great online casino, and Ignition Casino offers their players over 200 of the best slots around. They also offer everything else you’d expect from a top casino, including video poker, an extensive selection of casino table games with several variations, and a great selection of other casino games. Ignition Casino also offers live dealer games, where their players can enjoy Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, and Super 6 dealt at real tables.

  • What bonuses and rewards does Ignition Casino offer?

    By making their first deposit with Bitcoin, first depositors at Ignition Casino can enjoy a double helping of their normal welcome bonus, taking it to 200% more cash up to $2,000. There’s also a weekly deposit match of 100% up to $100, and Bitcoin depositors always get an extra 25% in bonus cash when they deposit. Ignition Casino also has a nice loyalty program with 8 levels that reward their players for their play.

  • How good is Ignition Casino’s customer service?

    The best evidence of an online casino’s customer service is for people not to need it in the first place, when a site gets everything right the first time and incidents that require customer service are prevented. Great sites still need to have a process in place to address any questions or concerns that their players may have, and Ignition Casino’s customer service is widely regarded as excellent.

  • Can you enjoy Ignition Casino’s games on mobile devices as well as computers?

    Ignition uses a browser-based technology in executing its casino software, which does not require the user to download anything but to instead visit the site on a browser, whether on your computer or mobile device. The experiences on mobile devices are the same as you would have on a dedicated app, without needing an app. Not having to add games on separate apps serves to increase the game selection on mobile devices.

  • Is there any reason not to try out Ignition Casino if you haven’t before?

    As long as an online casino is trustworthy, and is of a high quality, it makes sense to be rewarded to try out another good real money online casino besides where you already play. If an online casino is also a good prospect, you may even find yourself staying. Ignition Casino is among the very best out there, and given how much free cash they are giving out for you to try them, there is no good reason not to do it.

Associate Writer: Geoff enjoys both live and online poker as well as casino games, and is particularly knowledgeable about the legal landscape of online gambling.