Singapore Police Continue to Investigate Illegal Horse Betting

Singapore police

The latest illegal horse betting crackdown in Singapore resulted in operation raids and investigations into more than 80 individuals.

In many areas of the world, there are options for gambling, from the lottery to sports betting and casino games. While there are regulated activities available, there is also an underbelly of illegal gambling options found in most parts of the world that regulators, lawmakers, and police want to see stopped. In Singapore, illegal horse betting is becoming a huge issue, widespread across the country. During a recent crackdown on the sport, several operations were raided by police and over 80 people are now under investigation for their part in the illegal activity.

Anti-Gambling Blowback

In Singapore, the country is mostly anti-gambling. Gamblers can only find a few options when it comes to betting, and that is why illegal options are so prevalent in the country. Just recently, police conducted several raids on operations connected to illegal horse racing. The raids concluded with 89 people now facing potential charges for their involvement in the industry.

Earlier this week, the Singapore Police Force announced that with the help of the Criminal Investigation Department, six illegal gambling areas were raided from February 14-20. Raids took place in areas such as Marsiling and Bedok. Suspects were identified as part of the raids and were found to be the ones running the activity or participating.

It doesn’t matter if an individual is taking part or running the show, as police have the right to file charges in both instances. For now, officials will have to figure out which individuals were doing what and then file charges accordingly. Police also arrested runners, people who gather info on the betting activity as it takes place.

During the raids, police were able to confiscate phone records and documentation that will be beneficial to the investigation. Several telephones and paperwork were seized along with more than $30,000 in cash from the various locations. More arrests or charges may come later on as police review the items taken from the raids.

Horse Race Gambling a No-No Unless Its Regulated

Horse racing is nothing new in Singapore. The sport has been enjoyed since the 19th century and continues to be popular today. Modern technology has helped to bring the races into the 21st century and the racetrack administration of the country continues to operate based on international standards.

While horse racing is a popular option, it is not open to gambling per say. Only specified operators are allowed to offer general betting services. Only two casinos can offer wagers, the Resorts World Sentosa and Marina Bay Sands. When it comes to sports betting in general, Tote Board and Singapore Pools can offer services.

Basically, anything else is banned, including horse racing. Anyone caught gambling illegally on the races can be fined as much as $10,000. Prison time is also on the table with as many as six months handed down to those found guilty of betting on the races.

Operators receive a much harsher punishment. Anyone found offering the betting activity faces a fine up to $200,000 and as many as five years in jail. The penalties may change as new laws come into play. The fines may increase greatly for bettors especially as well as jail time. If the punishment changes do come into effect, it will be interesting to see if the betting activity stops in order to avoid the major punishment by way of fines and prison terms.

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