Casino Blacklist Grows Larger in China

China casino blacklist

A casino blacklist in China has grown larger, the officials continue to ban locations that citizens can travel to.

China’s government has the ultimate control of its citizens, making decisions for its people in a number of ways. When it comes to the gambling industry, officials within the People’s Republic have working on extending a blacklist of casinos that citizens should not travel to. While the list continues to grow though, officials will not reveal which gaming resort destinations are off limits.

Expanded Blacklist

It was back in August of last year that the government of China announced a casino blacklist. The list reportedly contains countries in which gambling is marketed towards residents of China. Right now, gambling is prohibited in the country, except for lottery gaming which is run by the state, and services in Macau.

The government does not want its citizens to be enticed to travel outside the country and spend their money elsewhere. Just last week, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism announced that the blacklist has been expanded for a third time since its formation. Yet, the destinations are not provided to the public.

The blacklist is basically a safeguard for citizens to stop them from traveling to gamble. If the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, or immigration officials or police feel that a group of people is traveling somewhere to gamble, their travel visas will be revoked.

Officials in the country have plans to add measures to stop tour groups from traveling to destinations on the blacklist as well as allowing tourist visas to the locations. Commercial travel to these locations will be stopped and the country is applying the same restrictive measures to businesses.

The goal is to stop junket operators from organizing trips for high rollers and VIPs from China. Wealthy people will pay for a trip to a destination and be flown on a private jet to the location and provided a loan for gambling. China’s government wants to stop this type of behavior from taking place.

Macau is already suffering from a lack of travel out of China and other nearby areas such as Cambodia and Vietnam will most likely see a decrease in travel, which will lead to a continued struggle for revenue earnings.

Vietnam Casino Shuts Down

Speaking of Vietnam, it was reported this week that the Corona Resort & Casino in Phu Quoc has shut down operations. The casino is the only one on the island to allow locals to gamble based on a government pilot plan.

The closure was said to be due to a government announcement, but what that announcement is remains a mystery. Local news outlets are reporting that domestic flight routes in Vietnam have been reduced or suspended due to an increase in COVID-19 cases.

The casino may have shut down due to too many cases of the virus. It seems that the numbers are quickly rising and the only way to stop it is to shut off forms of travel and close down certain businesses. The island has only just now started to offer vaccinations to residents as they try to prepare for visitors in the fall. The casino has apologized for the inconvenience, especially since the venue shut down without a moment’s notice. It appears as though the casino will reopen if there is a change in the number of COVID-19 cases.

Overall, Asia is seeing major issues regarding gambling in several countries. Hopefully, players will still have access to gaming options in the future. The COVID-19 pandemic seems to be picking back up and may cause issues in other regions of the world based on how the virus spreads.

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