Is Las Vegas Becoming an Adults-Only Destination?

Las Vegas

Three casino resorts will soon be adults-only facilities in Las Vegas. Is a new trend starting for the over 21 crowd?

For some adults, the main reason to travel to certain locations is due to the restrictions of the property. Many people enjoy traveling to areas where no kids are allowed, for a stress-free vacation. In Las Vegas, properties are now starting to take an adults-only approach that some think could become a new trend. This summer, the Resorts World Las Vegas will open its doors on the Las Vegas Strip, and it will only offer services to the 21 and older crowd. Will more casinos take a cue from this trend and only cater to adults?

Could It Help with Recovery?

Las Vegas was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the past year, casinos have closed and reopened, offering services at a much lower capacity than normal. Tourism levels are down as the city relies on air travel from within the US as well as abroad.

Many operators are looking at various ways to bring in more travelers. One such option is to create an adults-only casino. The Circa Resort located in the downtown area, and the Cromwell Las Vegas on the Strip have both decided to ban anyone who is under 21 from the property, except for certain restaurants.

This is a bold move but might be what it takes to bring back tourism dollars. The Resorts World venue will also join this list of adult-only venues once it opens. Experts in the gaming industry feel that smaller properties would fare well from the adult concept instead of mega resorts. The larger properties have more rooms to fill and that might be difficult if you rule out anyone under 21.

Is this a good decision? Will limiting travelers to only adults create a new wave of tourism? Some might say it would rule out travelers who have children or those who are 18 and old enough to travel but not yet 21.

It will be interesting to see if other properties decide to go this route. Will it become a trend in Sin City or just something that a few operators decide to do to drum up business?

No Smoking Considerations

When the pandemic began and venues started to reopen, they did so without allowing smoking. Players would have to remove their mask to smoke, and this was considered a health hazard. It seems the virus has led to smoke-free casinos in Las Vegas and this trend is really catching on.

Last year, the Park MGM announced that it was now a smoke-free property. At the same time, the Cosmopolitan decided to ban smoking in certain public areas. However, the gaming floor was still open for smoking.

Resorts World will not allow smoking within the property, except for the casino. For many casinos, letting go of smoking on the gaming floor could be detrimental to earnings. For decades, players have smoked while playing table games and slots. It is essentially expected, but something that most people are annoyed wit.

The newer generations are more health-conscious and do not want to be around smoking. The older generation is used to it so they will play casino games anyway, even if they do not smoke. If casinos want to remain relevant in the future, going smoke-free might be the way to go.

Employees are also speaking out more about being around smoke while on the job. Employees are at risk of developing issues from secondhand smoke including some cancers.

For now, it seems there are two possible trends taking place in Las Vegas. Do you think they will make a big impact on the industry? Will Las Vegas eventually become a smoke-free, adult-only environment?

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