News Articles Written By: Mike Brown

Indiana VGT Measure Void of Restaurant Participation

A new VGT bill in Indiana would allow the games in veterans’ clubs but not restaurants in the state. Finding new revenue sources seems to be the goal of states in 2021. Last year, every state in the US was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.... Read More

Colorado Gambling Towns Anticipate Higher Betting Limits

After legislation passed late last year, gambling towns in Colorado are now looking forward to offering higher betting limits to players. In November, the voters of Colorado approved Amendment 77. This amendment allows gambling towns in the state to... Read More

Massachusetts Lawmakers Avoid Gambling Expansion in Stimulus Bill

Lawmakers in Massachusetts have decided to avoid adding a third casino and sports betting to its new stimulus bill. One way in which states in the US have been able to bring in new revenues is through the addition of gambling services. Some states have... Read More

National Lockdown Orders Affect Several Countries Casinos

England, Italy, and Germany are just three countries affected by recent lockdowns where gambling facilities are shutdown yet again. Things are not looking so hot for casinos in several European countries. New lockdowns are in effect, leaving betting... Read More

Police in Las Vegas on Alert for NYE; Fremont Criticized for Plans

Police in Las Vegas, Nevada are on high alert for New Year’s Eve, even though crowds are expected to be smaller. In Las Vegas, New Year’s Eve celebrations will be different this year. Crowd sizes are expected to be much smaller than normal due to... Read More

Detroit Casinos Set to Reopen December 21

Governor Gretchen Whitmer has given the go-ahead for Detroit’s commercial casinos to reopen on December 21. Just before the weekend, the people of Detroit received a little good news. A press conference was hosted by Governor Gretchen Whitmer to... Read More

Tribal Casinos in North Carolina Defy Shutdown Order

Two Harrah’s Cherokee casinos in North Carolina are not shutting down after a government order was mandated as they are tribal owned and not subject to traditional laws. In the United States, there are commercial gaming properties and tribal operated... Read More

Pennsylvania Casinos Ordered to Close Amidst COVID-19 Case Increase

A new order in Pennsylvania will close casinos starting this Saturday through early January. It’s happening again. Casinos are being forced to close around the United States due to the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to see high positive case counts.... Read More

NY Yankees President Randy Levine Calls for Expanded Gambling

Randy Levine, the Team President of the New York Yankees, is calling for expanded gambling in New York City to help with COVID-19 economic recovery. Every state in the US is trying to come up with ways to recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. While the... Read More

Cali Card Room Closures Create More Local Financial Strain

Card rooms in Los Angeles County, California are shut down a second time due to COVID-19 cases, leaving communities struggling to survive. Across the United States, positive COVID-19 cases are increasing. Higher numbers are causing lawmakers to decide... Read More