News Articles Written By: Toby Mitchell

Google and Apple Face Lawsuits for Illegal Gambling

Both Google and Apple are involved in federal lawsuits in Alabama for allegedly allowing players to download apps and gamble. Downloading an app is a simple process. We do it all the time to play games, listen to music, message friends, etc. In... Read More

Tokyo Police Work to Shut Down Illegal Baccarat Facilities

The police in Tokyo have raided another illegal baccarat facility, shutting down the business and making four arrests. Operating an illegal gambling business in any country is a big no-no. When individuals are caught in the act, it usually starts with... Read More

China Considering Legal Action Against International Casinos

China’s government is considering taking legal action against foreign operators of casinos if they target high rollers in the country. China is a country that is known for being strict in a number of ways, but especially when it comes to gambling.... Read More

Japan Pushes Back Casino Process Citing Scandal and COVID-19

The central government of Japan has pushed back the deadline for the casino bidding process blaming COVID-19 and recent scandals as the issue. In Japan, the central government has decided to push back a deadline of July 2021 for the casino resort... Read More

Las Vegas Court Approves Settlement for MGM Resorts Shooting Victims

MGM Resorts and its insurers can now settle with the 2017 shooting victims in the amount of $800m after a Las Vegas court gave approval. As the third anniversary of the 2017 deadly mass shooting in Las Vegas takes place today, a Clark County District... Read More

Major Fines Levied in Las Vegas for COVID-19 & Customer Issues

Las Vegas casino operators have been fined by the Nevada Gaming Control Board for COVID-19 failures along with one customer complaint. This week, several casinos in Las Vegas were handed fines by the Nevada Gaming Control Board due to issues regarding... Read More

Star Entertainment Group Develops New Plan for Sydney Casino Expansion

The Star Entertainment Group has revealed a new plan to grow its existing casino complex in Sydney. For a casino to remain successful, it must grow. This can be done in a number of ways. A casino can build an extension of the property or add new gaming... Read More

Borgata Earns a Win in Customer Poaching Case

A judge has ruled in favor of the Borgata Casino regarding former employees and their move to Ocean Casino Resort. Late last week, a federal judge ruled in favor of the Borgata Casino in New Jersey after a case was filed by parent company MGM Resorts... Read More

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