News Articles Written By: Toby Mitchell

Unique Moon-Themed Casino Could be Headed to Las Vegas

Plans recently surfaced for a new moon-themed casino in Las Vegas and other areas of the world. For a casino resort to be successful in any environment, it needs to offer something unique. This could be the gaming aspects of the venue, the look of the... Read More

Over $13m Provided to Nevada Tourism as COVID-19 Relief

Tourism officials in Nevada have decided to provide more than $13 million in relief to the state to promote travel to the region. Tourism is imperative to areas that rely on visitors to make money, like Nevada. In cities like Las Vegas, a shortage of... Read More

Crown Resorts Calls for Mandatory Vaccination Within Facilities

Crown Resorts has decided to limit who can enter its Australian casinos with a mandatory vaccination plan. Around the world, governments as well as businesses are mandating the COVID-19 vaccination. In the gaming world, many employers are encouraging... Read More

Las Vegas Labor Union Applauds Federal Vaccination Mandate

A new order by President Joe Biden regarding vaccination mandates within businesses is receiving mixed reviews in Las Vegas. Late last week, President Joe Biden announced that employers with 100 ore more employees must require COVID-19 vaccinations... Read More

New Audit Shows Philippines Offshore Operators Owe Taxes

A recent audit in the Philippines has revealed that Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators have left the country without paying taxes and fees, to the tune of almost $30 million. When operating gaming services in a country, the provider is supposed to... Read More

iGaming and Sports Betting Moves Forward in Connecticut

Online gambling and sports betting efforts are moving forward in Connecticut as lawmakers approve regulations. Efforts to legalize online gambling and sports betting in Connecticut are slowly progressing, as the Legislative Regulation Review Committee... Read More

British Columbia Mandates COVID-19 Vax for Casinos

The government of British Columbia has decided that COVID-19 vaccinations are mandatory for individuals in the province that want access to casino gaming and other entertainment. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to be an issue around the world, some... Read More

Las Vegas Police Presence Increased on the Strip

The police presence on the Las Vegas Strip is increasing, with a new kiosk added at the Resorts World casino. Over the past year, the criminal element has become an issue in Las Vegas. For months, the city has been dealing with outbursts of criminal... Read More

Gulf Coast Casinos Working on Vaccine Lottery

Casinos and business on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi are working hard to ensure that the community is safe from COVID-19 by creating a vaccine-lottery program. Across the United States, several individual states have created vaccine lotteries to boost... Read More

Crown Melbourne Casino Faces Lawsuit from Former Player

The Crown Casino in Melbourne is facing a lawsuit after a player alleged, he was enticed to play after the casino found out about his roulette addiction. In general, a casino is supposed to cut off players from gambling if they appear to have a... Read More