No Download Slots

You no longer have to go through the process of downloading a full casino software package to enjoy your favorite online slot. Nowadays you can access specific games, load them up in your browser window, and be playing within minutes. In addition you will find games which can be accessed through mobile phones and tablets without requiring a download. With the genre becoming more varied and entertaining all the time, there has never been a better time to enjoy no download slots online.

This article is divided into three sections. First I have covered the different technologies which enable today’s no-download games to operate. After that the benefits of browser games, in comparison with the download versions are debated. At the end of the page, I have given an overview of the main categories of slots you’ll find available to play in no download format.

Technology Behind No Download Slots

Computers and mobile devices have got a lot more powerful over recent years. At the same time network speeds (both cable and mobile) have also significantly improved. Together, these advances have enabled the slots genre to flourish.

More and more casinos are putting the old-school software download systems behind them, and offering the majority of their games as in-browser titles. The technology behind these includes Flash, Java and HTML5. These games are no longer slow or crash prone – they are just as good as anything you might have downloaded onto your Windows or Mac computer in the past.

What the no-download slots of today will do is adapt to your screen size and input method. If you are playing on a PC or laptop, you’ll get the full sized game. If you are playing on a tablet, the slot will adjust to the screen size and to the touch screen controls. This does happen with phones, though changes in the layout are often needed to get the best results from the small screen size. This means it can be worthwhile seeking phone compatible games.

You will find that feature rounds are often separately downloaded with the browser based games. This saves sending the data for players who quit the game before triggering the bonus feature. The delays are usually small enough not to be a big problem.

As a side note, many casinos offer downloadable slots which are created as native Apps for iPhones and Android devices. These are usually a smaller selection of games, with the focus of most casinos on the no-download category instead.

Flash games will not work directly on Apple devices. You’ll need a plug-in to make these games load. Some casinos use Java to allow this to happen, though I recommend that iPhone and iPad users in particular test out any no download slot in practice mode before playing for real money. Windows phone and Blackberry users should not have any problems accessing Flash based titles.

Pros and Cons of No Download Slots

Playing slots in your browser window has several significant benefits. The first one is that you do not need to take the time and effort to download bloated code onto your machine in the form of the full casino software package. This is even more significant when the machine belongs to your employer, or is a shared family computer.

No-Download games give you a wider choice of games. With the old download system you were tied to the games offered by one casino (unless you went through the download again). With browser games you can very quickly jump between operators to check out the latest slots or to take advantage of new bonus offers.

The final major advantage is that you can now access a single casino account over multiple devices. For example you can sit with your tablet in front of the TV and enjoy the same slots through your casino account from your main desktop.

Choices of No Download Slots

There used to be a simple distinction with slots between reel slots (traditional games) and video slots – which have 5 reels and multiple win-lines. With the complexity and variations within the world of slots increasing hugely, this is no longer the main distinction.

Video slots have evolved to include interactive feature games, huge progressive jackpots and amazing 3D graphics. These games have been made suitable for mobile phones and tablet devices. They have movie tie-ins, including clips and effects taken from big comic book or TV franchises. New features such as cascading wins, progressive bonus features and jackpots which pay completely at random have also been introduced.

In other words, slots have moved on. If you have not checked out the recent progress with these games, then now is the time to find yourself a reputable online casino, sign-up and start enjoying the huge range of no download slot titles.

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