iPad Slots

The lack of Flash support on iPads does make accessing some online slots tricky. Fortunately, there are plenty of casinos around who offer these games via apps, HTML5 or Java. This means that iPad users can access many of the latest interactive video slot games. You’ll find these devices are ideal for playing slots games in front of the TV or on the go.

You’ll find a complete overview of playing slots via your iPad in this article. The technology which enables this play is covered first below, including the issues with Flash. After that I have outlined your main choices of slot games, ranging from the traditional to the latest interactive creations. Finally, some pointers on what to look for when you are choosing a casino to play iPad slots.

Technology Powering iPad Slots

There are two ways you can access slots to play on your iPad. These are via an app which you download, or via your browser window. Apps are not common at online casinos, which have on the whole chosen to go down the responsive browser route to offering their games. You will find some apps, though they are generally limited to 20 or 30 games. These can be tricky to find in the App Store, your best bet is to access the casino using your iPad, and follow the install instructions which are offered.

Apps do have one big advantage. The slot games which appear in these have been properly converted to work with iPad devices, making for smoother play and graphics which render better than the browser games do.

If you stay with the browser games for your iPad, you’ll have a much wider choice of slots. There is one problem to overcome – which concerns Flash. This technology has enabled browser games for many years. Unfortunately, Apple devices do not support it. Without a 3rd party browser plug-in or other type of emulator software, Flash games simply will not load up.

Many casinos have got around this themselves by using HTML5 or Java. These are sometimes used to build the games, and other times used to help render the Flash originals. More and more casinos are making sure that their games work with iPads nowadays, so this problem should soon be a thing of the past. For the time being, you should test the games on your iPad at any casino before you deposit to make sure they work properly.

What Kinds of iPad Slots are Available

The old distinction between video slots and traditional slots is becoming redundant nowadays, as the video slots genre takes on new directions of its own. Traditional games are the 3-reel old style slots where you just have to line up 3 sevens. These still have a lot of fans, and will work fine on your iPad too.

Video slots now cover such a wide range of games that this genre should be split into the simple and intensive (or interactive) type games. Simple video slots have 5 reels, up to 30 win-lines and include bonus rounds which are based on free-spins or a simple ‘pick-em’ type game. When you compare these to the latest titles, there is a step-change in the intensity level of the games. Modern games include video clips, special behavior of symbols within the reels, interactive games which break out of the main slot game and take you on mini-adventures, and more besides. When you add to this progressive jackpots which can go into the millions of dollars, and other features like cascading wins, you’ll see just how far slot gaming has moved on in recent years.

You’ll find plenty of help with choosing the right game for you in the slot reviews here at SlotsForMoney.com.

Best Casino for iPad Slots

The selection of games is the first thing I look at when choosing a casino for iPad slots play. I like to see the best titles from several different slots software creators listed, rather than just one or two types of game. If you are from the US, then you’ll need to find a licensed offshore casino that can accept your deposits. This will limit the software choices somewhat.

After you have narrowed your selection to a few different casinos, it is time to look at the terms and conditions of their bonus offers. You will find huge differences here. I like to look for lower play-through requirements, excluded games and whether you can withdraw the bonus amount or only the profits you make from it.

Finally, I like to see how well an individual casino looks after their loyal players. There are several ways to do this including regular reloads and promotions, a loyalty (comps) scheme and extras like free-spins and tournament entries.

Once you have made sure a casino ticks all the right boxes, you will be ready to load up those iPad slots and start enjoying the games.