Windows Online Slots

Windows operating system for mobile devices has only a tiny market share. This still adds up to a lot of devices overall, and this number continues to grow in absolute terms. You can enjoy a wide range of online slots games via Windows mobile, due to the fact that casinos have focused on in-browser technology for these. The games will adapt to your screen size, and come with the bonus founds and features which you can access through your main computer.

You’ll find an overview of what slot games are available to Windows mobile device users on this page. The technology which makes these games possible is the subject of the first section. After that the types of slot game you can access, including the best ones for your devices are covered. At the end I have made some suggestions for key factors to look out for at casinos offering mobile compatible slot games.

How to Access Slots via Windows Mobile

Very few casinos have dedicated apps for Windows mobile devices. Instead you can access these games through your browser window. If you are using a Surface tablet then just about all slot games will work with this. For smaller screened devices, you’ll have to make sure that the games are well adapted to the screen.

The most popular technology for these games is Flash. This really has come on a long way since the early crash-prone versions, and now allows for amazing graphics and very smooth game-play. Flash will work fine with Windows devices. You will also find some casinos use Java or HTML5 to create their games, or may even use elements of all 3 of these technologies to keep things running smoothly.

To play these Windows slots, you simply access the casino using your device. The games will resize automatically and will adapt to touch-screen inputs too. For the best results you should make sure you have a stable WIFI connection. These games will work on the mobile networks, though you may find yourself waiting around for bonus rounds to download.

Best Slot Games for Windows Mobile

You have 3 main categories of slots to choose from at casinos offering games which are compatible with Windows mobile devices. These are the traditional 3-reel slots, video slot games and the newer interactive video slots which feature animated bonus rounds and reels.

Traditional slots with 3 reels and 1 win line work great on all devices including Windows Mobile. The problem with these games is that they do not generally hold your interest for too long. These games still have their fans – however there are only so many times you can wait for 7’s to fall in a row before you get restless.

Video slots add some extra reels (5 is standard), some win lines (25 or 30 the most common) and often some bonus or feature rounds too. These games fit nicely on smartphones in landscape mode and provide more interest than the traditional slots. They vary in complexity, with the simplest games having only free spins features and the most complex having interactive games. Many video slots have big jackpot prizes too, which certainly add some interest to the games.

Interactive Video slots are really an extension of the video slot category. I have separated them to highlight that they are better suited to Windows tablets and WIFI connections than to mobile phones. You’ll find the animated reels, interactive features (which are often games of their own) and video clips from whichever movie or TV show the slot is associated with will slow down your experience if you are not selective. This makes these games less suitable for Windows mobile devices than the less interactive alternatives.

Whichever type of slot you choose, most casinos will let you try the games for free in practice-mode before you deposit. This gives you an opportunity to discover your favorite games before you play them for real money on your Windows phone.

Which is the best Windows Slots Casino?

Since most casinos now have games which will work in the browser of your Windows phone, you can select the best place to play based on other criteria. For US based players the choices will include those offshore casinos which welcome players (and allow deposits) from the States.

The first thing I recommend you look into before you deposit are the terms and conditions of each casinos bonus offer. Many casinos have big ‘headline’ bonuses, only to include unfair play-through requirements in their terms, or exclude certain game altogether. I also like to make sure a casino has a great track record of looking after their loyal players well, in terms of both service and financial benefits.

It has never been easier to play online slots games on your Windows mobile devices, make sure you check out the available games for yourself soon.