Tips for Playing Slot Machines

#1 Check the Pay Table

Many slots require you to bet more than the minimum to be in with a chance of the maximum payouts. For traditional slots this usually involves playing 3 coins. For jackpot slots you need to make sure your bet is big enough to be included in the pool. Checking the payout table for different symbols also has the advantage of showing you what to look out for while playing – increasing your overall entertainment from the game.

#2 Find the Right Slots for You

There is a huge choice of slot games nowadays. Some of these are very complex and intensive, requiring a lot of clicks and interaction. While popular, these are not for everyone. There are less intensive video slots, traditional slots and many novelty games available to choose from. Make sure you check out all the different options and find the perfect game for you before you get started.

#3 Take Advantage of Casino Bonuses

Online casinos compete fiercely with each other to attract players. You can take advantage of many very generous bonus offers as a result. It can pay to spend a few minutes looking through the terms and conditions of these offers. Some casinos have very arduous play-through requirements, while others have bonuses which are much easier to clear.

#4 Manage Your Bankroll

You need to make sure you are not spinning amounts which will take your bankroll too quickly. Slot wins can be patchy, so you need to make sure you are only playing with a small proportion of your overall bankroll at any one time. You can always start small and increase your bet size if you hit some early wins.

#5 Play Maximum Lines

On video slots which include wild symbols, you should usually choose the maximum number of winning lines available. This means that the wild symbols will cover as many winning lines as possible – potentially giving you a lot of winning combinations. You can always reduce the coins you spin with to make the total amount comfortable with.

#6 Keep things Fresh

It is easy to head back to the same old favorite slot games again and again. What you will find is that your enjoyment will increase by switching things up a bit and keeping things varied. With so many new and innovative games available nowadays, there is always something new to check out. By the time you get back to your favorite games – the break will have done you good and your enjoyment of those will have improved too.

#7 Try Mobile Slot Games

The latest innovation in casino slot gaming is the move to mobile gaming. You’ll find that many titles have been specially adapted for phone-sized screens, and the majority work great on tablets. You have a choice of downloading apps, or playing these games in your device’s browser. Make sure you don’t get left behind and check out these games soon.

#8 Knowing When to Quit

We all have those sessions where nothing hits (as well as those where we win big). Having the discipline to know when to quit is an important tip for all slots players. Chasing losses, especially by gambling larger amounts, can become dangerous. Set up a stop-loss number that you are comfortable with and remind yourself that you may well have a great session next time around instead.

#9 Double-Check the Total Spin Amount

When you first start to play a slot, take a few seconds to double check the total spin amount. Many games will set their default to a high level, for example $1 per line at 30 lines. They do not necessarily expect that many players will bet $30 per spin. Instead they hope that the high starting point will mean players reduce the bets to a slightly higher level than they might otherwise have done. It is easy to see the $1 hit ‘spin’ and only then realize you have bet $30 instead of $1. A few seconds to double check can easily prevent this.

#10 Ensure Your Play Is Rewarded

Casinos should reward your slots play via Players Clubs. These award points for every bet you make. At live casinos you can exchange them for gifts and buffet entries. Online casinos will let you exchange these points for cash – often at improving rates the more you play. You should also look out for other rewards like free spins, tournament entries and extra reload bonuses. Remember that if your casino does not value your custom, there are plenty of others who will offer you some great loyalty rewards.

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