Loose Slot Machines

A truly loose slot, which consistently pays out more than you put in, is the stuff of myths. What you will find at online casinos is that some slots pay out more coins than others – in terms of payback percentage. Combine this with a second concept, known as variance, and you’ll find that there is a difference between the tightest and the loosest slots online.

This article shows you how to find the loosest slots by breaking the topic down into logical sections. First of all, the overall concept of payback is examined, with the common ranges and how to find this information from different casinos. Next the effect of jackpots on this payback is discussed. Variance is the subject of the next section, and the page finishes up with some effective steps you can take to get the most from the slots you do play.

Loose Online Slots Have Higher Pay Back Percentages

One objective measure of how loose or tight a slot game plays is the pay back percentage. This is the mathematically derived amount of your bets that are paid out in prizes over long stretches of play. These are calculated over millions of spins, and so will not necessarily be the same for every single player over shorter time scales.

These percentages are in a fairly small range, between 95% for the worst games, though to around 97% for the best. By this definition the loosest slots would pay back 97% or more of your bets over time.

Reputable casinos will publish this information. There are specialist auditing companies which analyze the software of many casinos. They certify that the deals and spins are fair, and also produce tables featuring the payback percentage overall. MicroGaming and Realtime Gaming slots are supposedly among the loosest in terms of the money returned to players.

How Jackpots Affect Slot Looseness

Slots with big jackpots might seem like the ideal candidate for players seeking loose online games. What you have to keep in mind is that the money which feeds into the big progressive prizes comes from the coins you play. This means the pay back for the day-to-day prizes needs to be smaller to make up for this. While there is a lot of variation between different slot games, the general rule is that big jackpots relate to tighter regular payouts.

Variance and Loose Slots

You could look at two slots and find that the pay back percentage would be the same, yet one would pay out regular small wins and the other one occasional big ones. This would mean that from the perspective of individual players, the slots would be very different. Their pay outs would converge only after more spins than the average player would ever manage.

The concept here is variance. Slots which have a lot of smaller payouts and keep your bankroll turning over are generally low variance games. Conversely, slots which do not pay out very often, though pay generous amounts when they do are said to be high variance. You’ll see this term a lot in online casino slot reviews. It does not tell you the whole story when it comes to tightness and looseness, though it does help you to choose a slot which suits your style.

When you look at the concept of Jackpots with an understanding of variance, it is easy to see how the big payouts for lucky winners smooth out the payback percentage over time. The experience of most individuals playing a jackpot slot will be a much lower payback percentage, which balances out over time.

Random Numbers have no Memory

A common thinking error among casino gamblers playing many different games is to believe that past results have an influence on the current game. A slot which has not paid out for a while is never really ‘due’ to pay. Each spin is determined by a fresh set of random numbers, and past spins have no influence unless the game is in a specific sequence (for example a bonus round). When it comes to looseness of online slots, the only factors which matter are the payback percentage and the variance of the individual game.

Combining Loose Slots with Promotions and Bonuses

Instead of looking for that mythical loosest ever slot, there is a far more rational approach which will give you much more value for money.

Find a game with a high payback percentage, and play it at a casino which offers generous bonuses and promotions to players. Slots count at 100% of bonus clearing requirements at most casinos, and these games often have the biggest bonuses associated with them. I always like to check the list of ongoing and past player promotions too. Casinos which look after their players well are exactly where you want to be hunting for those loose online slot games.

Associate Writer: Geoff enjoys both live and online poker as well as casino games, and is particularly knowledgeable about the legal landscape of online gambling.