Las Vegas Police Presence Increased on the Strip

Las Vegas Police

The police presence on the Las Vegas Strip is increasing, with a new kiosk added at the Resorts World casino.

Over the past year, the criminal element has become an issue in Las Vegas. For months, the city has been dealing with outbursts of criminal activity, from shootings and fights to stabbings and other incidents. To take care of visitors and residents, police have amped up foot patrols as well as vehicle patrols in the city. Just a few days ago, it was announced that the Las Vegas Metro Police Department have also added a kiosk on site at the new Resorts World Las Vegas Casino.

Community Interaction Kiosk

While this may seem odd, it allows police to be visible on the Strip and ensure that this area is safe from criminal activity. Members of the police force will be located inside a building at the casino that is titled a community interaction kiosk.

The casino first opened in June and is housed in the area where the Stardust Casino used to be located. Resorts World cost $4.3 billion to create and is the first brand new hotel and casino to open on the Strip in over a decade. The property is being seen as a major element in the revitalization of this area of the Strip.

According to Sheriff Joe Lombardo, the kiosk provides a visible police presence in this corridor of the city. The sheriff pointed out that tourists are often unsure of how to contact police locally aside from traditionally dialing 911 in the case of an emergency. With the new kiosk, patrons can visit and file reports, instead of having travel to the police station or call 911 for a non-emergency situation.

There is another kiosks near the MGM Grand, which is on the other end of the Strip. These two locations provide police protection on both ends and benefit the community due to visibility and services. Sheriff Lombardo is hoping that other properties will decide to include the Metro police in future construction or retrofits to provide even more local protection.

Tackling the Criminal Element

The increase in criminal activity has been seen in Las Vegas ever since the coronavirus pandemic began in March 2020. As casinos closed and then reopened, gangs were visiting the area in large numbers for entertainment. The tourist areas were a hot bed of activity, with shootings and stabbings as well as fights taking place on a regular basis.

When the activity became overwhelming, the police department decided to create a temporary program called Operation Persistent Pressure. This place more of a police presence on the Strip in the hopes of stopping such activity before it happened.

Most of the activity took place in the late-night hours and visitors were able to capture footage of fights and shootings on video via mobile phones.

This year, the police department decided to start Operation Persistent Pressure II to further protect visitors and residents. The second effort has not received as much media attention as the original launch of the program.

Thanks to the lack of media attention, police have been able to seize illegal weapons and narcotics via arrests and traffic stops. Because the public was unaware of the program, illegal items were able to be seized in higher numbers.

It will be interesting to see how the new kiosk at Resorts plays a role in the protection of the public. Will the number of reports increase? With an easy spot to file an incident report, police are hopeful that more people will come forward when illegal activity takes place so the Las Vegas Strip can be better protected from criminals.

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