Crown Resorts Calls for Mandatory Vaccination Within Facilities

Covid vaccination

Crown Resorts has decided to limit who can enter its Australian casinos with a mandatory vaccination plan.

Around the world, governments as well as businesses are mandating the COVID-19 vaccination. In the gaming world, many employers are encouraging that employees are vaccinated, and some are even instituting a type of mandate. Events like concerts require a negative test result or a vaccination card for entry, as well as other event types. Now it seems one casino operator has decided that vaccinations are a must for both employees and guests. Crown Resorts announced this week that anyone coming inside its Australian properties must be vaccinated to gain entry.

Strict Entry Policy

In a recent interview, Crown CEO Steve McCann announced the new policy for entry would include the properties in Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne. According to McCann, anyone who works at the casino or visits must be fully vaccinated. The operator wants to provide as safe of an environment as possible across all of its gaming properties.

McCann is the new CEO of the company, as well as the managing director. He took over the position in June replacing Ken Barton during the recent probes involving the company and its ability to operate a casino in Australia.

Currently, the operator has over 20,000 employees in Australia that are vaccinated. The company hopes to increase the rate over time as the mandate comes into effect. Right now, only one casino operated by Crown Resorts is open, the Crown Perth. Outbreaks of the virus in Sydney and Melbourne have kept the businesses shutdown.

According to McCann, the closure of the two casinos and the suitability probes in the country have led to employees feeling uneasy about their employment position. The CEO says that there is a lot of uncertainty around job security and the company wants to show leadership by focusing on this mandate.

Opponents Will Come Forward

As with any mandate, especially one involving the COVID-19 pandemic, there will be those who are opposed. Crown Resorts feels that the update is necessary to the health and safety of employees and guests. The goal is to build momentum so that the country is able to reopen and operate businesses across the board due to more vaccinated individuals.

Crown Resorts has not provided a timeline as to when the locations will enforce the new mandate. It is unclear as to how the operator will have guests show that they are vaccinated. It will be interesting to see how they decide to get the ball rolling and if it will affect the employee numbers as well as foot traffic within the venue.

For employees, the operator plans to reward its workers who adhere to the new requirement. Employees that are vaccinated will receive three hours of paid leave, no matter the reasons, plus an extra sick day. This is for the newly vaccinated. Those who have already taken the shot some time ago will be given a gift card worth AU$50.

For Australia, the region is lagging behind when it comes to vaccination rates. Only just over 33% of adults are vaccinated. This is much lower than the 53% in the US and even higher 67% in China.

Crown Resorts is already struggling due to the two venues being closed and the inquiries into license suitability. We shall see if the vaccine mandate was a smart decision or if the operator will face even more difficulty as guests do not want to travel to the properties due to the need for a vaccination.

Lead Writer: Toby is a very experienced online gambler who particularly enjoys sharing his knowledge with others and guiding them toward more enjoyment in their own play.