Cashless Gaming Remote Registration Closer to Reality in Nevada

Cashless gaming remote registration in Nevada

The Nevada Gaming Control Board has endorsed a change to regulations that will allow players to sign up for cashless payment accounts remotely.

In Nevada, many casinos are starting to see the benefit of cashless payment methods. With companies like Sightline Payments, gaming providers can offer cashless options, allowing players to avoid carrying cash to play slots and table games as well as dine, or enjoy other forms of entertainment. Late last week, the Nevada Gaming Control Board approved a proposal to change regulations to allow players to register remotely, changing the way the Nevada gaming industry does business.

Sightline Payments already launched services in Nevada via companies like Resorts World Las Vegas. Players have really taken to the cashless option, but lines are long as everyone must register with an employee to open an account. With the recent proposal, the need to register with the casino physically would go away. Now, the only step left is to see the Gaming Commission approve the change.

Updating Current Guidelines

The new proposal would update current guidelines, allowing players to open their own accounts without the need to verify their identification with an employee. Over the past few weeks, players at Resorts World have been forced to wait in line for hours for verification. This is an annoying step for players and might keep many from signing up for the cashless method.

With the change, the player would be able to create an account online and submit verification of their government ID card. The player would also have to answer questions that confirms their identity. An example of this would be the player choosing a previous address from a list of locations.

Because the Control Board approved the proposal, it now moves on to the Gaming Commission. If it is reviewed and approved, then we could see the change instituted in Nevada. The recommendation is limited to cashless gaming accounts. The process would not work for sports betting accounts in the state.

Board officials reviewed the details of the proposal and made a few recommendations. A draft document was issued with very few revisions. The Sightline company seems to be happy with the draft and will be excited to see the change come to fruition.

Online Verification is a Normal Process

During the Board meeting, member Phil Katsaros stated that it is normal in today’s society for people to register for an account online. He pointed out that even restaurants like Starbucks offer online ordering where people choose their drink and then show up to pick up their order when they arrive.

It is becoming quite normal for people to shop online and register for accounts. We buy groceries, clothing, drinks, even bank online. It makes sense that the gaming industry would make a similar move and offer a way for players to create an account for gaming online as well.

Katsaros pointed out that amending the current regulation to allow for online verification encourages the use of technology in a broader manner. It gives consumers more options and reaches goals that gaming regulators have worked towards in Nevada when it comes to embracing technology.

There is a convenience factor that needs to be considered. Everyday life revolves around using a mobile device and visitors to Nevada want to sign up in advance and move on to gaming. They don’t want to wait in a line to get started.

It seems likely that the Gambling Commission will approve the regulation change. We may see by the end of the week if the decision is made and how it affects companies like Sightline Payments in Nevada.

Lead Writer: Toby is a very experienced online gambler who particularly enjoys sharing his knowledge with others and guiding them toward more enjoyment in their own play.