Golden Lion Casino Review 2021

With a good selection of the best casino games available online, selecting the best games from the best providers, and a strong reputation for player satisfaction and trustworthiness, Golden Lion Casino has really been making a name for themselves lately. The combination of their high quality casino and some nice welcome bonuses just to try them out makes them a tempting choice. Find out more about Golden Lion Casino’s features and offerings in this in-depth review.

Golden Lion Casino is far from a household name in the world of real money online casinos, even among American players who have a whole less good choices out there to select among. Golden Lion doesn’t spend anywhere near the kind of money promoting their online casino that the more famous sites do, which is a big reason why they are more famous and Golden Lion Casino isn’t.

Golden Lion instead relies a lot more on word of mouth to get the word out, but they have managed to do well enough to continue to thrive since the introduction of their site in 2016. The majority of their players get introduced to them by way of reading good opinions of it, although relying on the opinions of others rather than promoting your site yourself will better expose both your strengths and weaknesses. We’ll take you on a tour of this site and share everything you will need to know to decide whether this is a site you want to try out.

Golden Lion Casino Overview

Golden Lion Casino Official Logo2016 was a significant year for the U.S. online casino market, a year that several sites joined the market, including Golden Lion Casino. You never hear much about the sites that don’t make it, and the online casino business is a very competitive one with plenty of sites not being able to survive the formative period.

During this initial period, new sites have a distinct disadvantage to more established online casinos, where the new site has to build their player base from the ground up instead of already having an established one and a much better-known brand. We also get a chance during this time to observe how a new online casino does business, whether their intention is just to make a quick buck and see the welfare and satisfaction of their players take a back seat, or whether they are truly committed to their players and to what degree.

In particular, we get to see what sort of complaints players have with a site, and there are always people who will complain about something, usually things like they had a run of bad luck and wrongly blame the casino, even though their software has been verified as fair. Casinos with less competitive payouts and higher house edges pay a big price for this, as players will notice that they are luckier overall at another real money casino and a lot will leave.

Other players may complain about such things as a site not having as many games as they would like, or games of a certain type, or their not having certain preferred banking methods, but this is why you need to read a top level review like ours, so you go into the trial already knowing all you need to know about such things.

There are other types of complaints that call into question a site’s treatment of their players, the sort of thing that would have us wanting to avoid the place due to inferior service, and we’ve had lots of time to observe such a thing if it existed at Golden Lion Casino. They get a clean bill of health in fact in this critical area, a test that is necessary to pass before we should even be considering an online site. This leaves us free to look at what an online site has to offer, to decide whether to try it or not, which we’ll be walking you through as this review progresses.

The next step is to determine whether an online casino accepts you based upon where you live. Golden Lion Casino accepts players from all countries except Canada, Israel, Ukraine, and Belarus. The list includes the United States and almost every other country in the world, although the main market that they are focused on is indeed the U.S.

With that out of the way, it’s time to look at what Golden Lion Casino has to offer so that you can make an informed decision about trying them. The threshold here is not to decide whether this casino is better than where you play now based upon the review, but to see if it is good enough to want to check out for yourself and collect the bonus money that they pay you to do it.

Golden Lion Casino Games

Golden Lion Casino has a below-average number of real money games on their site, but we do not want to make the mistake that some players do, thinking that this in itself makes them undesirable. It is much more about the quality of the games an online casino offers, not the quantity so much, and Golden Lion scores quite well indeed on the quality side overall compared to a lot of their competitors.

Golden Lion Casino relies on two major casino software makers, Rival Gaming and Betsoft. A lot of sites in the U.S. market use games from Rival, but Betsoft games are harder to find. Their offering Betsoft games as well is a big reason in itself to give this site a try, given that Betsoft has been on the leading edge of gaming technology for quite a while now, and their 3D rendering and other features have many players seeing them as being in a class by themselves.

There’s only a little over 100 slots in total, with some sites offering twice that many or more, but after years of seeing online casinos seek to add more and more to attract more players, the industry as a whole has moved toward less games but of a higher quality, and this is exactly what Golden Lion has done. This not only keeps their costs down, it also provides a more consistent experience, when all of the games they offer are the better ones.

Golden Lion Casino uses a more minimalist approach with its real money table games as well. They offer both single-zero European Roulette and double-zero American Roulette, single and multi-hand Blackjack, Craps, Baccarat, Pai Gow Poker, a game called Ride-Em Poker, and one called Card Clash. While there aren’t a lot of different ones, they do cover off the basics pretty well, which is all that the great majority of players care about.

Video Poker players used to complain that Golden Lion Casino only had 7 versions of their favorite game, but that has since been doubled to 14. There offer variations of several of the most popular Video Poker games, including Deuces Wild, Joker Poker, Aces and Faces, Jacks or Better, and Tens or Better. There’s plenty here to keep any Video Poker lover happy.

Although the news hasn’t even made it to their website yet, we’re happy to share that Golden Lion Casino now has live dealer casino games as well as their software-based ones, where they have now rolled out live Blackjack, Roulette, and Baccarat. This new format gives players the opportunity to place their bets at a real casino, where they are given a real seat at a real casino table with real dealers, bringing all the excitement and realism of a real casino table game to online players.

While the claim can always be made that an online casino can add more game selection, and certainly with an online casino such as Golden Lion which does have a below average amount, when you look at everything they have, they really do give players just about everything they could want and even have some of the flashiest 3D games on board, something many sites do not have in spite of their many different games.

Golden Lion Casino Bonuses and Promotions

Golden Lion starts out new players with a 100% deposit match up to $500, which becomes instantly available to you when you make your first real money deposit. They also have several other offers which you can take advantage of, including both a 200% and 300% deposit match which can both be used to play slots, a 125% match which can be used on card games, and a 75% deposit match which can be used to play Roulette.

This may be seen as on the modest side compared to some slots which go bigger, and in particular, have bigger ones that target higher rollers, but is quite generous if you are the sort of player that usually deposits $500 or less. Even bigger players can nicely multiply their stack while committing a reasonable amount of money to dip their toes in the water of this site.

The play-through requirement of 40 times your deposit plus the bonus amount is higher than average, but this only matters if you hit it big, and when you do, your bankroll grows a lot as a result, and you could then easily meet this wagering requirement with a lot more money to bet after your win. Most players are happy enough just to see their deposit doubled and get to play with twice as much money though, which is in itself plenty exciting enough.

The deposit bonuses don’t just stop there though, as Golden Lion is well aware of the benefit of continuing to offer their players bonuses for putting more money in their site, and they have both weekly and monthly deposit bonus specials that will keep those who love deposit bonuses happy over the long run.

Golden Lion has put their reward money mostly into these deposit bonuses, but they haven’t forgotten the frequent player rewards program that so many other online casinos offer these days. They have a 6 level VIP program, with better and better rewards as you move up the ladder all the way to being a Majestic Lion and earning a free $1,000 chip, among other niceties.

The bonuses and rewards at Golden Lion are quite competitive, and considerably better than some sites offer, particularly ones with one and done deals. This is all about whether or not you wish to collect these rewards for giving their site a try, and the only way to collect the extra money that a particular site is offering is to step up and claim it. Welcome bonuses are purely sweet deals versus not collecting any welcome bonuses at the site you’re playing at now, and along the way, you get to experience for yourself everything an online casino has to offer, an experience that there is no substitute for.

Golden Lion Casino Banking Options

Golden Lion Casino is proud of the fact that they have always sought to provide their players a wider range of deposit options, and even in today’s climate where online casinos have significantly reduced the list of what they accept, Golden Lion does provide more than a lot of places do these days.

Among those options is what has become the new king of online casino deposits, Bitcoin. Bitcoin offers a fast way to fund your account with the benefit of the transaction being completely anonymous, which is why it is so perfect for American players who need to disguise their payments one way or another. Bitcoin is the ultimate disguise and is a popular method as well in countries where there isn’t a need for ultimate privacy.

Players outside the United States have several other options to use to deposit, including credit card deposits with Visa or MasterCard, as well as with popular internet wallets Neteller and Skrill. You an also deposit by sending them a bank wire. While Golden Lion Casino never charges you fees to either deposit or withdraw, there may be fees on your end, like wire fees if you are sending one, or cash advance fees on your credit card.

This is one of the reasons why Bitcoin is so popular these days, because the transaction costs for both you and the online casino are so negligible. Credit cards are so handy though, so it’s understandable why so many people still use them to deposit at online casinos. Minimum deposits for all methods is $25, with the credit cards and internet wallets having a maximum of $1,000, with no maximum with bank wires and Bitcoin.

Withdrawal options are limited to a refund on your credit card if you used it to deposit the funds, or a bank wire. Withdrawal requests are processed within 7 days, and players can request a withdrawal once per week with a minimum of $100 and a maximum of $2,000.

We’d like to see Bitcoin added as a withdrawal method, as while the wires and credit card refunds are free, these things aren’t particularly fast. Online casinos love Bitcoin as much as players do, and this method is a lot cheaper for both players and themselves. Given that Golden Lion has already added it as a deposit method, allowing it to be used for withdrawals may just be around the corner, but in the meantime, at least these wires don’t cost us anything.

Golden Lion Casino Software

Golden Lion’s website used to be pretty sparse, lacking the usual punch we could say, and there were even people who held this against them. The casino heard the call and, not that this should even matter, now have a flashier and more professional looking portal.

Once you are logged in, you’ll find an easy to use interface that may not be the flashiest, but the goal of these things is to take you to the flashy games as easily and quickly as possible, and Golden Lion’s lobby and background software accomplishes this well.

Golden Lion relies on two providers for their real money gaming software. The games provided by Rival Gaming are available in both download and no-download versions, while the games from Betsoft are no-download only. Betsoft made its name by coming up with no-download slots that were better than the downloaded ones from other providers, and this is arguably still the case today.

Having everything available in no download format allows for Golden Lion Casino to roll out their games across multiple operating systems and devices, since no-download games are browser based, and all you need to access them is to open up a browser, not rely on software written for your particular operating system or device.

Whether you enjoy playing on a Windows computer or a Mac, or on an Apple or Android mobile device, you’ll be able to enjoy the high-quality games that Golden Lion Casino offers from wherever you are and whenever you want.

Golden Lion Casino Security and Customer Support

The company that owns Golden Lion has a strong reputation for their dedication toward customer service and player satisfaction, although there’s no reason why all sites should not have a strong regard towards this. When an online casino treats their players in a lesser fashion, they tell others, and the word really gets around in the era of the internet.

Poor customer service is simply bad for business, and great customer service is great for business. Golden Lion Casino well understands this, and while they realize that there are reasons why some players prefer one site over another, they do not want any preferring another because they did not treat them the right way, as a valued customer of their site and its lifeblood.

In addition to email support, perfect for questions that you are not in a hurry to have answered, Golden Lion also offers 24 hour support by way of either phone or live chat. Live chat has become the preferred way to get support these days and Golden Lion has their agents at the ready to help you whenever it’s needed.

Golden Lion Casino also uses the latest security and encryption software to ensure that they and their players are fully protected against any threats. Players are also secure in knowing that their casino deposits are held by a company that is very well trusted.

Golden Lion Casino Pros and Cons

Pros: Well trusted U.S. friendly real money online casino that also serves players from most countries. Offers players the opportunity to enjoy the best of two top casino software makers, including Betsoft, which is more difficult to find in the U.S. market. Good all-around site with a good program of bonuses and rewards to get you to come over and try them out.

Cons: A lesser number of different games than most online casinos, although what they do have is of high quality. No Bitcoin withdrawals allowed yet, although you can use Bitcoin to make deposits, and withdrawals these days are limited to refunds on your credit card or getting a bank wire, although bank wires are more than acceptable given that they are free.


If you live in the United States, there just aren’t anywhere near the number of top-quality real money casinos that you can access if you live elsewhere. It therefore is important to become familiar with all of the good places that accept you as a player, and while there are some that you do want to avoid, Golden Lion Casino is definitely one of the good ones that you need to try.

For players located in other countries but one that Golden Lion accepts players from, this casino is not only competitive in the U.S. market, it is good enough to be competitive in the overall global online casino market as well. All you really need to make an online casino that you haven’t played at before worth trying out is for the casino to be worth trying in itself together with a nice bonus to do it.

Golden Lion Casino is both a nice casino and pays out a nice amount of bonus money to try them, where they reward you to let them show you why they believe that they have everything you want to make them your main casino. That part is up to you, and all you have to do is to click on one of their banners and get paid to see for yourself all the good things that this top online casino offers.

Golden Lion Casino FAQs
  • Is Golden Lion Casino a trustworthy site?

    Even though Golden Lion Casino has only been around since 2016, this has given us plenty of time to assess their honesty and reliability and this site has passed the test with flying colors. Golden Lion works hard to ensure that they continue to provide their players with top level online gaming together with the level of service that players expect and deserve. This is a completely safe and trustworthy site.

  • What countries does Golden Lion Casino accept players from?

    Golden Lion Casino accepts players from almost every country in the world. The only prohibited countries are Canada, Israel, Ukraine, and Belarus. The list of accepted countries most notably includes the United States, a country that only a small percentage of online casinos accept players from these days. Golden Lion Casino is more than just a U.S. casino though, as they compare well with the ones that don’t take Americans as well.

  • How is it that Americans are allowed to play at Golden Lion Casino?

    A lot of players are confused by who needs to give them permission to gamble at an online casino. This is always just a matter of an online casino giving a player permission to play on their site, much as it is if you travel to another country and wonder whether or not they will be allowed to play at a land-based casino. It really just is up to the casino to let you play there or not.

  • Doesn’t your government have a say as well as far as where you can gamble online?

    Governments can pretend that they have a say in where their residents can gamble online, and they certainly try their best to do this. The part that they don’t share with you is that it doesn’t matter what they decide about this, because they do not have any way to monitor people’s online activity and do not have a way of even knowing you gamble at an offshore casino. People simply do as they please online with no risk of government interference.

  • Does Golden Lion Casino make it easy for players to deposit and withdraw?

    Players in countries that do not have any restrictions on using payment processors to deposit and withdraw at real money online casinos have always been able to easily get their money in and out of online casinos, and still do. However, some countries like the United States have managed to scare away most payment processors, although there has always been ones you could use without much trouble. It’s now completely easy even for Americans with Golden Lion’s combination of Bitcoin and wire transfers.

  • Why is Bitcoin so perfect to render legislation such as the UIGEA powerless?

    It would have been incredibly naïve for the U.S. government to think that the UIGEA would end offshore casino deposits and withdrawals, even though this law put an end to Americans using things like credit cards, direct payments with bank accounts, or internet wallets. This was done to slow things down, where players had to use other methods, ones that were anonymous. Bitcoin is completely anonymous and untraceable, and puts an end to any attempt for the government to stand in the way.

  • How do Golden Lion Casino’s real money games measure up to the competition?

    There are plenty of online casinos that offer a greater number of real money slots and other casino games than Golden Lion Casino does, but this is certainly not just about how many different games you have, it’s also about how good they are, their quality. Golden Lion has selected a nice assortment of the best games from both Rival Gaming and Betsoft, and the games from Betsoft are particularly good, and are considered by many to be the best games out there.

  • How well does Golden Lion take care of their players?

    Golden Lion Casino clearly understands how much their ultimate success is linked to the level of satisfaction that their players enjoy while playing with them, which starts with maintaining a site that will capture their attention well enough. Should their players have any questions or concerns, their customer service agents are on duty around the clock to provide everyone the help they need and to make playing with them as enjoyable as they can make it.

  • What incentives does Golden Lion Casino provide to tempt players to try them out?

    The initial doubling of your money up to an extra $500 gets the party started, and who wouldn’t want the $500 that they are playing with turn into $1,000. There’s more where that came from though, as this online casino offers an ongoing program of deposit bonuses, and even targets them to the type of game you like to play, whether it be slots, card games, or wheel games. Players also earn more bonuses based upon their play.

  • Who should be willing to give Golden Lion Casino a try?

    Players do not have to decide once and for all whether they want to switch to an online casino or not, as all sites ask is that you give them a chance to show you everything that they have to make you want to come over and stay. The bonus money alone is more than enough of a reason to make sense out of trying them, and there are no reasons to be hesitant about this in fact. Get paid to see how good this casino is by just clicking on their banner.

Associate Writer: Simon loves to bet on sports as well as play online slots, and he has a keen eye for sorting out the honest sites from the not so honest.