Las Vegas Casino Employees Now Eligible for COVID-19 Vaccine

Las Vegas Casinos

Nevada recently expanded its COVID-19 vaccination terms, allowing individuals who work in the Las Vegas casino and hospitality industry to receive the shot.

After a year of dealing with the COVID-19 virus, there is finally a vaccination option for employees in Las Vegas who work in the casino and hospitality industry. The state recently expanded its eligibility standards and will now allow food service workers and those hired by casinos and hotels to receive the vaccination.

Helping the Casino Industry

A memo was recently issued from the Nevada Gaming Control Board that provided information on how employees can receive the vaccination. Restricted and nonrestricted gaming licensees’ employees along with workers of lessees and vendors on-site are now eligible. Even employees who are furloughed at this time can be vaccinated.

The Board asked license holders to encourage employees to be vaccinated. With more vaccinations, the state as a whole, as well a Las Vegas, can start to recover and worry less about the virus. Anyone eligible for the vaccination will need to show proof of employment to be given the shot. This includes a photo ID, paystub, or badge.

Vaccines will be issued at the Southern Nevada Health District or another location, such as the Las Vegas Convention Center, Canyon Springs High School or the UNLV Student Union. Employees can use the SNHD COVID vaccination website to schedule an appointment. The vaccination will not be provided to a walk-in.

Culinary Union Urges Casino Employees to Vaccinate

After the news of the vaccination eligibility was announced, the Culinary Union began to urge members to receive the shot. The union represents tens of thousands of individuals in the Las Vegas area that work in gaming venues.

On Twitter, the Culinary Union said that getting vaccinated is a critical step for Las Vegas to completely reopen. It will get employees back to work, protect families, and help the union stay strong. Right now, the US is offering three vaccines, the Moderna and Pfizer, as well as Johnson & Johnson. The first two require two shots and are considered to be 95% effective. The J&J shot is just one dose and is said to be 85% effective.

The changes in regulations only apply to employees located in Las Vegas. Food service and hospitality employees in other areas, like Lake Tahoe or Reno, are not cleared for the vaccine just yet. However, it shouldn’t be long before they get the call to get started with vaccinations as well.

As more people are vaccinated, the more restrictions will be loosened as it will be safer for people to gather. It appears as though the majority of the US should be vaccinated by May or thereafter.

Mississippi Casino Going One Step Further

In Mississippi, one casino is going a step further to ensure that employees are vaccinated. The Scarlet Pearl Casino Resort near Biloxi has announced that employees will be given $150 in compensation for every shot they receive.

So, those who take the Johnson & Johnson shot will be given $150 as it is a single dose. Anyone taking the Moderna or Pfizer shot will earn $300 in compensation. Any shots already taken will also receive compensation.

The casino is working hard to mitigate the impact that the virus has on the hospitality industry. If most everyone in the US is vaccinated, then it will be less likely that the virus will continue to spread and will hopefully lower the number of positive cases and deaths.

The casino industry has been hit hard from the virus, as it relies on tourism to function. The goal is that once the majority of America is vaccinated, then tourism will see a big boom, which will help to jump start the local economy once again.

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