Southern Nevada Casinos Subject to Slot Theft

Southern Nevada Casinos

Casinos in Southern Nevada have been hit by criminals, with suspects taking stealing cash boxes from the venues slot machines.

Every business is at risk of theft. This is why business owners take great care in protecting their property, adding secure alarms, lighting, and surveillance cameras. There are certain types of businesses that criminals hit more often due to the type of products offered or the amount of cash on site. Casinos fall into the category of venues with a lot of cash on hand, but they also spend a lot of money each year on security and surveillance. Because of the amount of security at a casino, it would be crazy to try and rob one. But people do it anyway. Currently, police in southern Nevada are searching for four individuals connected to stealing from the slot machines of gaming venues.

The Crime

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s Northeast Area Command is searching for individuals suspected of robbing several casinos and bars with gaming machines. The locations of the facilities were in Las Vegas Valley.

Four people are wanted in connection with the crime. Police say that one suspect will sit down at a machine and use a pick or form of manipulation to open the locked door of the machine. Once the door is open, the cash box is removed. The individual then takes the cash box from the casino.

It is unclear as to which venues have been affected by the incidents or how many boxes the individuals have stolen. It is also unclear on how much money was inside the cash boxes. Police say that two men and two women are involved in the scheme. Police have descriptions of the individuals as well as the vehicles they drive. The public are being asked to report any information to the Metro to try and help apprehend the suspects.

Crime Continues

The slot machine thefts are just the latest in a string of criminal activity to happen in Nevada, particularly gambling areas, over the past few months. Police as well as casinos have been dealing with fights, shootings, and other criminal and violent behavior.

Police recently released a report on its crackdown in tourist areas of the state over a three-month period. From September 18 to December 20, police arrested 1,229 individuals on the Strip. The arrests were made on Friday and Saturday nights during this time frame.

The problem was so large that police decided to create a full-on effort called Operation Persistent Pressure. During this time frame, police were able to confiscate 64 guns. Over 30% of the arrests revolved around assault, illegal shootings, and robbery.

Shootings and beatings were rampant in the summer months as visitors started trickling back in to the Strip and other tourist areas. The incidents mostly took place during the weekend and police blamed the activity on visitors and gangs from out of state.

According to police, the violent activity has ceased somewhat on the Strip and in other areas. Over the past few months, police beefed up its effort to be visible during the weekends. Officers were on foot as well as on the streets to try and catch anyone in the act of violence or criminal activity before it escalated too far, or even stop it from happening.

The criminal activity has not ceased completely, but police seem to be gaining ground when it comes to stopping people from promoting violence in the area. In the next couple of months, a new report should be provided by the Metro which will give a good comparison as to how the area is being affected and if the criminal activity around casinos and other tourist attractions is decreasing or continuing to be an issue.

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