Major Fines Levied in Las Vegas for COVID-19 & Customer Issues

Las Vegas Casinos

Las Vegas casino operators have been fined by the Nevada Gaming Control Board for COVID-19 failures along with one customer complaint.

This week, several casinos in Las Vegas were handed fines by the Nevada Gaming Control Board due to issues regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and a customer complaint. The Board held a meeting in which all matters were discussed. The largest fine when to Boyd Gaming for the company’s wrongful arrest of a slot player who was accused of stealing credits from another player.

$300,000 Fine for Boyd

The Nevada Gaming Control Board heard the case involving the patron and Boyd Gaming’s Fremont Casino and the Nevada Gaming Commission decided to charge the parent company $300,000 for the incident. The player was detained for 90 minutes in November 2019 after another player accused the slot gamer of stealing her credits. She was reportedly grabbed by the neck and arm of a security guard during the incident.

The individual arrested remains unnamed, but case details show that she was screamed at by guards, threatened with jail time and forced to pay over $200 to the patron who said she took their credits. She paid the money just so she could leave and avoid jail time. The customer then contacted the Gaming Control Board to report the incident, but Boyd Gaming also self-reported when the company found out about what happened.

John Moran Jr., the chairman of the Nevada Gaming Commission, was troubled by the individual and was reluctant to support the complaint settlement. Moran warned other casino operations that actions similar to this occurrence in the future will have higher penalties. He wants to see the operators pay more for such behavior.

Apparently, Boyd Gaming had settled with the affected player for an undisclosed sum. After the incident took place, Boyd decided to modify the policies regarding detainment, arrests and handcuff use.

COVID-19 Violations

Along with Boyd Gaming, the owners of the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino and the Sahara Las Vegas were fined due to violating health and safety regulations regarding COVID-19. The Meurelo Group must now pay $75,000 after agreeing with the state regulators that they could meet a burden of proof to warrant a hearing before the Gaming Commission. They did not admit any guilt as they settled with the Gaming Control Board.

The Board said that both casinos were in violation of state health and safety orders to protect guests and employees from the virus. The properties are reportedly repeat offenders when it comes to enforcing people to wear masks, according to the Board.

Board members visited the Grand Sierra and saw patrons not wearing a face mask. The agents said that employees did not take action to enforce the make regulation. At the Sahara, the casino allowed a lunch event to take place with 135 people back in July. This was a violation of the gathering’s regulation where no more than 50 people can be in one spot simultaneously. According to the casino, there was a misunderstanding regarding the indoor gathering regulations.

Along with the $75,000 fine to this operator, the Board is recommending that the Commission penalize other companies that have violated such orders at $60,000. Apparently, other properties have also violated the mask orders.

The Senator Club and Jackpot Crossing will pay $30,000 for not complying with mask orders. The Hotel Nevada has to pay a smaller fine of $10,000 for not following mask regulations. It seems the mask order has been the most difficult to follow among the venues as they try to get back to business during the pandemic. Other operators will most likely take heed to these fines and try to avoid a similar fate in the future.

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