Las Vegas Fremont Casino Facing Scrutiny After Negative Incident with Customer

Las Vegas Fremont Casino

The Las Vegas Fremont Casino in Downtown facing scrutiny after the Nevada Gaming Control Board found the venue to have wrongly accused a player of cheating.

Casinos in Las Vegas as well as around the United States have certain rules and regulations that must be followed. This includes players and employees. If the casino feels that a guest has broken the law, they can detain them and alert the police. However, wrongly detaining someone and accusing them of something they did not do is a big mistake. Unfortunately, this is a mistake that the Fremont Resort Casino in Downtown Las Vegas made. The venue will now face the Commission regarding their actions.

What Happened?

The situation took place at the Fremont, which is a property that is owned and operated by Boyd Gaming Corporation. The company actually self-reported the incident after finding out about it. officials of the casino as well as security officers reportedly provided false information of the incident to police as well as gaming agents.

A hearing will take place via the Nevada Gaming Commission on the matter with a settlement to take place. Boyd has not commented publicly on the matter but has plans to make a presentation during the hearing.

A complaint filed against the casino says that an investigation was started in December based on an incident from November 2019. Security officers of the casino detained a female player after another customer said she was stealing credits. The complaint does not name the players involved or the security officers.

The complaint says that while there were several ways that the events that allegedly took place could have been reconstructed, the personnel of the Fremont did not pursue those avenues. Instead, they did an incomplete and flawed investigation and concluded wrongfully that the patron had committed the crime and was guilty of a misdemeanor involving theft. According to the claim, if a proper investigation had been conducted, the patron would have been ruled innocent.

The patron who was accused of theft decided to pay the female accuser $202 to avoid going to jail and being arrested for the theft. The accused then contacted the Control Board and told them about the incident. They said she could file a patron dispute and was warned though that it could become a theft investigation.

A Big Mistake

The patron decided to file the claim because she knew she was innocent. Nine days after the incident took place, the director of regulatory compliance for Boyd Gaming reported the incident and said the patron was mistakenly accused of theft and was detained at the property. Officials were said to have not provided a full report on the incident to gaming agents.

The complaint says that when personnel of the Fremont were questioned about the incident they only provided short answers and did not shed any light as to how the decision was made that the patron was guilty of stealing.

The complaint was not listed at the website of the Gaming Commission but was made public as it was listed as an item on this week’s agenda. It is unclear as to how they will rule, but it seems that the patron is innocent and was wrongly accused and detained. It will be interesting to see what information Boyd will provide during the meeting.  A fine will most likely be levied but just how much is anyone’s guess.

The commission will also be deliberating on other issues during their next meeting involving incidents in the gaming industry. There are five more settlements to consider involving gaming license holders in Nevada based on violations involving the health and safety protocols for COVID-19. The Sahara and the Hotel Nevada are on the list of those suspected of not following the guidelines.

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