Las Vegas Casinos Take Different Approach to Employee Vaccinations

Las Vegas Casinos

The Cosmopolitan is offering employees cash incentives to be vaccinated while Wynn Resorts threatens weekly testing.

The COVID-19 vaccination process has been in full swing for quite some time in the United States. For casino operators, there is a push to see the majority of employees vaccinated in order to stay operational. In Sin City, casino operators are taking different approaches to the process. Some are incentivizing their employees to get the shot while others will require regular testing for those who are not vaccinated.

The Cosmopolitan

The Las Vegas Strip casino announced this week that they are offering cash bonuses to employees who take the COVID-19 vaccination. Up to $500 can be earned by each employee. In an email, officials of the Cosmopolitan said that they are committing to paying up to $1 million in total bonuses to the workforce if 80% of employees receive the first dose by May 1.

If a 60% level is reached, then less bonuses will be provided. The bonuses will range from $50 to $500. The decision to provide bonuses comes just after a memo was issued by the gaming industry regulators of Nevada, calling for casino companies to do their best to ensure staff members are vaccinated.

The floor capacity is currently at 50% and it will increase by May 1. This is why the Cosmopolitan is pushing for the percentage by the date next month. The increased floor capacity percentage will only be provided to the operators who have taken measurable and material steps to vaccinate their employees.

Employees of the casino can be vaccinated at no cost. Members of employee’s families are also eligible for free vaccinations. The casino has set up a clinic on-site to take care of the vaccination process.

Wynn Resorts Takes a Different Approach

For operator Wynn Resorts, the vaccination process is taking place a little bit differently. The company recently introduced a new policy, requesting that employees are vaccinated, or they must submit a weekly COVID-19 test.

Employees of Wynn Resorts must be vaccinated and be able to show proof of the vaccination to continue working at the operator’s casinos. Those who are not vaccinated will need to submit weekly negative tests results. The test must be taken on employee time and at their expense.

The operator is taking a more threating approach per say than the Cosmopolitan’s incentive option. Which will work out better? Will employees of the Wynn Resorts facilities be vaccinated because they have to? Most people cannot afford to take time out to go get tested each week plus pay for the test.

With a negative test result needed each week, the money spent would start to add up. Will employees opt to try and find other employment in order to avoid the vaccination? It seem the incentive route is a smarter approach as employees might be more willing to take the shot if they have an added incentive instead of punishment.

Nevada is hoping to be fully functional, with 100% capacity state-wide by June. It will take the vaccination process and continual mask wearing to ensure this goal can be reached. The governor announced the 100% capacity goal earlier this week but says that residents must stay vigilant and wear a mask to ensure that there are no new spikes in cases.

Will the state be able to reach this goal? Is COVID-19 going away? Only time will tell if the state will be able to get back to full capacity and if the virus will soon be a thing of the past. Everyone is ready to move on and feel normal once again, including visiting top destinations like Las Vegas.

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