Las Vegas Rewards Card Leads to Arrest in Murder Case

Deandre Gathrite

Police were able to use details from a casino rewards card to find an individual wanted for murder in Las Vegas.

Player cards are a great way to earn incentives when it comes to gambling at a casino. Most every gambler takes advantage of such cards in order to earn comp points for meals, hotel stays, and other complimentary items. When signing up, players use personal information such as email and provide their ID to gain access to the card. It is that very information that recently led police to b able to find a murder suspect in Las Vegas.

A gang member has now been charged with a murder that took place in Sin City back in March. A player’s card placed the individual near the scene of the crime and officials were able to narrow down the suspect pool and finally make an arrest just a few days ago.

Details of the Capture

Metro Police in Las Vegas used surveillance footage from the Eureka Casino to find Deandre Gathrite playing video poker at the casino. He was onsite just a short time before Christopher Brown was shot and killed about a block away.

Police arrested Gathrite on May 6 and have charged him with the murder of Brown. He also faces a charge of possessing a gun as a prohibited person. The incident in question took place on March 22 in the early morning hours.

Police were called to an apartment complex near the casino on Sahara Avenue and Paradise Road. A possible shooting reportedly took place in the area. The shooting triggered ShotSpotter technology, a unique way that police can detect gunfire via acoustic sensors.

When officers arrived on the scene, they saw Brown laying in the parking lot of the complex. He had suffered multiple gunshot wounds. He was taken to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead. Investigators in the case were able to spot Gathrite on security cameras of local businesses near the apartment complex.

There was also a witness description of the shooter which fit what Gathrite looked like. Eureka Casino staff members told police that Gathrite was a regular player and they were able to provide even more physical evidence to police.

The player card info for Gathrite put him in the casino from 1:12 am to 2:29 am. He left the casino and just seven minutes later, police were alerted of the shooting.

This is not the first time that Gathrite has been charged with murder. Back in February 2018, he was arrested for murder, but the charge was eventually dismissed, and real reason provided to the public as to why.

Criminal Activity in Las Vegas

The capture of Gathrite is just incident of criminal activity in Las Vegas as of late. For more than six months, the city has been dealing with fights and shootings on a regular basis. Some instances take place close to casinos or even inside the venues.

It seems almost every weekend there is some type of shooting or incident in which people are hurt or at risk of being hurt. The police presence has increased in Las Vegas, with officers out on foot and on the streets in the hopes that they can stop any behavior before it results in a fight or shooting.

As the casinos in Las Vegas start to open at 100% capacity, such incidents could be harmful to the tourism industry. The city needs to be able to welcome people safely in order to help build the economy back up.

Hopefully, as more people travel into the area for vacation and weekend getaways, the criminal element will be pushed out and such incidents will become less prevalent. Only time will tell if the shootings will continue or become a thing of the past.

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