Dotty’s Gambling Brand in Nevada Affected by Cyberattack


Yet another gambling brand has been affected by a cyberattack, this time in Nevada.

Dotty’s is a company that operates more than 100 gambling taverns in the state of Nevada. Visitors to the properties have access to slots and video poker games. Dotty’s was the most recent brand attacked by cyber criminals, with personal information of patrons stolen. Driver’s license numbers, names, and birth dates were among the information taken.

Early 2021 Attack

Back in January of this year, Nevada Restaurant Services (NRS), the company behind Dotty’s identified a malware issue on computer systems of the gambling venues. An investigation took place to figure out the full scope of the attack. Steps were also taken to secure the network.

Patrons of the company were alerted with a letter, stating that the investigation revealed that the malware event allowed an unauthorized individual to access systems within the network. The individual was able to copy information from the systems. Dotty’s has around 300,000 players within its database, and it is unclear if every individual was affected.

Because of the breach, Dotty’s is offering patrons 12 months of credit monitoring and identity theft service options. Anyone who was affected is encouraged to look at bank account information on a regular basis along with credit reports to determine any suspicious activity.

Cyberattacks are taking place more frequently in the United States. President Joe Biden and his administration feel that Russia are behind many of the recent attacks. Because of this, the president has issued a warning to Russian President Vladimir Putin that necessary action will be taken to defend the infrastructure in the US from ransomware attacks.

Many casinos across the United States are ramping up cyber security efforts after this attack and others were reported earlier this year. Customers want to feel secure working with gambling venue and without proper protections in place, visitors are at risk if a cyberattack were to take place.

Oklahoma Casinos Affected

Not long ago, the Lucky Star Casinos located in Oklahoma were affected by a ransomware attack, with information networks of the brand infiltrated. The Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes of Oklahoma operate the Lucky Star Casinos and they had to shut down six locations due to the ransomware issue.

The attack shut down the venues for quite some time and Lucky Star began working with the FBI in order to resolve the issue. The casino operator is also offering its patrons credit monitoring services for one year as compensation for the attack.

Before the Lucky Star brand was attacked, the Menominee Casino in Wisconsin was affected as well as the Cache Creek Casino in California last year. It is unclear as to why the majority of the recent cyberattacks are taking place at tribal owned venues. However, one thing is clear. The activity creates major disruption for the brand affected and cause issues for patrons of these properties.

With a ransomware attack, malware is created to encrypt files that are located on a device. In these cases, the devices are systems of casinos. Files and systems of the devise are then unusable. The individuals attacking the casinos will demand a ransom for decryption.

Over the past few years, ransomware attacks have been more prevalent against government entities and create major problems, as such systems are essential to the infrastructure of the organizations.

According to cybersecurity companies, the average ransom paid last year was over $300,000. This is almost a $200,000 increase when compared to the 2019 average total.

Business owners across the US must stay aware of cybersecurity threats and keep security measures in place to protect consumers. Without regular updates, any business is at risk of a ransomware attack.

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