Crown London Aspinalls Faces Employee Lawsuit

Crown London Aspinalls

The Crown London Aspinalls in Mayfair was recently named in a lawsuit by a former employee who says she faced racial and sexual discrimination.

In general, an employee excepts to be treated fairly by their employer. There should be no discrimination of any kind, be it sexual or racial. However, that is not always the case. Many times, an employee is treated unfairly and ends up leaving a job due to the fact that the employer does nothing to help with the issue at hand. In London, a casino is now in hot water after a former employee filed a lawsuit claiming they worked in a hostile and demeaning environment.

Crown London Aspinalls is the defendant in the case filed by Semhar Tesfagiorgis in Mayfair. The plaintiff claims that she was racially and sexually discriminated against, and the work environment was less than ideal.

The Allegations

Tesfagiorgis worked at the casino from 2007 until 2020, so quite a long time. She was an inspector/dealer at the venue and served millionaire members of the casino. She says that while she was employed, racial slurs were made by the guests towards herself and black employees. Names were used and the casino did not stop the treatment or keep the customers from coming back.

What the casino did do, according to Tesfagiorgis, was to appease the player’s requests to not have black dealers at their gaming table. This week, the plaintiff began providing evidence in the case including her statement. She said that she did her best to report such incidents hoping that it would be addressed and that a clear message would be provided that such behavior would not be tolerated.

However, that did not happen. Instead, Tesfagiorgis claims the casino gaslighted her and made excuses for the patrons to try and dumb down their conduct.

Several Incidents

Since Tesfagiorgis worked with the casino for more than a decade, she was subject to countless incidents of racism and sexism. The very first incident took place on her second day at the casino, when a wealthy customer called her and another employee the N-word.

The fellow employee called the patron out for the word and both employees were removed from the gaming floor, instead of the patron. Tesfagiorigis had requested the patron not be allowed to return to the property.

Some two years later, the same employee was confronted by the same guest and racist language was used. The individual demanded a new dealer and the casino agreed to the request, bringing in a white dealer instead.

It seems that many players request white-only dealers and it affected the work of Tesfagiorgis. There were several incidents where patrons would ask for white dealers. In once incident, the excuse was that the player wanted fair-skinned dealers due to superstition.

Tesfagiorgis also says the casino was unfair to her for time off requested. She asked for weekends off to take care of her children and was denied. However, a white male employee was approved for a similar request.

The casino was originally created by John Aspinall but is now owned by Crown Resorts. The company has been in hot water as of late due to issues involving the licensing of its Crown properties. Several issues have been found including anti-money laundering failures along with criminal activity connections.

This lawsuit seems to have weight behind it and will be yet another stain on the gaming reputation of Crown Resorts. Hopefully, the company will ensure that employees of color are treated fairly by managers as well as patrons. No racist or sexually inappropriate behavior should be allowed in the future.

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