Woman Fakes Kidnapping to Use Ransom Funds to Gamble

Woman in Spain faked her kidnapping to use ransom funds to gamble

A woman from Spain now faces charges after she faked her own kidnapping to use ransom funds to gamble at bingo halls.

Gambling is a fun activity that millions of people enjoy on a regular basis. Around the world, players have access to plenty of gambling options, from the lottery and casinos to poker and sports betting. From time to time, we hear stories of people who have acted in a criminal manner in order to obtain funds to gamble. However, this most recent story out of Spain is truly bizarre. A woman was arrested by police recently after faking her own kidnapping and asking for ransom. Once the money was paid, she used the funds to gamble at bingo halls.

The Kidnapping Plot

Police in the Catalonia region stated that an unnamed woman was arrested for concocting a crazy kidnapping plot. The 47-year-old thought up the scheme while her husband was in the hospital. The man called the police in early October to state that his wife had been kidnapped and he was receiving messages on his mobile asking for ransom.

To secure his wife’s return, the man had to pay $7,000 in ransom. This was a seemingly small amount and should have been a tipping point that something was up. Mossos d’Esquadra was assigned to the case and is part of the elite kidnap and extortion unit.

The husband was advised to pay some of the ransom money because the woman might be in danger. He was given instruction on how to pay and he followed them to the letter.

Caught in the Act

Once some of the ransom was provided, it was withdrawn from a bank located in Badalona. Agents took action quickly after the money was removed and reviewed security footage to try and see who might have taken the money.

The video showed the kidnapped wife had taken the funds and she appeared to be just fine. The unit then tracked her to a local casino where they saw she had been playing bingo games. She was eventually arrested while playing a bingo game and was charged with extortion and allegedly reporting a fake crime.

Oddly enough, fake kidnappings are nothing new. They are usually not connected to gamblers, but in this case, it was. It is unclear as to what the woman thought she would accomplish with this scheme. Did she plan to carry on for quite some time or was this just a one-time occurrence?

When it comes to a gambling addiction, people have been known to take drastic measures to secure funds for gambling. The woman in this story is an exception it seems as we have never heard of a story involving a fake kidnapping just to have money to play bingo. It’s quite outlandish and makes you think what might have happened if she had not been caught removing the cash from the bank.

In most cases involving theft and gambling addiction, the individual will steal from family, friends, their employer, or even total strangers to be able to pay down debt or to have cash for gambling in general. The high the individual gets from gambling outweighs the potential harm that could occur by the criminal behavior used to obtain funds.

It is important to recognize the signs of a gambling addiction within yourself or a loved one and seek help when needed. There are plenty of resources available, both in-person and online, that can be used to seek help to try and fix any type of gambling addiction. With the right steps taken, individuals can find the help they need and avoid crazy behavior that can lead to jail time.

Associate Writer: Simon loves to bet on sports as well as play online slots, and he has a keen eye for sorting out the honest sites from the not so honest.