Veikkaus Introduces Mandatory ID for Slots in Finland


Finland’s gambling provider has introduced mandatory identification procedures for slot gaming in Finland.

In several areas around the world, changes are being made to gambling legislation to improve player safety and protections. Many countries have realized that at times, gambling can be addictive and harmful to one’s lifestyle. Because of this, new measures are being put into place to help players avoid major issues. In Finland, Veikkaus recently introduced a new stipulation where players will have to identify themselves before they can play a game.

New Orders

Players must start identifying themselves when playing slot games at service stations, kiosks, and other venues starting on January 12, 2021. After this date, players will not be able to play at all until they have provided identification. Current restrictions on opening hours will also end on this date.

The goal of the identification is to stop players who have an addiction problem from playing. The verification process will also help to stop young people from gambling as the ID has the age of the person on it.

Based on the pandemic issue right now, there will be gaming open in three districts, North Save, Lapland and Eastern Savo. The previous recommendations made by the government stayed in effect until December 15. Areas that have an accelerated number of COVID-19 cases or are in higher spreading stages will continue to keep gaming options shut down.

Right now, 16 health care districts are under advisement due to the increase in cases. SVP Channels and Sales, Jari Heino, commented on the issue stating that instructions are being followed and gaming operators are acting accordingly.

The hope is that as conditions change, health districts can reopen gaming services. The operator would like to see Veikkaus arcades such as Casino Helsinki and Pelaamo reopen sooner rather than later. The operator wants to see restrictions change in every district so gaming venues can get back to work.

Only Operate in Open Districts

Veikkaus will continue to follow government orders and only offer services in districts where the coronavirus situation is under control. The company has said they want to act responsibly and in an equal manner regarding employees and their partners. The first priority of the company is to take care of safety for everyone.

On top of coronavirus measures, the authentication process of mandatory IDs will be an effective way for the company to prevent problem gambling and continue to control age limit verification.

Players can choose to ban themselves from slot gaming by January 12, 2021. Players who are on this self-banned list, will not be able to play a game once their identify has been verified. Of course, the banned list will include personal details and when they use their ID on a machine, it will show up as a banned individual.

Veikkaus will be adding more responsibility tools available for players in the future. For arcades, the compulsory authentication process will be adopted by the summer months.

In many areas of the country, including Finland, it is believed that the pandemic has caused an increase in irresponsible gambling. With more restrictions, it provides more protections for players, so they can avoid issues like gambling addiction.

Another step Veikkaus is taking is to remove slot machines from operation. The retail network will be reduced by 3,500 by the end of this year. When 2020 began, the operator provided 18,500 slot machines across its network. By the end of the year, there will only be 10,500 in operation.

As of January 2021, the retailers that offer Veikkaus machines can only offer four slot machines per a single point of sale. This is a drastic change from what was offered before. The number of slot machines in the overall network will drop by around 40%.

Associate Writer: Simon loves to bet on sports as well as play online slots, and he has a keen eye for sorting out the honest sites from the not so honest.