Suspect Arrested in Shooting at Golden Nugget Biloxi Casino

Jereme Lamond Jones arrested by police

A shooting over the weekend at the Golden Nugget Biloxi Casino in Mississippi has resulted in one death and one arrest.

It is not uncommon for violence to break out on the casino floor from time to time. Combining alcohol use and money, it can be a combination for disaster. Casinos in the US must remain vigilant regarding explosive behavior and security often tries to stop issues from happening on the gaming floor. Sometimes, violence just breaks out unexpectedly and security has to deal with the aftermath. This weekend, an incident took place at the Golden Nugget Biloxi Hotel & Casino Mississippi where an individual shot a gun, leaving one person fatally wounded.

Details of the Incident

Police arrested 30-year-old Jereme Lamond Jones of Mobile, Alabama in connection with this case. He allegedly shot a man at the casino on the gaming floor. The incident took place on early Saturday and Jones has already gone before a judge and saw bond set at $1 million for his release.

Jones faces first-degree murder charges and is being held at the Harrison County Adult Detention Center. After news of the incident went public, it was discovered that the victim was Randy Johnson, a 41-year-old man who died after suffering several gunshot wounds.

The shooting took place around 12:30 am and emergency personnel say that Johnson was shot at close range. When the incident occurred, police were notified by several individuals also inside the casino. The suspect fled the scene and witnesses were able to give more details as to what exactly happened.

Police were able to find Jones later on that night near the Biloxi Bay Bridge. This location is about one mile from the casino. Witnesses reported that Jones and Johnson apparently got into a physical location outside of the venue. The shooting then took place after Jones ran inside after Johnson went into the casino.

Witnesses Provide Additional Details

Thankfully, the incident did not result in any additional injuries within the casino. Jones reportedly fired the gun several times, and more people could have been hurt in the process. Other people onsite said that around 10 shots were fired, or maybe more. As soon as the sound of shots were heard in the casino, everyone tried to find a safe area.

The scene has been described as chaotic as no one really knew what was going on, just that gunfire had occurred. People were running towards escalators trying to get out of the area and avoid any injury. Some people who saw the shooting take place tried to help.

Once the shots were fired, Jones left the scene. The victim was left on the ground and patrons of the casino sprang into action. One person started CPR but realized that Johnson appeared to have passed away already.

For those on-site at the time, the incident was pure chaos. While some people tried to run away, others tried to hide. Many have told the media that it will take some time to get over the trauma of the evening. For Johnson, he leaves behind two daughters and a son.

Police are asking for any details that people can provide regarding the incident if they were onsite during the shooting. Anyone with information can contact Mississippi Crime Stoppers via email or telephone. Police headquarters in Biloxi is also taking telephone calls.

Hopefully, police have enough evidence that ensures that right individual has been arrested for the shooting and the Johnson family will feel some sense of justice for Randy.

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