Seminole Tribe Fighting Back Against Other Gambling Operators

The Seminole Tribe of Florida

The Seminole Tribe of Florida is pushing back against other gambling operators in the state that are trying to see more gambling expansion in the state.

The Seminole Tribe of Florida have never really been open to sharing the gambling industry with anyone in the state. Over the years, expansion efforts have failed due to the tribe wanting to maintain its exclusivity when it comes to certain aspects of gambling. Now, the tribe is fighting back against other gambling operators who want to see additional expansions in the state.

A political committee that is supported by the Tribe has launched a new campaign to fight back against Las Vegas Sands and fantasy sports operators who want a shot at offering services in the state. The goal of the groups is to allow constitutional amendments on the ballot next year during the General Election to try and expand gambling even more.

Standing Up For Florida

The committee that the Tribe backs is called Standing Up For Florida and the group recently launched a new commercial to try and warn residents of what’s to come. A television and digital media ad say that residents should not sign gambling petitions. Titled Watch Out Florida, the campaign warns residents that out of state gambling companies are seeking signatures to expand casino gambling and sports betting in the state.

The Tribe spent $10 million to create the ad campaign and they are hopeful that the effort will see residents to avoid signing the petitions or at least vote no if it comes to a ballot vote. Both expansions would try to take over what the Seminole Tribe has fought to maintain exclusive rights to.

Who Wants the Expansion?

The Las Vegas Sands Corporation and the Poarch Creek Band of Indians in Alabama are pushing the Florida Voters In Charge initiative. A proposed constitutional amendment by the group would allow parimutuel-based card rooms in the state to move to larger locations and offer full service casino gaming.

Another effort is being led by FanDuel and DraftKings titled Florida Education Champions. This effort would see an amendment added to the constitution to expand what sports betting services are offered beyond the Tribe’s venues.

Just under 900,000 signatures must be collected to see the efforts move forward. Each signature must be verified and come from a registered Florida voter. If completed by the end of the year, then the amendments would be up for a vote within the General Election in 2022.

For the Tribe, the ad they are running tries to show how it would be harmful to allow these companies to offer such services. The Tribe tries to subtly say that they offered to pay Florida $500 million each year and other companies’ potential earnings are not clear.

The Seminole Tribe says that out of state gambling companies are spending tens of millions to turn Florida into another Las Vegas. They want to change the constitution to allow ‘out-of-control gambling’ and they have no guarantees that profits that will help the state.

The tribe takes the ad one step further and says that residents should not sign the petitions and that they should say no to the outsiders who are trying to control them and risk the future of the state.

The $10 million spent by the tribe to try and stop the effort is quite a bit of money, but nothing compared to the $18 million spent by the Florida Voters In Charge group to try and get the proposal on the ballot. The Florida Education Champions spent $20 million to get its proposal placed on the ballot.

A ton of cash is floating around and it will certainly be interesting to see who will win in this gambling expansion debate.

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