Poarch Creek Pushing Alabama Casino Deal with Job Opportunity

The Poarch Band of Creek Indians

The Poarch Band of Creek Indians is pushing for access to traditional casino gaming in Alabama by showcasing how many jobs could be provided to locals.

The effort to see Las Vegas-style casino gaming in Alabama continues. It seemed that the fight might have been over, at least for the time being, after a Senate measure was killed due to a negative vote. However, the Poarch Band of Creek Indians is not giving up. The brand is still pushing its agenda, showing lawmakers in the state that if it can expand services, Alabamians would have access to 12,000 to 15,000 permanent jobs. On top of that, new construction would create temporary employment positions, plus more permanent options thanks to businesses associated with the industry.

Let’s Bargain

The Poarch Band of Creek Indians are trying everything they can to get lawmakers on their side. By offering up the major employment potential, it helps citizens. On top of that, the state would pay nothing to get started and would gain funds via tax payments. As much as $1 billion is estimated annually, with tax revenues going to pay for college scholarship needs along with healthcare.

The tribe wants to see the state allow eight casino locations along with a lottery. A compact would be signed between the state and the tribe to get things started. The effort is a long shot, but it is not dead yet.

To try and help the issue, the tribe is pushing a new economic impact study. The study covers areas where the casinos would be allowed to operate. It will be a few days before the full study is complete, but the tribe decided to go ahead and share the potential job details.

Huge Job Impact

If the tribe is successful, it would bring the largest influx of jobs to Alabama in years. After earning approval, VictoryLand and the Birmingham Race Course would be able to create 5,300 employment positions.

This number would increase to over 7,000 once a hotel is added to the location in Birmingham. This number also includes jobs connected to the track if live horse racing starts again. This is also part of the pending plan.

For the Poarch Creek operations, officials will hire even more people. As the operator of Windcreek Gaming, a new facility in Dekalb or Jackson county would hire 2,500 individuals. When the Mobile Greyhound Park expands, another 2,000 positions would become available.

At the tribe’s current casino venues, an additional 1,500 individuals would be hired at each location. On top of the massive employment potential, the jobs are not low paying. Windcreek properties will pay at least $11.50 an hour. Some positions pay as high as $25 or more. Most of the positions also include benefits.

The earnings potential is massive and one way to help the poorest counties in Alabama. People across the state would be able to benefit from job creation as well as a boost to the local economy. For supporters, the plan is a win-win situation. For those who are opposed, they see the plan as a way to expand gambling and create more addiction, crime, etc.

However, Alabama already offers gambling. Of the sites proposed in the plan, only one is a new option. The rest were already in place. It seems that lawmakers would be crazy not to jump on the chance to bring over 10,000 jobs to the state at no cost to the taxpayer, plus provide a boost to the struggling areas of the state.

Only time will tell if the tribe will be able to gain any headway. For the people of Alabama, it would certainly help in areas where times are tough, not to mention providing additional opportunity via taxes by way of education and program needs.

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