Star Entertainment Group Develops New Plan for Sydney Casino Expansion

The Star Entertainment Group, Australia

The Star Entertainment Group has revealed a new plan to grow its existing casino complex in Sydney.

For a casino to remain successful, it must grow. This can be done in a number of ways. A casino can build an extension of the property or add new gaming content, reward programs, etc. Casinos essentially have the ability to make whatever changes they like, as long as they have the approval of regulators. For the Star Entertainment Group, the company would like to expand its Sydney casino, but have been unable to gain approval by planning authorities. This week, the company has presented a new plan with the hopes of seeing it approved.

New Ideas

It has been almost a year since the Star Entertainment Group introduced a plan of ra 237 meter tower next to its casino to the New South Wales planning authorities. This plan was rejected, so the company went back to the drawing board. They have now presented a new plan, one they hope will be approved by regulators.

The new idea is to build two new towers at The Star Sydney property. However, it may be hard to receive approval as the proposed height of one of the towers is over 50% the height permitted based on draft plan rules in the suburb where the casino is located.

The casino operator decided to reveal its new plan two months after the government of New South Wales, Australia released a drafted strategy to change the Pyrmont area. For The Star, they would like to build a tower that is 110 meters high at the north end of its existing property. The other tower would be 180 meters tall and located on the south end.

It is the 110 meter tower that could be a problem. In that area, the government has proposed only 60 meters for building height. This tower would be home to 250 hotel rooms and a restaurant. The Star said that the tower and its height is needed to ensure the hotel remains a 6-star property.

Star Entertainment also noted that they dramatically cut down their previous plan that was rejected by officials. In 2018, the company had suggested creating a tower that was 237 meters tall with 66 stories. It would have been home to 220 hotel rooms branded after the Ritz Carlton as well as 200 luxury residences.

New Concerns

The new plan of The Star is of course, not without new concerns. There are those who are opposed to the plan. Adam Searle is a spokesman for the NSW Labor party. He said the party is concerned that he plan for the north tower was significantly out of line with the planning strategy for Pyrmont by the government.

Searle said that the planning authorities and government should have a sensitive and balanced approach for planning new properties and that they would be concerned if the proposal goes beyond the current vision of the government for Pyrmont.

As the plans for Pyrmont reshaping take place, The Star’s plans were one of 130 plans submitted via the draft and the submissions are not a development application for the government. The government plans to continue the redevelopment planning stage for Pyrmont over the next few weeks as they continue to receive submissions.

The Star’s plan may be heavily considered. The southern tower would be home to a restaurant, bars, a hotel of course, along with apartments and shopping areas. With the building, the company would be able to hire 1,000 people during the construction phase and the same number after the property is fully operational.

We shall see in the coming weeks if the plan is approved or if the government decides to deny The Star once again regarding new development plans.

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