Possible Hate Crime and Gun Arrests in Las Vegas

Gun arrests in Las Vegas

Violence continues in Las Vegas ahead of the Memorial Day weekend as a possible hate crime and gun arrests takes place.

As the Memorial Day weekend begins today, Las Vegas police officials are worried about what is to come. For months now, the city has been plagued with violence and with the busy weekend ahead, police are preparing for the worse. Just this week, more gun arrests were made as police confiscate firearms and a potential hate crime is being investigated.

Confiscating Firearms

Police officers are working hard to ensure that this weekend is a safe on in Sin City. To do that, a close eye is being kept on potential violent activity, including watching out for visitors carrying firearms. Earlier this week, Metro Police Department captain Dori Koren tweeted pictures of firearms and illegal drugs that had been confiscated during recent arrests.

In the images, several weapons were pictured, including an AK-47. In one image, Koren reported that officers had made arrests involving gang members and recovered several illegal guns in the process. The captain seems to be in charge of the Las Vegas Strip, based on the information provided in the Twitter account.

Because of the three-day weekend, there will be a larger police presence on the Strip. The department plans on having more officers out and about and there will be police detention vans making the rounds. The effort is being called Operation Persistent Pressure II and will hopefully cut down on the number of violent incidents taking place this weekend.

Jewish Hate Crime

Along with potential gun violence, police are now focused on hate crime as well. Earlier this week, an older Jewish man was shoved while walking on the Strip near the Park MGM. The shove was a violent one and he suffered a gash on his head. Reports have surfaced that he may have also suffered from a concussion.

The family of Paul Lebowitz reported the incident to police and the case is being considered a battery. The victim wants the crime to be investigated as an anti-Semitic hate crime. The victim was visiting Las Vegas with his family, hailing from New York.

In a local coffee shop, the victim struck up a conversation with a man and it eventually turned to talking about Israel-Palestine. The man said to the victim, “The Jews are not going to exist”, and the victim said he was a proud Jew.

It was at that point the conversation got violent. The man put his hand on the victim’s face and pushed him to the ground. He fell hard and smacked his head on the ground. There was a surveillance camera near by that caught the incident on camera.

The incident appears to be isolated in Las Vegas and it won’t stop Lebowitz from traveling to the city. However, such incidents are taking place across the United States as of late, including in major cities like Los Angeles, Boston, New York, and Cleveland.

With so much violence on the Strip, something needs to be done to create a safe environment for visitors. For decades, the Strip has been a hot spot for tourists, especially during the summer months. If the violent acts continue to take place, the city may see a decrease in the number of travelers in the region due to fear of being the next victim.

For now, visitors are still traveling to the city and casinos are making changes such as taking reservations and being strict about watching the gaming floor. Hopefully, the weekend’s police presence will help to avoid any more violent incidents involving tourists in the city. After the weekend is over, reports should indicate if more violence took place or if the Strip was quiet, at least for a few days.

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