Nevada Introduces New COVID-19 Stay at Home Plan

Steve Sisolak, Nevada Governor

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak has revealed a new stay at home plan to fight COVID-19, asking residents to stay home but allowing visitors to still come in.

Over the past few months, we have seen orders and restrictions come and go regarding COVID-19. States in the US have the ability to decide what they will do as far as stay at home orders are concerned, mask wearing, etc. In Nevada, Governor Steve Sisolak recently revealed the new Stay at Home 2.0 plan. This new plan is asking residents of the state to stay home so the spread of the virus can lessen. However, guests are still welcomed in areas like Las Vegas, which seems to be bit hypocritical of the order’s goal.

Residents Stay Home; Visitors Keep Coming In

During a television briefing, Sisolak urged residents to stay home if they can over the next two weeks and restrict trips to only what is necessary. He encouraged residents to order their groceries and meals. Employers should allow some employees to telecommute if possible.

With less movement, less people will become infected with the virus. For Sisolak, this means that he will be able to avoid enacting harsher restrictions on businesses and gatherings. If the increase in positive COVID-19 cases does not stop rising, he is prepared to make more changes.

While residents are being asked to stay home, visitors are encouraged to go to the casinos and resorts. The governor says they should come as they are protecting jobs. However, any visitors must wear a mask and social distance. The governor says that casino visitors need to wear a mask at all times.

The governor was asked why the casinos and other hospitality businesses are not targeted in the new stay at home order. While they are not targeted, they will be scrutinized fully to ensure that social distancing standards are followed. Any business that is not in compliance will be fined by the state.

Even though the new stay at home order has new conditions, the governor remains hopefully that all schools will reopen and conventions can come back to areas like Las Vegas. The loss of conventions has been a big blow to the gambling industry. While the conventions are not gambling based, the travelers who attend the conventions stay at casino resort hotels, dine, drink and gamble. The conventions are big business and months without them have meant major revenue losses.

Casinos Trying to Recover

As the governor announced his new plan, casinos in Las Vegas and other areas of the state are trying to recover. Some are cutting down on their operating hours and even closing down hotels due to the low number of travelers to the region.

Tourism is way down, which is expected as people are either not willing to travel or don’t have the means to do so. Without people flying into Las Vegas, the city is having to rely on those who can drive in and that is not where their player base lies.

On top of that, the Las Vegas Strip has been plagued with violence over the past few weeks as instances of fighting and shootings have occurred. Police patrols have increased on the Strip in an attempt to stop any further violent behavior. While this is a good step, it has not stopped the violence. Just a few days ago, another shooting occurred and three people were injured.

If the violence is not stopped, it could see the tourism sector suffer even more as players are afraid to visit. Casinos are trying their best to provide safe places, including ramping up security on-site and only allowing patrons in who are rewards card members or reservation holders.

It will be interesting to see how Las Vegas fares over the next few weeks. If the violence will continue and if travelers will visit despite the number of positive COVID-19 cases increasing.

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