Atlanta TV Star Maurice Fayne Sentencing for Gambling Scheme

Maurice Fayne

Maurice Fayne from Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta has been sentenced to prison time after it was discovered he was operating a Ponzi scheme and spent millions to gamble.

Maurice “Mo” Fayne is going to serve 17 years in prison after he was found guilty of taking part in the pay-check protection program (PPP) in a fraudulent manner. He operated a Ponzi scheme and was eventually caught. Fayne recently plead guilty to his crimes, and it is still unclear if he gambled all the cash away.

Details of the Crime

Fayne is known as Arkansas Mo and was seen on season eight of the reality show that follows individuals that are trying to get started in the music industry. He was featured in nine episodes of the television show and was known as Karlie Redd’s love interest.

As a resident of Georgia, Fayne was caught taking advantage of the PPP program, one that was created to help struggling businesses due to the affects from the COVID-19 pandemic. In May 2020, Fayne was arrested for making fake statements on an application for $3.7 million in PPP funds. He submitted the application to the United Community Bank.

At the time, Fayne said the money would be used to keep workers in their positions and continue with payroll. He also said the money would be used to make interest payments on a mortgage, as well as lease payments and utility needs or a trucking business he operated.

Once he received the money, he used it to splurge on luxury items including custom-made jewelry. He also paid back child support of $40,000 and restitution on a case of fraud in his past. Fayne also spent almost a million to create a new business in Arkansas.

Fayne also was a frequent visitor to the Choctaw Casino and Resort and reportedly wired $5 million to a gambling account he kept at the casino. But where did he get all that money? Well, Fayne was operating a Ponzi scheme across several states and was funding his lifestyle via the scheme.

Fayne acted like he had a trucking business from 2013 to 2020. It was known as Flame Trucking Inc. and Fayne was able to talk people into investing into the business. He defrauded several people who invested into the fake business.

The actor told the investors that the business was profitable and acted like they would see a return on their investment. Instead, the business was unable to even make enough money to cover the expenses needed to operate. The money Fayne received from investors was used for his lifestyle or to expand his business, even to buy vehicles.

To maintain the charade, Fayne would use funds from other investors to pay back investors, making them think that the business was making money.

Proving a Point

Eventually, all of his fraudulent behavior caught up with him. Special Agent in Charge of FBI Atlanta, Chris Hacker, stated that the sentence of 17 and a half years for Fayne should be a notice that the FBI and other federal agencies are going to investigate any misdirects of federal funds that are set aside to help legitimate businesses stay afloat.

Hacker pointed out that the FBI will not tolerate any person that is driven by greed to take American taxpayers’ money instead of it going to those who need assistance. Fayne did not dispute the charges and plead guilty to wire fraud and conspiracy to help avoid a much longer prison sentence. He will also have to pay back over $4.4 million to his victims.

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