Masks Are Back in Nevada as COVID-19 Cases Rise

Masks back in Nevada

Health officials are recommending that everyone in crowded areas of Nevada should wear a mask for protection from COVID-19.

On Friday, the Southern Nevada Health District announced a recommendation that everyone should wear a mask in crowded indoor spaces, including at casinos. After this announcement, certain operators in the state decided to make masks a requirement once again. An influx of cases have been seen in the state, particularly in busy areas like Las Vegas, and officials are having to revert back to old tactics in an effort to keep everyone safe.

Masks Required

The Westgate Hotel-Casino was one of the first to require employees to wear masks again. The masks must be worn by individuals who are vaccinated or unvaccinated. The goal is to keep employees and guests safe.

The Las Vegas Sans made an announcement that it is now requiring team members to wear face masks issued by the company while working indoors where people congregate. This applies to vaccinated and unvaccinated people as well.

The operator is also offering complimentary masks to patrons. The masks can be found at the Las Vegas Sands at the front desks, concierge desks, and grazie desks. Patrons can easily ask for a mask to wear indoors when in large crowds of people.

For MGM Resorts, the company is not requiring masks, but are making the option available to all guests. The company announced that they are monitoring the situation closely and will continue to evaluate policies based on new information as it is made available as well as the circumstances in Las Vegas and the state.

Emergency Meeting This Week

Yesterday, Clark County announced that its Board of Commissioners will be holding an emergency meeting today to discuss the increase in COVID-19 cases that have occurred over the past few weeks. They will also be discussing the recommendation made by the Southern Nevada Health District involving mask wearing.

Officials may decide to mandate indoor mask wearing once again inside indoor venues. It is expected that if the mandate is put in place it would be for employees of businesses located in the county. Las Vegas is currently a hot spot when it comes to the Delta variant. The strain is much more contagious than the original COVID-19 virus and in Nevada, over 4,700 new cases have been reported within the last seven days.

The spread is so bad, that nearby Los Angeles County in California is telling people not to travel to Las Vegas. The county also issued a mask mandate for indoors for anyone who is located in a public setting. In Clark County, health officials recommend that people should wear a mask when in a crowded public setting to help prevent the spread of the virus, whether the individual is vaccinated or not.

It is expected that casinos will support a mask mandate if it is issued by the commissioners. Nevada Resort Association president Virginia Valentine stated recently that the casinos will comply with such an order and it’s an important step to take.

The increase in positive cases of the virus has everyone on edge and worried. Will it result in casinos losing the 100% capacity level? The venues just opened back up at 100% and it would affect both the employment rate as well as earnings of operators.

The goal of officials is to remain open but also protect visitors and employees. One way to do this is with masks. It would not be surprising to see the commissioners decide to enact a mandate to try and slow the spread that is slowly taking over in Sin City.

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