Italy to Offer Gaming Tracking App to Avoid Black Market

Italy to offer gaming tracking app

Customs and Monopolies Agency of Italy launches new app to stop black market gambling.

In every country, gambling regulators have to work extra hard to keep the market safe from illegal operators. Information is provided to players in the hopes that everyone will take part in gaming via licensed operators and avoid those that operate on the black market. In Italy, the Customs and Monopolies Agency (ADM) announced a new app has just launched that will provide the public with information on licensed land-based and online operators. The goal is to teach individuals where to play so that they avoid unlicensed and unsafe operators.

Gioco Sicuro

The app is known as Gioco Sicuro and it can be downloaded on Android and iOS devices. The app should be available this month in Italy. The ADM says that citizens of the country will be able to verify that an operator is compliant with local laws as well as if they are licensed to offer products.

Marcello Minenna is the Director-General of ADM who authorized the app development. The hope is that Italian gamblers will be protected from an unlicensed gambling network operated by the mafia. Black market operations are a big deal and the app should help to shut down at least a portion of the operations.

Fighting the Mob

Minenna joined the ADM as the head of the group in 2019 after the federal police and anti-mafia unit completed its Glassia Investigation. The review confirmed that over $1.1 billion in assets were connected to illegal gambling. Minenna decided that former President Giuseppe Conte should be in charge of overseeing the gambling sector and work against corruption for the ADM.

Officials have pointed out that because of COVID-19 and the need to shut down casinos, organized crime has skyrocketed. Earlier this year, it was reported that organized crime groups are taking advantage of the pandemic and the shutdowns to boost their own illegal gambling profits.

The national anti-mafia prosecutor, Federico Cafiero De Rao, said that the black market in Italy appears to be worth over $23 billion. This is worrisome to the prosecutor as it shows how the mafia has been able to infiltrate the industry.

As part of the crackdown, Italy has introduced a new tool for mobile users to access the data of gambling operators. Players can use the app to see if an operator is licensed and also report any activity, they feel is questionable to the authorities.

Over the past few years, officials in Italy have tried to reduce the mafia influence on the country. Several high profile raids have taken place along with seizures in an attempt to stop mafia activity. Because of the issues, the government is very strict on licensed operators. A licensed gaming provider must follow player verification procedures as well as avoid advertising due to a blanket ban.

Stakeholders in the gambling industry are waiting to see if the government will be adding amendments connected to gambling in the 2022 Budget Law. This is a measure that will provide enhancements to the regulated market. The overall composition of the law is critical for the gambling industry in Italy.

The ADM is in charge or reviewing concessions of 10,000 retail operators. This process will affect local operators that work under particular brands such as Eurobet, Snaitech Lottomatic, and others. It will be interesting to see how the government proceeds and what else will be done to try and stop illegal gambling from taking place in the country.

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