Indiana Casino Hit with $100K Fine for Underage Gambling

Horseshoe Hammond Casino in Indiana

The Horseshoe Hammond Casino in Indiana has been hit with a $100,000 fine after an underage individual was able to enter the casino and gamble.

Players have to be a certain age in which to gamble in a casino facility. For the most part, casinos in the United States have a 21 and older policy. This is due to the casino floor providing alcoholic drinks to players. Every individual who enters the casino floor is carded, a security measure in place around the country, no matter the venue. Despite this age check, people who are underage still manage to get inside.

A recent incident of underage gambling hit the Horseshoe Hammond Casino in Indiana, with regulators issuing a $100,000 fine. The Indiana Gaming Commission decided to require the large fine after an investigation revealed an underage male was able to bet several times last year.

ID Issues

A report was completed by Veridocs, a technology firm that Horseshoe uses to scan identification cards, regarding the matter. The group confirmed that the Pennsylvania ID of the individual who was underage was scanned 40 times from November 1-17. A total of 18 different security officers scanned the ID and each time, the ID failed the authenticity scan.

The individual was not caught with the fake ID until he tried to enter a casino in Illinois. The 18-year-old was caught and his illegal activity was exposed. The Indiana Gaming Commission reported that the man had a Caesars Rewards card and vouchers for the William Hill Sportsbook at the Horseshoe Hammond. Each of these vouchers was for $1,100.

General Manager of the Horseshoe Hammond, Kathryn Jenkins, said that the young man had a good fake ID. She pointed out that the Veridocs system is good, but it is not foolproof. It can fail to scan a card and the security officer must then decide if the ID is valid. Right now, the casino has decided that anyone who looks under 30 years old and their ID does not pass the security checkpoint system, they will not be let inside.

The Commission’s Decision

A member of the commission asked the Horseshoe casino during deliberations why it would let a person override the ID scan. The casino was also asked if they have let other people slip through their system as well.

Jenkins said that she hopes not. She believes in human error and employees do everything possible to ensure that it does not happen. According to Jenkins, the Veridocs system works 97% of the time. The 3% failure rate is due to several factors such as a dirty ID card. Such factors are considered when letting someone inside after the ID failed to scan in the past.

On top of the $100,000 fine, the Commission ordered the Horseshoe Hammond to provide a corrective action plan. In this plan, the casino must provide details on its new procedure plans as well as retrain security personnel and surveillance when an ID does not scan via Veridocs. Internal controls need to be updated based on the disciplinary action of the commission.

Even more violations were found by the commission involving the casino, so the operator had to pay $8,000 in additional charges. These were smaller issues including a dealer that was not licensed and an individual that was not run through the Child Support Arrears Delinquency Registry after winning a taxable jackpot.

The Horseshoe will need to get busy providing details on the changes in plans to make as well as implementing new protocols to ensure that the underage issue does not happen again. Any further infractions would no doubt have significant consequences handed down by the commission. The casino plans to do everything it can to avoid another incident like this in the future.

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