Gold Strike Casino Under Fire for Bed Bugs

Woman sues golden strike casino for bed bugs

MGM Resorts Gold Strike Casino is the basis of a lawsuit filed by a woman from Memphis who says she was attacked by bed bugs during a recent stay.

Casino operators often provide hotel stays to guests who wish to hangout overnight or enjoy an extended stay. Many hotels across the United States are connected to casinos and offer premium stays, including luxury spaces. Offering a quality overnight stay is essential to the continual operations of a facility and return guests. So, when a guest has an unfortunate experience, it must be handled correctly, or it can lead to bigger problems. Such is the case involving MGM Resorts Gold Strike Casino in Tunica, Mississippi.

A woman from Memphis, Tennessee is suing the parent company for millions, stating she was attacked by bed bugs in two different hotel rooms at the casino. She is seeking $3 million in retribution.

Bed Bug Attack

Gloria Washington is the guest involved in the lawsuit and she says that she suffered from physical and emotional injury from the incidents. She not only claims to have suffered at the time, but also now. She stayed at the Gold Strike in October 2018 and was in town to take part in a Halloween party at the casino.

After spending the night at the casino hotel, Washington woke up to find that she had bites all over her arms and legs as well as trunk. She went to the front desk immediately and asked the employees for help. A doctor said that the bites were from bed bugs and Washington had been bitten many times.

Even after the incident, Washington was comfortable staying with the Gold Strike, and she booked another night in November 2018. Unfortunately, she woke up yet again with bug bites all over her body. She was checked again by a doctor and was told it was bug bites as suspected. She reported this incident to the casino staff as well.

Washington says that both bed bug incidents have caused her to suffer from severe itching which led to scratching. She has faced physical pain as well as embarrassment, anxiety, humiliation, and mental issues. The victim reportedly has permanent scarring from the bites and difficulty sleeping. She also reports that she has suffered from economic loss.

The Lawsuit

In the filing, Washington claims that the casino was in violation of its duty of care by not providing safe hotel rooms that humans could occupy. The lawsuit includes two counts of negligence towards the operator as well as intentional infliction of emotional distress, fraudulent concealment, and malicious willful and intentional business practices.

The filing points out that the Gold Strike had knowledge of the bed bug problem and had a duty of care to provide information of the possible conditions of the room. The company is being called out as ignoring and avoiding the bed bug situation and by not warning hotel guests, the defendant was reckless and acting in a deliberate manner that caused guests to suffer from bed bug bites.

Washington is seeking $500,000 in actual damages and $2.5 million in punitive damages. The casino had yet to respond to this claim.

It will be interesting to see if any other guests from that time frame try to piggyback on to Washington’s case if in fact, the hotel had a consistent bed bug problem. It seems if Washington was bitten on two different occasions, then it would seem likely that others were also bitten as well. We shall see in the coming weeks how this lawsuit plays out and if Washington will be given any monetary compensation for what took place at the casino.

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