Goa Casinos Remain Closed as COVID-19 Spreads in India

Goa casinos to remain closed

Casinos in Goa are still closed as a lockdown issued by the government stands due to the spread of the coronavirus.

While casinos in the United States prepare to be open at 100% capacity post-pandemic, other countries are experiencing the opposition. In India, the nation is facing record-breaking COVID-19 levels, with the virus becoming wide-spread across the country. Health care facilities are having difficulty taking care of everyone, due to a shortage of health care workers and supplies, including oxygen. Starting on Friday, the gaming properties in Goa were closed, in an effort to slow the spread of the virus. The venues could reopen today, but it seems unlikely due to the high count of positive cases in the country.

Total Shutdown in Goa

Per the government order, basically everything shut down in Goa over the weekend. Bars, hotels, restaurants, and casinos are not offering services. Public transportation did not run as well and it was only industry and essential services that remain operational.

Last week, over 2,100 new cases of the virus were reported on Tuesday. Already, the region has seen over 1,000 deaths. Shutting down the region is one way to try and slow the spread of the virus and stop it altogether.

Businesses like casinos are home to high-touch points which can easily lead to the spread of the virus is not handled properly. ATMs, game machines, cards, and chips are just a small example of the high touch points that can boost the spread of the virus.

In late April, Goa started a nighttime curfew and casinos were cut to 50% during the daytime hours. However, the case counts continued to rise so the shutdown was issued as a last effort. Among the closed venues currently is venues operated by Delta Corp. The company operates a casino in Goa and Sikkim. The company lost millions last fiscal year due to the continued closures and virus issues.

Vaccination Issue

Right now, India must rely on the social distancing and mask wearing to try and avoid COVID-19. The country has started offering vaccinations, but there just isn’t enough to around. India recently became the first country in the world to reach a 400,000 case count in one day and is in desperate need of assistance.

The roll-out of vaccinations is not nearly enough, with only just over 11% of the population having been vaccinated. The country has 1.3 billion people and will need to produce a large portion of shots to even be able to help a portion of the population.

In the US, over 1.16 billion doses have been administered. The US is at a much larger percentage of vaccination and this has led to casinos being able to reopen at a higher capacity. However, in some states, positive case counts are trending upwards again.

Many states have done away with mask mandates and social distancing requirements, though they recommend people continue to follow the rules. Of course, a recommendation is far different from a mandate and many people in the US are tired of all the restrictions, so they do nothing.

This seems to have led to an increase in the virus. The totals are nothing like they were before, but will it get worse? There is potential for the virus to rear its ugly head again and more people become infected. The hope in the US is that enough vaccinations will be administered that the spread will continue to be minimal.

Hopefully, India will be able to receive the number of vaccinations needed and steps can continue to be taken to ensure the health and well-being of the country’s citizens. The closure is just one step that can help, but it can be a long and difficult process to adhere to.

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