David Nangle Pleads Guilty to Fraud in Gambling Case

David Nangle, Former Massachusetts Representative

Former Massachusetts Representative David Nangle has pled guilty to fraud charges where he used campaign funds to gamble.

To be a good politician, you have to make good choices for your constituents and keep yourself out of trouble.  For some, this is difficult. It is not uncommon to see politicians making bad decisions which leads to legal troubles. In Massachusetts, a former state representative and House Ethics Committee chairman has pled guilty after he was caught using campaign funds to take gambling trips and bet online.

Details of the Charges

David Nangle, age 60, has pled guilty to 23 charges of fraud connected to schemes involving campaign funds. Instead of using the funds for his campaign, he used them to bet online, take gambling trips, and reportedly embezzlement.

Taking a plea deal, Nangle will now face time in prison and fines. The specific sentence is unknown. Nangle will go before a federal judge later in the year.

As part of the case, Nangle reportedly moved money from his campaign as he began building debt from gambling at land-based casinos and online. He supposedly moved thousands to pay for rental cars as he traveled to casinos. Nangle has also been accused of using the funds to pay for hotels, gas, dining, and flowers for his girlfriend.

Also in the charges, it was revealed that Nangle hid his income from gambling that he was able to earn from a casino in Connecticut. Over $1,200 in gaming winnings were generated by Nangle and he paid someone else to claim them.

Huge Losses

The scheme continued for quite some time due to Nangle’s losses. Authorities say that he lost tens of thousands due to gambling. From 2014 to 2018, he has been accused of filing false tax returns. False statements were also reportedly made on loan applications regarding income and debt. Prosecutors say that some funds from loans Nangle took out were used for gambling debts.

Among the charges that Nangle pled guilty on include 10 counts of wire fraud. He also agreed to four counts of bank fraud and making false statements to a bank. There are also five counts of filing a false tax return.

With one count of wire fraud, an individual can face as much as 20 years in prison plus a $250,000 fine. Since Nangle has several of these charges, he could be looking at spending the rest of his life behind bars. Add in the other charges and the jail time increases, along with the fine amount.

According to the plea agreement, Nangle will not be challenging any prison sentence that is 30 months or less. This is not surprising as he could face 30+ years in jail for his crimes.

One of the main driving points by the prosecution in the case against Nangle is that he was an elected representative who was expected to work for his constituents. Instead, he lined his pockets with money contributed by his campaign.

Massachusetts US Attorney Andrew E. Lelling used this detail in his statement, saying that Nangle was in violation of his obligations to the public when he siphoned money from the campaign to cover his personal spending habits. This decision was a violation of trust he was given by the voters who put him in office as well as federal law.

Nangle has had a long career in politics. He started in 1999 and continued to represent the House in the 17th district through 2020. He was first arrested last February on fraud and related charges. In the beginning, he plead not guilty and has now agreed to a plea deal so that he can hopefully receive a much lighter sentence than expected.

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