Data Shows Successful Engagement Rate via GambleAware

Gamble Aware

British problem gambling charity GambleAware is reporting a high engagement rate among high-risk gamblers, helping raise awareness among its target audience.

Ensuring players are protected from gambling harm is a high priority in every country that offers services around the world. From providing fair games to safe gambling sites, there are several factors that fall into gambling harm. For the United Kingdom, great focus has been placed on player engagement and ensuring that everyone has access to resources and uses them to their benefit. Just recently, the problem gambling charity GambleAware announced that it has seen record engagement numbers when it comes to high-risk male gamblers.

The group has worked hard to raise awareness among this target audience so that players can access help when a gambling problem arises. New information from a study shows that GambleAware has seen a 74% engagement rate among the high-risk crowd from August 2021.

Increasing Awareness

When 2021 began, GambleAware started a new campaign where over $4 million was spent to provide training to increase the awareness among players regarding gambling harm. The campaign’s focus is high-risk players from 22 to 55 years of age. The focus within that age bracket are young men from 25 to 34. It is believed that this age group has the highest risk of developing a gambling problem.

The company recently published new data that shows there is a larger number of at-risk players that agree to contact the National Gambling Treatment Service hotline when they feel that a gambling habit requires the player to do so. This is the first step towards treatment. Last year, of individuals polled, only 47% felt like the call should be made. Now that number is up to 60%.

The report also shows that calls to the helpline have increased by more than 40% within a two-year time frame. Zoe Osmond is the CEO of GambleAware who stated that it is encouraging to see the campaign helping more people. Individuals in need of help are seeking treatment and the public are now ore aware of the options for treatment available to them.

GambleAware requires help from outside entities to have enough funding to offer such campaigns and assistance programs. Just a few days ago, the company announced its H1 2021 donations from others, showing that over $14 million was provided via donations and pledges.

The donations provided help the group to continue to offer its Gambling Education Hub along with the annual survey to determine what changes need to be made to help those with a gambling addiction.

New Partnership

Along with the data announcement, GambleAware has announced a new partnership with FutureGov. The two will work together to create a new model that will be used via the National Gambling Treatment Service as its gets an update.

The new Outcome Framework and Service Delivery Model will be delivered by March of next year. Additional new projects are in the works via the two companies with a goal of continuing to offer channels that players can use to find help when a gambling problem arises.

GambleAware will continue to offer the public services and help casinos to provide a safe environment for players.

The United Kingdom takes gambling very seriously and changes are continually made to regulations and rules to create a safer environment from gambling harm. It would not be surprising to find even more announcements from GambleAware in the future as more decisions are made regarding player well-being and the gambling industry.

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