California Casino Reopens After Cyber Attack; Two Others Possibly Hit

Cyber Attack

The Cache Creek Casino in California has reopened after a suspected cyber attack and now it seems two more casinos may have been affected in a similar manner.

Like any business, casinos have to worry about being attacked by criminals. There are always people who think they can shake up the system and rob a casino, be it in person from the casino cages or in a different way, such as with an online cyberattack. Because of this, casinos have to be ready to tackle any issue and handle it correctly. The Cache Creek Casino in California is one such venue that was affected by criminals recently, when it was hit by a cyberattack. The casino has since reopened, but now it seems that two other properties are having similar problems.

Shut Down After Attack

On September 20, the Cache Creek Casino shut down, stating they were affected by a failure of its systems infrastructure. The casino is owned and operated by the Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation, who made the call to close.

It was a short time later that the casino confirmed the issue was an external attack on the network of the property. The casino was unable to detect what type of data had been accessed, so the FBI was brought in to try and figure it out.

The casino has remained quiet about the issue and stated that if data was determined to have been stolen, then the customers affected would be notified. The fear of a cyberattack is that the hackers will gain access to customers personal information such as home address and email. There is also a risk that the hacker will gain access to banking information as well which puts customers at risk.

On Monday, the casino was back in business, having cleaned up the network enough to reopen. The facility was shut down for three weeks and this was not the best time to do so, as they were already previously closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Plus, now, players are not going out as much as they were before the pandemic, so visitor numbers are already low.

New Attacks

In most cases, when a cyberattack occurs involving a casino, it is an isolated incident. One casino is affected, and we don’t hear about any other similar attacks. That is not the case here.  On Tuesday, the Clearwater River Casino & Lodge as well as the It’se Ye Ye Casino shut down due to network disruption.

It is unclear as to when the venues will be back open. The Nez Pierce Tribe owns both venues and commented on social media that they are working hard to resolve the issue and both entities will remain closed until notice is given.

The network disruption reportedly did not affect other properties nearby owned and operated by the tribe including the government offices, convenience store and health facilities.

Over the years, hackers are becoming bolder and hitting casinos with a blunt force, taking as much data as they can and disrupting the system. Casinos have been forced to target their computer networks and use the best security measures to ensure that data stays safe.

In some instances, the hackers will break in and then require a monetary payment in order to stop hijacking the system. Casinos are a prime target for ransom as they are big money makers and will more than likely pay up just to be done with the issue. There are times that hackers break in to casino systems and we don’t even hear about it because the casino cleaned it up quickly by paying out the attacker.

We will wait for now and see what develops with these latest two properties. It will be interesting to see if any information comes to light that it was a similar hack job to Cache Creek.

Associate Writer: Simon loves to bet on sports as well as play online slots, and he has a keen eye for sorting out the honest sites from the not so honest.